The Epidemic of Game Addiction to Onmyoji, Pubg and Other Games

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Generally, game addiction these days become a global problem among teenager, the authority has provided various solution for this difficulty. Both parents and addict should follow these below options to effectively resolve video game addiction. The first solutions is to directly One-to-One counselling with a psychologist or psychotherapist who has facility in treating video game addiction.This may be the best option if one is obliged to find an appropriate and well-qualified therapist in his (her) area, but unluckily, video game addiction experts are quite scarce (although the problem becomes more and more widespread).

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Secondly, some people could accept that family member should care about their children emotion, behaviours and they should communicate with their children about 15-30 minutes a day. This is not only take control of their playing time, but also to understand their children more

Thirdly, the video game addiction treatment centers which offer intensive in-patient recovery programs administered by a variety of mental health experts. These facilities are far more common in countries as South Korea than in the United States. Although these programs are tottaly extravagent (often costing tens of thousands of dollars), there has been very little research on treatment outcomes.

Next, addicted people often want to play game when losing. Thus, they play again and again until they win. Therefore, we should raise game player’s awareness that game is used to relax and they need not care about result of game. Moreover, wilderness therapy involving the complete removal of the individual from environments where video games are available. Wilderness therapy has been used as an interference for a variety of child and adolescent behavioral problems and it is starting to be offered for video game addiction as well. Similar to in-patient treatment for video game addiction, wilderness therapy is basically expensive and may not be offered locally.

And one of the most effective solution is to play in moderation. Set a specific number of hours (or minutes) to play video games daily. Set a countdown on the phone. Once that the time goes off, stop playing. Limit how much money spend on video games. In fact, young generations often spend about 100$ or even more than 100$ per month in some popular games like Lien Quan Mobile, Onmyoji, and PUBG Mobile, etc. This can be considered totally money-wasting. They should set a limit of their money spending in video games. And they could use their save for the useful activity.

Finally, choose games with physical activity. Games these days are becoming more movement based, some of them will require them to stand and move the body. The move of developing this kind of game can help them to do excersise while playing the games. For example, while playing Pokemon Go, the players are forced to move around the city to catch the Pokemon. This totally a helpful option.   

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