The Establishment and Uproar of the Black Power Movement

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All began because black American people weren’t treated with justice, they were forced to do things they didn’t. Their average of life was 7 to 8 years less than a white American, and not exactly because they only got sick and didn’t’ receive the right treatment, but a lot of them were killed just for glancing at a white America. The percentage of education was minimum. Only a third had the chance of completing college and only a lucky half had the chance to complete high school. They were all considered second class citizens, they weren’t able to have a decent work or be even be employed. Black Americans suffered through many years’ humiliations, embarrassment’s and discrimination. They couldn’t live or work were ever they wanted, because they were literally excluded from places. Several events happened through the years, events where black Americans tried to defend themselves and be equal to everyone, like having the same rights as the white Americans. It all started with The Civil Rights Movements, protests like the March of Lincoln Memorial, the Montgomery marches, Birmingham Campaign in 1963 and Freedom summer on 1964. All of this event helped achieved a lot of good things and made people notice the oppression and bad treatment black Americans where receiving. At the same time all of this events that supported Black Americans gave them confidence enough to realize that they were equal to everyone white American that treated them bad, that they need justice and it was time for them to get it. But it was until the year 1966 when it all become more serious, when Black Power became the real deal.

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The term Black Power was means black American people coming together to fight for their rights, but for some of them, fighting for their rights meant doing and treating others how they were treated. The Black Power movement flighted for Black Nationalism, this movement was so revolutionary that emphasized racial pride, economic empowerment, and the creation of political and cultural institutions. Marches occurred where people yield “we want Black Power”, “we want equality”, “we want justice”. This protest included man, women, and children’s walking the streets and protesting. African American women played an important and influential role in the black power movement. Also, the Black Panthers for self-defense was an important part of the Black Power movement. All of this real movement started by a person who believed that black and white people weren’t meant to be in the same place. White Americans will never accept them and treat them right. So, it was either fight for their rights or keep suffering like they had been, this person was Malcom X, who they called the father of Black power was an African American Muslim minister and a human rights activist. He believed that blacks were superior to whites and that African Americans should not be whit white Americans, they should be where they originated, which was African, because he believed that they would never be abundantly accepted in the American society. In my opinion Malcolm didn’t want just justice, he wanted the white Americans to suffer as much or more like African Americans had suffer through years thanks to them. He believed that their rights needed to be fight violently in order to get what it was necessary and just for them. Malcolm X was one of the people that thought that black people should control the political and economic resources of their communities without having to work with white people. And obviously it changes a lot of things.

African Americans believed that there was no time to waisted and that it was time to show white people that they were equal, that they needed the same things they did. Good education for the black community, building them institutions and providing the right protection. For them to receive good medical assistance, good academic education for their kids, good treatment towards them. They had a mantra that said “Move on over or we’ll move on over you” which for me meant that they weren’t scared of anyone or anything that tried to stop them from fighting for their rights. After 1970s the Black Power movement had a down in motion, but it was not the end. It wasn’t the same, but it still had big impacts. Like in 1996 a group of them tried creating a black panther, making them march through the cities of the United states. And in 2008 they group ended due to an accusation that they were intimidation to the voters. Until today there are still group of people fighting for what they believe is the right thing.

The Black Power wasn’t the first or last protest the African Americans had to defend their rights, there were many more in the history of the United States, or in general it wasn’t the first or last movement people had made to defend their rights.

Yes, this movement played a big part in our history, because they learned how to defend what was right for them. It not only teaches the African Americans at that time, but to us right now that we are learning all about our history. We learned that until today we still have a lot of injustice, but now is not only for the African Americas, now a lot of people suffer discrimination. We still have fights to defend what we think is the right justice, and some people don’t stop to think If what they are defending is right or wrong, or if the person they are defending is doing something good or something bad. The Black Power for me will be one of the best impacts in the ideals of freedom in the United States, for the bravery they had and how they defended their rights without carrying what anyone else said or think about them. But that doesn’t mean at least for me that everything that happened during those years were exactly the right things to do.

A lot of things had changed in the history of the United States, not only with the African Americans, but in general with the community, some good and some bad. We still fight between us and that’s a thing that will never stop. years will pass and new history books will be made, with not only what happened before us but now including us as the history of the new generations. That is something that really intrigues me, because we know that what happened before us wasn’t all justice and peace, and my question is what kind of history we are living to the new generations. Hope is a better and more justice and peaceful and make as many or more difference as our history did.

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