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Ryanair is the largest low fares carrier in Europe. Ryanair operates more than 1,500 flights per day with more than 1200 low fare routes 160 destinations across 27 countries. Ryanair operates 262 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft and they order another 49 new aircraft which will be delivered next year. Ryanair currently has more than 8,000 employee and peojected to carry approximately 73.5 million passengers in the current fiscal year. Ryanair is one of the Europe’s leading and largest aviation businesses with more revolutionized B2C (Business to Customer) aircraft model industry. Ryanair is focused to be the lowest fares in the market with an on-time flights, that will make the customer satisfied and also make the competitor harder to compete with them.

Most of the ticket bookings are made via its website making it as the most important marketing tool in the company. Other than handle bookings, the website also accommodation, car hire, airport parking and other services from its partner network. Ryanair used web analytics in their website but the information acquired using web analysis was hardly accessible. As a result Ryanair was cannot interpret the data properly. Ryanair’s solution was to partner with a provider to make the web analytics easily accessible and help them to obtain their online targets.

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The Challenge

Websites nowadays become important to generate a business in an organization. Website does not always only provide information about a company but also as a platform for advertising, communicate with customer, showing different kind of offers etc. Ryanair was in a situation where they need to manage their website efficiently to improve their business. Web Analytics solution in Ryanair did not work well because the information was difficult to access and they were looking for a solution partner instead of provider. Because the global economic environment has depressed consumer spending, the low-cost aviation market has experienced price erosion, making the conversion of visitor traffic a higher priority. In order to make improvements company have to be able to measure and analyze current results effectively.

Ryanair selected AT Internet as a partner to their Web Analytics environment. AT Internet is one of the top solution provider for web and mobile analytics. They have branches in more than 9 countries. AT Internet is a pioneer with an approach in data customer centric and data integrity. AT Internet is a leading has helped many organizations to improve their business effectiveness and marketing intelligence. Ryanair collaborated with AT Internet to manage their online system which helped Ryanair to manage their online intelligence and increase the conversion rate even though the global economic environment affecting the customer spending abilities negatively.

Ryanair has two main objectives by using web analytics in a partnerhip with AT Internet. First, they want to redesign their website homepage in order to obtain morecustomer. Second, they want to increase the customer to visit Ryanair’s partner pages by using AT Internet Products Analyzer NX and Data Explorer. Ryanair also has other business objectives as follows: Be able to access the information from web analytics efficiently, be able to improve the visitor traffic conversion rate, be able to redesign their website homepage to increase visitortraffic, and be able to improve visitor traffic to their partner pages.

Approach/strategy Adopted By Ryanair

Ryanair deeper their knowladge of its online market and they end up selecting two of AT Internet products, which are Data Explorer and Analyzer NX. They could track the visitors pattern, bounce rate, and they also know the locations where the visitors is spending more time. They finally redesign their website homepage after gather the informations needed. By using analytical solutions, Ryanair raised an email marketing campaign. They also focus on the conversion funnel to identify the point where people come out or enter the site mostly or regularly. So, they developed the same strategy with adding several additional feature pages and user-friendly interfaces so they can obtain more traffic and make the entire website process very simple from searching flights to bookings.

The Web Analytics solution at Ryanair offers all the features necessary to do an advanced analysis to help improve company performance in real time on social networks, applications, Intranets and the web, etc., by integrating specific business modules: e-Commerce tracking, multichannel campaign analysis, performance monitoring, rich media tracking, dashboards, data management (data import / export), etc. Their web analytics tools that are easy and fast to implement and their complete and flexible platform will enable one to measure, compile, cross and classify online data which gives you the agility needed to extract decision-making information that is very important for your company. competitiveness.

AT Internet’s Analyzer NX

Analyzer NX was released in April 2009, it is a successor to Analyzer II. This web analytics tool provided improved user experience (UX) also a more user-friendly interface with a detailed dashboards. In October 2012, Analyzer NX was replaced by Analyzer III.

Data Explorer

Data Explorer is a data exploration tool. The Data Explorer III is equipped with two workspaces (Data Query and Custom Metrics) which make it possible to adjust metrics, cross web analytics data and export data to create a made-to-measure web analytics dashboard report. High-performance web analytics segmentation: quickly create segments for all metrics at all levels of analysis, response times of less than one minute for traffic volumes of more than one billion pages, and apply segments to real-time traffic, and analyze cohort to evaluate visitor engagement .A la carte Custom Metrics: create custom metrics, combine them, and combine them with segments. Adjust metrics to meet your needs regardless of your business and activity sectors.

Data exports with Data Query

An interface to organize and organize data to create special exports in different formats (CSV, Excel, XML, API) and web analytics dashboards that can be updated in real time. There are three key benefit for Ryanair as follows; Visitor segmentation: target and analyze changes in behavior of Internet users from one period to the next and any other items from website or mobile, The level of adjustment is customization: create custom metrics tailored to your KPI, current business requirements, and business needs., Create a report that is made to be measured, which can be updated in Excel in real time, thanks to an advanced data modeling tool.

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