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In this essay will be evaluating the sub-music genre of electronic dance music called eurobeat under the category of it being Italo disco music and not being a part of another electronic dance sub-genre techno. This is necessary because people often mistake eurobeat to be a form of techno music mostly because they both have taken a style from Italo disco. The criteria that we will use to see the difference is the inspiration, bpm (beats per minute), origin/spread, artists’ names, song themes. These categories are important for it is what separates the two sub genres from each other. The most important of the categories are the bpm, origin and dance. This is necessary because the bpm and instruments use can sound similar at times which can get them confused with each other.

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Techno came from the inspiration from melding of African American music including Chicago house, funk, electro, eurodance and electric jazz with electronic music by artists such as Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Ryan Heayns, Liam Todd, Tom MackiSACK and Yellow MagicOrchestra. Added to this is the influence of futuristic and fictional theme relevant to life in American late capitalist society, with Alvin Toffler’s book The Third Wave being a notable point of reference. Eurobeat Hi-NRG-driven Italo disco and eurodance music that both developed in 1980s. For bpm eurobeat uses an bpm of 150-160 but Italio disco runs a 140 bpm. While techno runs a bpm of 120-150 which at times can be the same or a bit slower. The instruments are important to tell them apart like any other genre of electronic music. Eurobeat has a booming 4/4 beat, a huge emphasis on melody, and a distinctive synth style that makes heavy use of distorted and detuned sawtooth waveforms, more commonly known as supersaw waves and uses an instrument mostly a guitar or a piano. Techno is in 4/4 beat, with a bass drum on each downbeat, and either a clap or a snare on every 2nd and 4th beat. Most of the time it retains the open-hi-hat-on-every-upbeat feeling of house, but there’s often a rhythmic accent that marks the upbeats.

Techno is electronic music first made in the city of Detroit then spread slightly to Chicago and Michigan as club/underground music. The first artists to introduce a form of techno called was three high school friends Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson in the 80s. Their group was named the Belleville Three, named after the Detroit suburb they lived in and using the industrial sounds of their home city. Their success was thanks to a Detroit radio personality of the named “The Electrifying Mojo” that the three were asked to dj local clubs. When Adkins started on his new project called Model 500 project the three moved techno from disco-derived sound of house and towards icy synth melodies with fast machine rhythms played on Roland’s inexpensive 808, 909 and 303 synths. Their popularity went on for a while but then Techno started to fail in the US due to a lack of interest. Techno artists as well as newcomers called “the second wave” saw an opportunity to spread their music to Europe which was a success. Now the United Kingdom and Germany host illegal raves and play techno in clubs. It was here in Europe where techno spread as different subgenre like Bleep-and-bass, trance, jungle, gabber and the experimental.

Eurobeat is music made in Italy and use to be produced German but is now also being produced in Japan This is important because it gives the reason why it is different from techno because of how it started out and its location. This was first introduced ad Eurodance which was made in the UK spread to Germany, then Italy finally stopping in Japan. The name change happened when Eurodance was dieing and the Italians brought a revival to the genre through a eurobeat compilation disc with help with a Japanese music shop. The term Eurobeat has two connotations one being for the United Kingdom type of eurobeat that has a lower bpm, the other is referred to the Italian and German Italo-disco releases to other countries this is the type of eurobeat this essay is discussing. The Japanese experienced Italo disco through the success of the German group Arabesque, which broke up in 1984. Eurobeat was starting to die down due to the rise of Germany switching to trance music while Japan followed as well with trance and dubstep leaving Italy the only producer of Italo-disco and putting eurobeat as an underground passing fade in as well as car enthusiasts sticking with the music in Japan. Two Japanese men who were the owners which was a small import record shop wanted to release a cd compilation of eurobeat songs. They went to Italy and talked to Giancarlo Pasquini whose eurobeat name is Dave Rodgers at the time a then a member of the Italo disco band Aleph. Together Giancarlo and the two men released the first Super Eurobeat cd compilation which was a big success in Japan riving the genre now there are at Super Eurobeat volume 249.

Now eurobeat is Italian producers making music for Japan specifically which Japan loves since it is where it’s synthetic and emotionally upbeat stylings are popular. Techno artists names are styled three ways descriptive which suggest what type of music you are producing in this case which type of techno, factual which is your real name, and abstract which are non-English words or a combination. Eurobeat artist have multiple names for one person this is because the name reflects the mood and production style of the track, as well as lyrical content.

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