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The Factors Impacting The Progress Of an Act Into Legislation

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Influence is the act to cause something to take place, by having the effect on someone or something. One of the main types of influences is the media; this can affect the choices of the Parliament. This can either be through an article someone reads, a documentary on TV, or in the news forwarded through the headlines, so when there is an interest in the news, and an increase amount of people are reading the articles written on the certain agenda, politicians take notice and start to express and speak of these matters. These matters are mostly seen through a public commotion, where the public may demand a change in the law or a new legislation to be introduced, due to a problem that they might have faced or seen that has affected a wide spread of the public.

The media is a great source many people turn to as it helps display the public’s feelings, making the government aware of the key issues that many of the public face. The advantages of the media are that the media is free of charge and the public’s opinions where they are offered free press.

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The disadvantages of the media can lead to the parliament rushing the legislation, where errors can be made, or the Act can be poorly made. Also, sometimes the public can control the ideas of parliament by manipulating the views of parliament in a convinced way.

Another type of influence that affects the decision of parliament is pressure groups, these are groups that have a specific problem, interest and they try to put forward their views to get the attention of the public and the government. Pressure groups mostly target MP’s and explain what they are and why they have their groups set up for this particular interest.

The advantages of pressure groups are that they raise awareness of the outside concerns into the government, speeding up of the law. Pressure groups likewise get MP’s on side, so a voice is heard inside parliament. Also allow the general public to have their views and thoughts. Disadvantages of pressure groups is that various pressure groups may have different views, forming a conflict. Some pressure groups can get violent and aggressive, in their demonstrations and protests, which can cause a disturbance in society. Moreover, pressure groups need a lot of funding to promote themselves, this can be a drawback if there is only a private member. A specific event can lead to a new Law or even an Amendment to take place.


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