The Factors of Abnormal Behaviour

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Abnormal behaviour is a behaviour which is usually not excepted by our society. Abnormal behaviour is usually known as when one is not behaving simple with People socially. Here I am going to present some good ideas on which abnormal behaviour depends on:

  1. Ignoring social activities and regulations: Under this process usually abnormal people make other uncomfortable by their own activities and their behaviour to break social rules which is not acceptable by the society for example making someone Uncomfortable by teasing and shouting to social people.
  2. Statistical rarity: In this process the quality of abnormal man varies from the basic norm under this and strange reply should be there.
  3. Personal distress: under the process of personal distress an individual starts behave strangely. In this person trouble with his her own problems. These type of irritations me caused due to some kind of personal reasons like Sexual brokenness, Divorce, family problems, domestic violence, or any other personal reason and these type of and I stress can bring many types of big problems which can cause two and individuals death. People may lead to suicidal activities. These types of problems can be prevented by using the excessive way to increase positive arrangements for an individual. Music could be the best thing to identify individuals ability to experience trouble. Buy this process we can understand the ability to experience trouble which is different in every individual because some are weaker to control their feelings and so much stronger and it is proven that people with negative feelings are weaker and feels more pain then the people with positive feelings. For example having thoughts to end their own life By suicide.
  4. Personally deficient: Under this process people who are physically impaired comes. Some of the people make can’t control their mental pressure because they are handicap and due to this they used to do incline their mental pressure daily.

Here are the three groups of mental health profession:

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  • Psychiatrist: In the group of mental health professions psychiatrist has a main role. Psychiatrist is a type of doctor which usually Deals with the issues of mental health and provide medication to temper disorders. Psychiatrist uses his therapy by listening the minor points from the patient and by talking to Patient.
  • Psychologist: Psychologist is a well educated and well prepared the type of doctor. Psychologist has to take care of expert codes of morals. Every psychologist is usually have the degree of Brins Science which means he or she can you give mental improvement administrations to the society. Psychologists use their treating method by conversing with the patient and try different types of methods to identify the problems with the patient and help to improve them and just examine and invent different type of practises with the patient.
  • Social workers: Social workers are the type of people which I do not come in the list of doctors. They do have sensitivity to how to treat an abnormal person and can talk with them. These types of people usually help our society by building up our identity structure and different research to the development. They do social workers to influence people and usually they utilized different type of social directions to help our society.

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