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The ‘fake News’ on Social Media Platforms

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In the last few years, the ‘Fake News’ about cow protection in the name of cow-meat and now it’s about child theft and is being shared on social media platforms, and now it’s turning the country a crowd and taking it in line of mob-lynching. The misinformation being shared on WhatsApp is poisonined in our socio-religious life so much that we are becoming a group of vampires and are turning into a mob of murderers.

Sometimes those rumors making crowd the killer, sometimes spoiling someone’s image by faking their picture, sometimes spreading the false news of death of an alive celebrity and sometimes trolling women when they share their ideas with some clarity. These all has become a headache and are not coming into control of either it is police administration or government. And in the rage somewhere police force is also being victimized by this angry mob.

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All these activities have also been discounted for the meaning of social media forums, now human relations along with society is on the verge of sacrificing their soulful dignity. Many of my childhood friends have turned to me because I and their views are different on the common conversation being shared in the WhatsApp groups.

The responsible agencies are making great efforts to stop the spread of “Fake News”, but success has not got any special results. According to a report published in ‘The Scroll’, internet services were shut down 70 times in the last year in India. Forwarding “Fake News” to social media has become a new problem for India. Here, more than 20 million consumers exchange billions of messages on WhatsApp.

Though, WhatsApp is testing it’s feature to mark forwarded messages through ‘Forward Message indicator service’. After these steps from WhatsApp, Google’s video platform YouTube is also talking about spending 2.5 million dollars to check the truth of the news to reinforce the Fake-News, this effort is to make news more authentic. Twitter has also banned its polling feature.

The problem becomes even more serious when the viral messages on WhatsApp are used for political and communal polarization. When political parties are making statements in the defense of the people who make the crowd frenzy, then somewhere they are polarizing the political and communal politics. The people who spread hysteria with these activities realize that law and order can’t act upon them. Of course, this is a terrible failure of party politics, society and administration.

Now the country is troubled to find a solution, though, therefore it has to be compelled to think that those who claim to unite whole society under the same flag and religion, are they part of the solution, or they are the problems themselves? Now it is necessary for the society that has been stuck in the quagmire of worthlessness and moral force to get rid of those ideas being formed for its solution.

It is more important for the society living in the perceptions and the prejudices to have a moral responsibility. At the same time, the moral force that politics has lost in the human role has to be reinforced. To solve this problem, putting all the blame on social networking sites is a necessary step, but not completely free.


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