The Fall of Rome as Told by Mike Duncan

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Mike Duncan is a living creator of a very popular podcast series which has been downloaded millions of times. He talks about Rome civilization and its fallout in his podcast, and authored a book named “ The storm before the storm: The beginning of the End of the Roman Republic”. The book is set in the time between 133 and 80 BC when Rome is already big and undefeatable. Rome was filled with a plethora of money and everything they wish. They also had very little threat from the outside world, as they were the most powerful military due to their size, and arsenal skill. Having very little distress from outside, and no need to worry about food, wealth and luxury. The leaders slowly diverted themselves away from the traditional old foundation that made them the best in the world. The wealth collected from invading others were going to rich people pockets, while the poor were forced to suffer and sacrifice their life without getting anything. This has widened the economic and social gap by a huge margin. This slowly snowballed into ragging political conflict and fight that saw no good ending. Rome started to crumble into pieces with political instability, and the civil war from inside, even though it appeared to look strong form outside. Political cutthroat rivalry weakened Rome on its knee.

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Edward Watts is a prize-winning historian who extensively wrote on Roman civilization. Even though he agrees on the crippling political instability to be a cause of the Roman fallout he has a different perspective on Rome fallout. He says the fall out of Rome is very complex and straight forward at the same time. He believed that Rome was destined to fail because the leader let it crumble into small pieces.

With their huge army and rapid expansion, they became very large and unmanageable. With too much money flowing in, people in power were monetarily influenced and the dirty game of politics evolved to a new height. The poor were very unsatisfied with their life and had lost their faith in the system. The check and balance the early Rome has with its politics was a key element to keep everything in place. Slowly the checks and balances were lost when It becomes massively big. As the republican increased its foothold in the political system, and the gap between the poor and the rich widened, the middle man took advantage of the situation. Every little system they implement started falling thus failing the whole nation.

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