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The Far North: Why I Want to Go to Alaska

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Do you have a dream vacation that you want to take some time in your life? Because I know that I do. Most people have a destination they would love to go visit. For me that place is Alaska. Now some people may wonder, “Alaska, why there? It’s cold there.” Well, Alaska is more than just cold, it is beautiful and has many adventures to offer. In Alaska, I can go snowmobiling, go hunting, go fishing, visit national parks, and much more. Alaska is an amazing place that I would love to visit someday. To prove how amazing it can be here are some of the features Alaska has to offer to me and anyone else who desires to visit.

The first reason why I want to go to Alaska is to snowmobile and snowboard. I love snowmobiling around Northeast Iowa in the winter. Most people complain when there is about to be a snowstorm. However, I get excited, because I know it means I might have the chance to go outside and ride our snowmobiles. At home, my family owns an 800 Arctic Cat snowmobile and a 700 Crossfire snowmobile. I love to go out on a snowy day in the winter with my dad to ride the trails. Now from past experience I already know Iowa can get a lot of snow in the winter, so I can only imagine how much Alaska gets during their winter. So someday I want to go up to Alaska and rent some snowmobiles for a day to ride the Alaskan trails. It would be an amazing day riding the new trails and seeing the nature of Alaska.

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That leads me to another reason why snowmobiling in Alaska would be fun. It would be fun because everything would be new to me. There would not be any trails that I have ridden before. After riding a lot of the trails in Iowa they can start to get old. It would be nice to have new trails to explore. While in Alaska, along with snowmobiling, I would also snowboard. I love to watch snowboarding during the winter Olympics. My favorite event is the halfpipe. Although I have never actually snowboarded before, I think I would enjoy it. So why not try it in Alaska. I most definitely will not be good at first, but eventually, I might get better. Hopefully, I can even get good enough to go on the halfpipe, which I would love to try at least once. So that is one reason why I would like to take a trip to Alaska. I would also like to go to Alaska to hunt and fish. I have gone hunting before with my cousin for small animals such as squirrel and raccoon. So while I am in Alaska I would also like to try hunting bigger animals, such as elk or caribou. I would like to hunt an elk because I see them as being just a large deer. Alaska, however, is home to many other animals that I could hunt if I wanted to. Some of the animals in Alaska that I could hunt are bison, dall sheep, moose, and even brown and black bears. Along with hunting, I could also fish. I do not fish very often, but when I do I usually do not catch very much. Hopefully in Alaska that will be different, because while there I would enjoy catching some salmon or cod. That is why in Alaska I like also try to go hunting and fishing. Sometime during my trip, I want to make sure to visit Denali National Park. I want to visit Denali because it is a popular national park. Denali is home to many animals including bears, wolves, and moose. A couple other popular national parks in Alaska are Kenai Fjords National Park and Glacier Bay National Park. If I had the chance to go to see them as well while in Alaska, I would.

One reason why I want to visit a national park in the first place is that I love nature and wildlife. Denali would be a beautiful place to go and see for a day or two. I have seen pictures of Denali but it would be more beautiful to see it with my own eyes. Then I could also add Denali to the list of parks I have been to, which already includes Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and several states parks around the nation. So visiting Denali National Park and some of the other national parks would be another thing I would want to do in Alaska. I would also like to go to Alaska to see part of the Iditarod. The Iditarod is the longest dog sled race in the world. I have heard of it many times. It is kind of like our RAGBRAI, except the Iditarod is longer and uses dogs instead of bikes. I want to go see it because I think it would be very interesting to see. I would like to learn more about the Iditarod and the dog sleds. I also want to run a dogsled a little bit. I love dogs and I love snowmobiling. Dog sledding is kind of like snowmobiling but with dogs instead of motors. While in Alaska if I could get a team of dogs and try dog sledding I would be very happy. It would be a very unique experience for me. Mostly though I just want to see what the Iditarod is like. The last and most important reason why I want to go to Alaska is to see the Aurora Borealis. I have heard of the Aurora Borealis every since I was a kid. I first heard about it from my dad. When he first explained it to me it did not sound very interesting. Only after seeing pictures did I become fascinated by the Aurora Borealis. From the pictures I have seen it is very beautiful. So when I am up in Alaska the one thing that I want to do the most is see the Aurora Borealis.

Those are just some of the amazing adventures Alaska has to offer. Each adventure very unique and very different. Hopefully, I am able to go tackle some of these amazing experiences when I take my dream vacation. I cannot wait to take this vacation to Alaska where I can go snowmobiling, go hunting, go fishing, see the Iditarod, and most importantly see the Aurora Borealis. This is why I think a trip to Alaska would be an amazing vacation destination.


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