The FBI and American Democracy: Short Description

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Defensive Position
  • Hand Gestures
  • Eyes
  • Here are some of the reactions FBI looks for:


FBI also took vocal response of a person very seriously. Sudden change in your pitch or volume can get you caught. Liar repeat words or phrases because they try

to convince and believe you. When someone goes on and on and gives you too much information that is not requested and speaks for long time, there is very high probability that he/she is not telling the truth. Due to Nervousness, blood pressure and heart rate increases and change the way of breathing, which result in shallow voice and again caught the liar Speech

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Defensive Position

These are the actions of protecting yourself from question or being afraid to express yourself. A victim often shuffles their feet while lying or turn one of his feet toward the exit of room. While some people fold their arms to cover chest and try to look normal, but according to FBI this is a defensive position. Glass (FBI Agent) told that covering vulnerable body parts like head, throat or abdomen while listening to you resembles that your words are hurting victim.

Hand Gestures

According to an ex. FBI officer, people often do some unusual actions with their hands when lying. This includes turning a ring, bracelet, or watch around a finger or wrist. Some people often wring their hands when they`re lying. A liar does some actions using imagination like brushing off imaginary lint on their clothes, itching or rubbing their palms on their pant legs. Twirling hair around a finger, fidgeting and covering the dip between their neck and collarbone with their hand are some other actions of liar.


Some reactions related to eyes are rapid blinking, darting eyes back and forth, and avoiding eye contact. A person will ordinarily blink about five or six times a minute, or once every 10 or 12 seconds but when someone is lying he may blink five or six times in rapid succession. Darting eyes back and forth is another way to detect lie because it is a psychologist reaction of seeking an escape route when they feared of dangerous situation, such as facing a human or animal adversary. If a person breaks eye contact when answering a question, then there is an extreme high probability that the person is lying because avoiding eye contact is like hiding yourself.

Here are some of the reactions FBI looks for:

The only thing FBI did is create uncomfortable environment for the liar and the simple way to do is creating silent and unpleasant environment. For a liar, a single minute of silence is just like years of silence which makes a victim nervous, which result in showing some unusual reactions, which FBI wants. Detecting lies are daily tasks of the FBI, and they frequently target to facial expressions, body language, and verbal indicators. To begin with, an FBI agent tends to observe his neutral behaviors or how the person normally acts to questions. This observation is done by small talks or by asking some innocuous questions. After it an agent starts to ask some more pointed or suggestive questions if the victim is not responding in the same way he previously reacted then you can be confident that he is lying. Telling lie makes a victim uncomfortable and he usually starts doing some uncommon behaviors. It is a physical reaction to him felling trapped by your questions that he doesn`t want to answer.

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