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The Features Of 12 Zodiac Types Of The Guardian

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The twelve signs of the Zodiac can be seen as a system of archetypes, making a complete world of sorts.

To understand the Guardian even better, this article will now explore how the Guardian behaves when influenced by the different Zodiac signs. The psychoanalyst C. G. Jung picked up the idea and developed his own meaning to the word. He stated that there are fixed numbers of models or types that we all share without necessarily having been taught them. They’re part of what he called our collective unconscious and influence how we look at reality and what we expect from it. He also meant that we should see these archetypes as inner clues as to how we can grow into self-realization.

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ARIES GUARDIAN: 21 March to 19 April

The fiery nature of Aries makes this Guardian frank, direct and to the point. The Aries Guardian will take no nonsense and waste no time. Their in-your-face personality, sharp and almost brutal attitude carries with it a demeanor that this person is not someone to be messed with. However, regardless of their intimidating manner, the Aries Guardian is as soft and sincere as the rest of them. It is not their intention to frighten, harm or offend. They have hard shells, but soft marshmallow centers wrapped around the warmest of hearts.

Aries Guardians make excellent leaders because they are focused realists. They know exactly when to make sacrifices, when to persist and when to cut their losses. They never spend too much time dwelling on things that can’t be changed and accept whatever comes their way with a collected mind and an optimistic smile. They, like any other fire sign, are passionate people, but this translates into motivation and drive rather than intensity in everything they do. That said, Aries Guardians are rarely interested in managerial positions. They could not care less about wealth or materialism and prefer to endeavor in things that are emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.

They are noble and decent in everything they do, from leisure to work to romance. Speaking of romance, the Aries Guardian makes for a genuine, kind-hearted and honest partner, who will offer their significant other comfort, stability and all the undying loyalty that the Guardian has to offer. A word of advice for the Aries Guardian – being the frank (and blunt) person you are, you need to manage your reactions to people in a better fashion. You never know what good can come out by keeping yourself toned down for a minute or two before speaking. Even a fool may be considered wise if they remain silent. Hence, you need to discern the situation and know when to speak at the right place and time.

TAURUS GUARDIAN: 20 April to 20 May

Taurean Guardians have an immense capacity to bounce back from whatever life throws at them. They do mope about things that they cannot change. They have better things to turn their attention to. Likewise, the trivial matters hold no interest whatsoever to the Taurean Guardian. They always see the bigger, more important picture. That said, the Taurean Guardian is perhaps the most unlikely to rush big decisions or behave rashly. They always come prepared, and if they can’t prepare, they make sure to exercise caution. Slow and steady wins the race, and these people would rather spend a lifetime doing something right the first time than rush it and make mistakes.

This does not at mean that the Taurean Guardian is stuck up. They are in reality easy going and relaxed. They never struggle to make friends or inspire a few laughs in those around them. Stress typically does not affect them. They know how to keep their composure in the worst of times. Because of their stability, and their aura of relaxation, many will turn to the Taurean Guardian when the going gets tough. The Taurean Guardian, ever eager to please people, will gladly oblige and so become the foundation of everything they do.

One thing that is amplified in the Taurean Guardian is stubbornness. Taurus has always been one of the most hard headed of the zodiac, and the Guardian has no lack of persistent determination in their soul. This person is unlikely to ever change their beliefs, methods or traditions – even if they are wrong or ineffective. This also means that the Taurean Guardian is likely to be the most conventional and conservative. They will be relentless in their world view and manner.

In love, this stubbornness and penchant for convention is not a bad thing at all. The Taurean Guardian is not afraid to be a homemaker, to settle down, marry, bear children and stay with one person forever. They are the most committed in love. Some might say it’s old-fashioned, but to the Taurean Guardian, it’s an important (and sacred) practice that they must uphold. A word of advice for the Taurean Guardian – many people will turn to you for help because you are steadfast and readily able to serve others. In times of such, remember to keep an eye on your energy tank when you interact or help others. Failing to do so will result in you having a less than ideal outcome – lack of patience, strife, loss of focus, etc. Keep yourself motivated and cut losses if necessarily.

GEMINI GUARDIAN: 21 May to 20 June

There are few conversations as pleasant as those a person can have with a Gemini Guardian. What’s been said about Guardians being loveable and sought after for their charm is an understatement when the Guardian in question is a Gemini. They have a way with words, and a way with people that cannot be matched. They are witty and have great senses of humor, and so are natural crowd pleasers who usually have an entourage of adoring friends (or fans).

The Gemini Guardian makes a great entertainer or creative professional. So long as they can interact with an audience (whether this audience is right in front of them, or merely followers on social media) the Gemini Guardian will be in their element. It’s safe to say that they are the least withdrawn of all the Guardians. But they are not attention seekers, it’s just that as much as people like them, they like people too.

The Gemini Guardian also enjoys spontaneity and adventure. They are the opposite of Taurean Guardian in this sense. Where they shun change and cling to tradition, the Gemini Guardian welcomes change and longs to keep up with the times. Tradition constricts them. The faster they adapt, the happier they’ll be. Sometimes this leads them to take risks, but they are not very good at calculating those risks or foreseeing the consequences of their impromptu behavior.

They set high standards for themselves that at times feel unobtainable, but they are persistent in their goals and work hard at achieving at them. The Gemini Guardian is much too focused (and also restless) to settle down. They prefer professional success to romance, and it might be a tedious task trying to get one to commit. A word of advice for the Gemini Guardian – being with people is your charm. However, you could also tap more on people’s expertise around you, especially in making key decisions. You never know what troubles you could have avoided by simply doing so.

CANCER GUARDIAN: 21 June to 22 July

Being a water sign, the Cancerian Guardian is a sensitive, emotional soul who feels more than they think. This does not imply a lack of logic or realism. Cancerian Guardians are rational, objective and fair – they just have a tendency to follow their hearts more than their heads. No matter how down-to-earth, tough or level-headed they seem, they are vulnerable to emotional flares, mood swings and outbursts. Still, because they are Guardians, they don’t mean to snap, but sometimes it’s difficult to remain calm when people are also in an emotional turmoil.

Crabs are known for being homebodies, and the Cancerian Guardian is no exception. They are not anti-social, hermits or shy. They just prefer to spend time with as few people as possible. They enjoy quality over quantity in everything, including the social situations they indulge in every now and then. They are fans of the finer things in life, and sometimes long for more than what they have. They are not ungrateful, but ambitious. And if they set their mind to something, no matter how big or how small, they stop at nothing to achieve it. This makes the Cancerian Guardian not only one of the most materialistic of the Guardians, but also the least selfless. They know what they want. Only when they obtained their material possessions, then they will free up time to help other people. They enjoy comfort. They won’t share if it means they will go without.

Cancerian Guardians are homely, but relationships do not come easily to them. Once they do match with someone there will be no question that they are serious and are in it for the rest of time. They are traditional in their views of marriage, households and children, and won’t easily adjust to unconventional lifestyles. A word of advice for the Cancerian Guardian – you need to learn how not to hold on to things too much. It can do you more of a harm in being overly controlling, materialistic and selfish.

LEO GUARDIAN: 23 July to 22 August

One of the primary aspects of the soul of the Leo is confidence and the Guardian is no exception to this rule. This makes them the most outspoken, the most ambitious and the most dominating of all the Guardians. What does not change is the good-hearted, honorable behavior of the Guardian. They are dead-set in their morals and eagerness to help and support others. Their impactful personalities make it so that the Leo Guardians are revered as leaders who make an active change in both the lives of others and their own. They typically have more than they know what to do with, and so are quite generous too. Whether they are merely helping a friend out of a trying month or donating hundreds of thousands to charity and various causes, the Leo Guardian is a helpful soul who wouldn’t dream of turning away from someone who needs them.

Leo Guardians are fierce in all that they set their mind to. They can be (unintentionally) competitive in work, play and romance alike. It can be a difficult thing to keep up with them, and it will serve people well to remember that a Leo Guardian cannot be tamed. Every now and then they might grow tired of the fast life, and it will appear as though they have settled, but don’t believe it for a second. Leo Guardians grow bored easily and have a weakness for the idea that the grass is greener and more exciting on the other side. This does not mean that they are disloyal. Whatever they feel, they feel 100%. The only problem is that sometimes those feelings are fleeting.

This inspires a personality that is constantly ready, and Leo Guardians will expect people to be ready too. They hate slowpokes, indecisiveness or slackers. The Leo Guardian simply wish to be treated as they treat others. They can be commanding and blunt but resolve to be selective in the battles they fight. They will only confront people if they feel it’s worth it, and this is rare. They’d rather allow the battle to come to them. Remember, they are always ready and will know exactly how to put up a fight – and win. A word of advice for the Leo Guardian – you carry traits that are highly admired by others. However, you need to learn how to be patient with others who may be slower or weaker than you. This will help you as others will not feel that you are overbearing or assertive.

VIRGO GUARDIAN: 23 August to 22 September

The Virgo Guardian is a deep thinker – a philosopher and analyst. They have a deep-set love for academics and knowledge, and even if they are not intellectuals, they will certainly have a well-read opinion on the things that interest them most. Because they fall on the more withdrawn side of the Guardian spectrum, they will only ever speak when spoken to. While they might not trust a stranger with their knowledge, thoughts and opinions, but if people ask the Virgo Guardian to share, then people will need to prepare themselves for a very, very talkative Guardian. So long people are interested to hear, they will let their personality shine.

The Virgo Guardian’s rational mind and critical thinking does not at all mean that they are unfeeling. They are emotional beings, but much like their knowledge, they prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. A Virgo Guardian who makes the first move (in anything, be it confrontation, flirtations, marriage proposals, or even picking up the phone to make a phone call) is a rare gem. Family is everything to them (and by family, they include their closest friends too), and nothing will ever take priority over the people they hold dear. In romance however, they are not strong-willed. They dream of love but couldn’t be bothered to find it. When they do find it, they enjoy peaceful, non-invasive relationships, and would rather submit than dominate.

They are responsible people who are diligent, neat and orderly in their daily lives. They are humanitarians, but in a way that is different from most other Guardians. Where other Guardians are willing to help in any way they can, the Virgo Guardian is best at solving problems. They are mediators and fixers, who get a special sort of kick out of helping others out of messy situations. A word of advice for the Virgo Guardian – you need to be more proactive and take ownership of situations. While it might be good to acquire knowledge by yourself, you never know how much more insight you could have gained while gleaning from others. Enjoy good relationships and you will see the wonderful fruits that come along with it.

LIBRA GUARDIAN: 23 September to 22 October

If one were to define a Libra using one single word, that word would be balance. The Libran Guardian, stable and stubbornly traditional, makes for one an extremely organized person. People find that the Libran Guardian does everything methodically. The Libran Guardian can have fun and make a mess, but they must clean up afterwards. The Libran Guardian can eat all the junk food they want, but only if they drink lots of water and exercise. The Libran Guardian is able to work and make lots of money, but also spare time to relax, meditate and enjoy time with family friends. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, hence the Libran Guardian evens everything out. Although it can be unbearable to those around them but spend enough time around a Libran Guardian and you’ll find yourself acquiring some excellent new habits.

Libran Guardians are sympathetic, and this is where the Guardian’s influence shines. They cannot turn away from people who are struggling, suffering or having an unpleasant time and will go out of their way to make life better for the poor soul – no matter whether that soul is a distant relative, a good friend, or a beggar on the street. Those in need (even stray animals) can always find a helping hand if only they look for the Libran Guardian.

Libran Guardians are also known for their excellent taste and sense of style. Unlike the Cancerian where they have a desire for luxury and extravagance, the Libran was born with a good eye for quality and fashion. But, keeping in line with their balance, they are more than happy to indulge, so long as it doesn’t cost them more than it needs to. A pair of jeans from a charity shop is just as good as designer clothing – so long as it looks good and fits well. They are graceful in their demeanor and carry themselves well.

At times they can be too judgmental of those around them, and their need for balance can make them vindictive and confrontational. This is because of their sign influence – they are represented by the scales after all. They can be overly emotional at times because stress affects them more than most. In romance, they cannot stand immaturity and tend to pursue those who are older and wiser than them. They are traditional and are typically the first to settle down. A word of advice for the Libran Guardian – while it is good that you are well-organized and able to plan methodologically, too much of such may yield negative results. You may end up being too rigid and unable to nimble yourself around. Learn to also be less judgmental of others – you can do so by seeing the good in others before criticizing them.

SCORPIO GUARDIAN: 23 October to 21 November

Scorpio Guardians are the most righteous, honest and honorable of the lot. They know the difference between right and wrong with painful clarity, and at times will stand so strongly in defense of their beliefs that they will make themselves unhappy or deprive themselves of good and simple pleasures in the name of purity. That said, they are never self-righteous and are the furthest thing from being judgmental. They study people and therefore understand of all the imperfections that humanity brings with it. In fact, if ever people want a truly objective opinion, with absolutely no judgments, they ought to go to a Scorpio Guardian.

They are steadfast in their commitment to family, love and friends alike. The protective nature of the Guardian is made even more dangerous in the persona of the Scorpio. They would willingly (and fearlessly) die for those they love most and will dedicate their entire lives to making those people happy and comfortable. A Scorpio Guardian is the most devoted, passionate and respectful partner a person will ever find. Sometimes it’s overbearing. Every now and then people will wish that the Scorpio was a little less… predictable. They sometimes concern themselves too much with what is expected of them that they forget that spontaneity and surprise can work wonders. Don’t worry though, there will be no lack of romance or intimacy with this person.

They are sentimental and dependable people who enjoy doing favors for others. If they can help, they will. They are not good at saying “no” to people who need them, even if it means they have to exhaust all their energy, time and money seeing their promises through. This, of course, makes them vulnerable to exploitation. The Scorpio Guardian is well aware of this but will continue to see the best in people and the good they can do than to see the negative points in everyone. A word of advice for the Scorpio Guardian – being the overly zealous and kind person you are, you may go overdraft in your attempts to help others. In doing so, you may find yourself short of time and energy when it comes to your own personal affairs. Learn how to distinguish which are the key ones and be focused on what you do. The protective nature of the Guardian abides in you, people will definitely appreciate you for your kind efforts.

SAGITTARIUS GUARDIAN: 22 November to 21 December

The Sagittarius Guardian is playful and fun person to be around. Ever the optimist, they prefer to look on the bright side of life and remain positive about everything and everyone, no matter what. They see adventure in everything, but unlike Aries and Leo, are not particularly spontaneous or gamblers. They simply seek excitement and challenges and enjoy being on the move. But the Sagittarius Guardian must know where they are going, otherwise they won’t enjoy the ride.

The Sagittarius Guardian is sincere and pure in spirit. They appreciate honesty above all else and are not pretentious or ingenuine. What you see is what you get, and what they say is what they mean. Although the Sagittarius Guardians are certainly capable of holding their own and putting up a fight, they avoid confrontation like the plague. They prefer peace. Altercations are not fun, and Sagittarius Guardians are all for having fun. When they have no choice, and absolutely have to fight, they will do so kindly, gracefully and sensibly. The less people they hurt, the happier they are. They maintain their good manners and eloquence no matter what. They do not lose their composure, not even when they are placed under pressure. In an emergency, this person is the go-to-guy who will think clearly when everyone else is a wreck.

They are deeply considerate and want what’s best for everyone around them. They make great employees and wonderful partners for this reason. They will never cheat, lie or steal. Their honor and integrity mean too much to them.

But, as with everyone, they do have flaws. The Sagittarius Guardian can’t always control their fiery emotions and will be subject to the occasional outburst (which they will immediately regret). They can be closed off, and might not be very welcoming to outsiders, whether they like them or not. They prefer to fly solo rather than travelling in a group. A word of advice for the Sagittarius Guardian – being the positive and cheerful person you are, you are the beacon of light and hope to those around you. You need to learn how to be steadier in your decision making and not let fiery emotions take control in the situations you are in. This way you’d avoid a heap of trouble in your life.

CAPRICORN GUARDIAN: 22 December to 19 January

The Capricorn Guardian is a people pleaser, a busy body and a social butterfly. They enjoy the company of other people; they don’t function at their optimal capacity when they have to get by alone. The Capricorn Guardian enjoys entertaining, being seen, being heard and being talked about. They make excellent hosts and public speakers because of this. They usually happen to be jack of all trades. When a Capricorn Guardian leads, do not question them. Just follow. They know what they’re doing, and they would never lead people to somewhere they wouldn’t want to be. The Capricorn Guardian is the most dependable of all the Guardians, who will carry you if you need to.

Capricorn Guardians are neighborly, but also traditional in both their role in their family (which is most important to them) and in society in general. They prefer the old-fashioned way of doing things, and, similarly to the Taurean Guardian, they resist the unconventional, rebellion and modern world views furiously. The Capricorn Guardian does not mean to judge, they just feel things that some rules shouldn’t be broken. Often, they will be accused of being closed minded, or of being either oppressive or oppressed. They are not. The Capricorn Guardian simply exercises their right to be traditional. To the Capricorn Guardian, they do not regard that people have to be like-minded like them. They accepted this fact long ago and do not expect that in return either.

The Capricorn Guardian is less spontaneous than other Guardians, and far more cautious of who they trust and let into their lives. They are critical thinkers who rely more on logic and accuracy than instinct or emotion. Capricorn Guardians come across as tough and unfeeling a lot of the time, but this is only because they are not ruled by the kindness and compassion that is their foundation. It’s there, but fairness and reason will overrule it.

The Capricorn Guardian resists love, affection and sentiment, but as with every other Guardian, once people catch them they will be yours for life. They will remain faithful until the very end – unless people deceive them. They will not tolerate dishonesty, and if their unforgiving stubbornness is fueled by the cruelty of betrayal, any affection they once had for people may quickly become resentment. A word of advice for the Capricorn Guardian – being the excellent all-rounder you are, it brings you to a coveted position. Remember to keep your humility in check. In addition, you need to also be receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things. It could serve you a great deal to know it’s best not to reinvent the wheel, but rather, tap on the knowledge and expertise that another may have.

AQUARIUS GUARDIAN: 20 January to 18 February

The qualities of Aquarius complement the qualities of the Guardian, without amplifying them or taking them to the extreme. Many of the traits that the Guardian possesses are similar to the nature of Aquarius and so this is one person who is never emotionally, spiritually or intellectually conflicted. They know who they are and what they want. The fixed quality of Aquarian matched with the stubbornness of the Guardian make this person determined and incorrigible in their beliefs and behavior – which is not as traditional as other Guardians. While the Aquarius can appreciate the customs and norms of society, they enjoy exploring the other side of it, where the only rules are the ones people make for themselves.

The Aquarius Guardian is an idealist. They are also soft-souled, and don’t only want to help those less fortunate, but make the world a better place for everyone (including the animals, because Aquarians are naturally activists when it comes to those who cannot speak for themselves). The Aquarian Guardian is one of the most caring amongst the rest. They are the activists, ambassadors of peace, missionaries, volunteers, protestors and defenders of mankind. They are so busy caring about everyone (and everything) else on the planet that often they forget to care about themselves. It’s also because they spend so much of their time worrying about things bigger than themselves that they have no time to be social, or romantic. They will have very few friends and will approach love with much reservations. They can’t bear the thought of settling down and taking on the role of homemaker. They must have freedom. But the Aquarius Guardian can also be self-indulgent at times. They often confuse their beliefs with facts, and struggle to see people’s point of view. Their imaginations often lead them to be absent-minded and aloof and it’s very easy for this to be mistaken as nonchalance or an uncaring attitude.

This is not to say that a person can never tame an Aquarian Guardian. They want love just as much as the next person. But they have a deep-set fear of failure that propels them away from anything that could end in disaster. They’d much rather be in control. People need to give the Aquarian Guardian the freedom that they need – this way, people can be assured that the Aquarian Guardian is on their side and people have a friend (or partner) for life. A word of advice for the Aquarian Guardian – being the great caregiver you are, you need to be able to distinguish who to extend your helping hand. Do not attempt to spread yourself too thinly. Go spend some time on yourself, take a walk in the park, or read a book to further improve yourself. This way you can ensure yourself to be at peak performance.

PISCES GUARDIAN: 19 February to 20 March

Various Guardian traits are decreased when the person is born under Pisces. Piscean Guardians are less defensive (it takes a lot to get them to stand up for anything, including themselves), are unqualified at confrontation of all the Guardians (even when the confrontation is important), are the least dependable and reliable (although they don’t mean to be) and are also the least helpful.

None of these things are the fault of the Piscean. They are the most emotional of the Guardian’s zodiac, and they can find it difficult to remain strong-willed and courageous at times. This is a frightening existence, but the Piscean Guardian is so accustomed to it, they do not even realize just how intensely sensitive they are to the world around them.

Because of this, Piscean Guardians are escapists. They want to help everyone in the world, but it is just so much effort. They feel the pain of others as if it were their own. It becomes overwhelming and so they drink their troubles away, bury their nose in a book, or sleep more than what people thought was humanly possible. They are lethargic daydreamers that are often mistaken for couch potatoes. A Piscean Guardian, no matter how still they may be, is always daydreaming (most likely about a world much better than the one they are in). What’s strange though, is that the Piscean Guardian is not at all withdrawn. Like Aquarius though, they have very few intimate friends. Those friends, however, are the light of the Piscean Guardian’s life.

Because they are less aggressive than the other Guardians, they are also the most serene. If Sagittarius is the go-to-guy in an emergency because they will help whoever needs to be helped, the Piscean Guardian would be absolutely useless in that situation but would be the person giving hugs and calming tea. They are nurturers. It’s a secret code. They want to be nurtured and they hope that in giving away all the affection and compassionate in the world, it will return to them.

The Piscean Guardian will not help others selflessly. They need comfort and security as much as they need air to breathe. If sharing means they would go without, then they just won’t do it. That said, they do care, and they will help when and wherever they can.

They are the most intuitive of the Guardians and also the most emotional. In romance they go all out (and will break their own hearts by expecting the same from others, who might not always be willing to give their all in that way). This can make them clingy and needy, but they can’t help the fact that they value love above all else. Romance is their main contribution to this world and the one thing they will fight for. Their loyalty is one thing that is increased rather than diluted. The love of a Piscean Guardian will never fade, no matter what. A word of advice for the Piscean Guardian – being the amicable and relatively emotional person you are, you need to learn how to disengage yourself from situations. Learn not to say “I feel…” and be more objective. Not always people are thinking about what you have just said or done, they are just too busy for that sometimes! Also, ask yourself what makes you happy daily, and keep them always in front of you. This will help you to be the best Piscean Guardian.

Famous Guardian Personalities

It is also vital to understand and model after the success from people. This idea of reading and learning others through conscious observance is one of the best methods for achieving success. From the time you came into existence, you have learnt to crawl, eat, walk and talk by modeling or observing others. According to a study by Harvard University, they found that soldiers who discussed both successes and failures learned at higher rates than soldiers who discussed only failures.

The next section will look at some famous people and how they yielded their success.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor and filmmaker who was born on July 6, 1946. He is well-known for famously representing two iconic film characters: John Rambo and Rocky Balboa.

To escape from all of his emotional struggles during his childhood years, Stallone was committed to focus himself on pursuing an acting career. But before making a big break, he was working at different types of jobs to support himself financially, including being a cleaner in lions’ cage at the Central Park Zoo, as well as appearing in adult films.

But in 1976, Stallone finally achieved his breakthrough film role for playing the character of Rocky Balboa in the movie ‘Rocky.’ It was a rags-to-riches film story about an American-Italian boxer who won a heavyweight boxing world champion title.

Six years later, another movie that made a critical lift in Stallone’s acting career after portraying another iconic character, John Rambo, in the ‘First Blood’ film. Three more ‘Rambo’ installments soon followed, all of which earned prestigious recognition and awards.


Popularly referred to as the Queen of Pop since the 1980s, Madonna is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She was born on August 16, 1958.

Because of the loss of her mother at an early age, Madonna’s adolescent period was greatly shaken up, making her very rebellious in so many ways. And in order to loosen up that insubordinate type of character, she had to focus on one thing that she could voice out her emotions, and that is through singing and dancing.

In 1979, she joined Dan Gilroy’s band, Breakfast Club. But, two years later she went on a solo career and released her first hit song, ‘Everybody.’ It was a slow start for her but a consistent success.

But in 1985, Madonna skyrocketed towards her ultimate stardom when she dropped her ‘Like A Virgin’ album that automatically hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Chart. And since then, she became unstoppable for being a best-selling musician as well as a film actress.

Michael Jackson

Dubbed as the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer who was born on August 29, 1958.

The young Michael was only 6 years old when he joined his older brothers – Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon, in the Jackson 5 band.

In the early 1970s, Michael went on a solo career and released four albums with Motown Records. His fifth album in 1979, ‘Off the Wall’ was a huge breakthrough for his solo career. A year after that was even more fruitful when he released another album ‘Thriller’ that instantly grabbed the No. 1 spot in all music charts around the globe. His songs in that album became a game changer in the world of pop music.

More best-selling albums soon followed and consistently hit the charts. Michael Jackson is still a legendary icon in the world of music. And even until his death, he is still a top-earning deceased celebrity for the fifth consecutive year in 2017 according to Forbes magazine.

Freddy Mercury

Popularly known as the frontman of the Queen band, Freddie Mercury was a British singer, songwriter and record producer who was born on September 5, 1946.

After moving from his home country Tanzania to England with his family in 1964, he met a lot of musicians including his future Queen bandmates, Roger Taylor and Brian May.

In 1973, the band released their first album but it didn’t get much wider attention. Until their third album ‘A Night at the Opera’ was released in 1975, it was then that their ultimate success finally came to place. The combination of rock and opera of the album’s hit single ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ made his band internationally known, making it No. 1 both in Britain and in the United States. His excellent vocal range in this song was also praised by other famous artists.

Mercury also became a fashion icon when performing on stage. With his unique outfits, like his favorite skintight spandex costumes, he was indeed a true performer with style.

Prince William

Born on June 21, 1982, Prince William is a member of the British royal family and the first son of Prince Charles of Wales and the late Princess Diana of Wales. His full name is William Arthur Philip Louis.

Being a direct line of succession to the British throne after his father, he was already fully aware, even at an early age, of the responsibilities he would bear as the future king of England. The then young Prince William always excelled well in all schools he enrolled at, both in academics and sports activities.

But, Prince William went through tough and very emotional teenage years. He was 15 when his mother, Princess Diana, died in a car crash on August 31, 1997. However, despite all the challenges, he knew that he had to be strong. As years passed by after his mother’s death, he came out to be a responsible and well-mannered grown-up man who shows a strong sense of duty to the royal family.

In 2001, he enrolled at the University of St Andrews to get a degree in Geography. After graduation, he entered to public duties of his own. In 2006, Prince William started his military training. To date, he is a member of the British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Navy. He’s also active to humanitarian causes, such as HIV/Aids prevention and environmental causes.

When Prince William married his long-time college girlfriend, Kate Middleton, on April 29, 2011, his royal title changed from Prince of Wales to Duke of Cambridge.

Mother Teresa

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu or commonly-known as Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic nun and missionary who was born on August 26, 1910.

At an early age, she was already convinced that she should fulfill a lifetime commitment to providing missionary services. When she reached 18, she left home to join the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland to become a missionary and chose the name Sister Mary Teresa after Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. She took her Final Profession of Vows to commit to a lifetime poverty, chastity, and obedience on May 24, 1937. It was then that she became known as ‘Mother Teresa’.

In 1950, Mother Teresa founded a Roman Catholic congregation called, Missionaries of Charity, and vowed to spend the rest of her life attending to those who are in need, especially the orphans, people infected with HIV/Aids, leprosy, and tuberculosis. But due to her declining health caused by heart complications, she resigned as the head of the congregation on March 13, 1997. On September 5 of that same year, she died and was canonized by the church as a saint on 4 September 2016.


Referred to as the “Goddess of Pop”, Cher is an American singer and actress. She was born on May 20, 1946 as Cherilyn Sarkisian.

At age 16, Cher was fully determined to achieve a career in show business. She left home and moved to Los Angeles to begin her acting lessons. She approached many people whom she knew could help her reach her dreams.

In 1962, she met performer Salvatore “Sonny” Bono and worked for him as a housekeeper. As months passed, they developed a romantic relationship and eventually got married on October 27, 1964. The couple formed a singing duo called, Sonny and Cher, hit the charts with their single “I Got You Babe”.

There was a point in her life that she faced some crisis: financial and her relationship with Sonny. Cher went on to a solo singing career in the late 1960s and in the 1980s she pursued an acting career. To date, she continues to release different music albums and starred on different films.

Judy Garland

Judy Garland was an American singer and actress who was born on June 10, 1922.

Being raised by a family of stage performers, the then young Judy, or Frances Ethel Gumm in real life, found her true calling when she joined her older sisters to become a member of the Gumm Sisters. At an early age, she was already exposed to all types of acting, singing and dancing lessons as well live performances during their travels.

When Garland was 13, she went on a solo act and signed a film contract with MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc.). She starred in dozens of films, but the most memorable film that totally brought her acting career to a new height was the 1939 ‘Wizard of Oz’ movie where she played the character of Dorothy Gale. It was a huge success that ultimately opened new opportunities for her all throughout her career.

Jaime Lee Curtis

Born on November 22, 1958, Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress and author of several children’s books.

Daughter of the late actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis was exposed at a very young age what show business is all about. When she was still attending at a university, she auditioned to land a role as Nancy Drew. Although unsuccessful, she still was able to land on small television and film roles.

Curtis’ breakthrough finally came when she starred on a classic horror film ‘Halloween’ in 1978. More movie projects soon followed. One of her most notable movies was the 1994 ‘True Lies’ in which she paired with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

Aside from acting, Curtis is also fascinated with children’s books. She has written at least 10 books already, including the New York Times bestseller ‘Today I Feel Silly’, and ‘Other Moods That Make My Day.’


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