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Nigeria, a country blessed with natural resources and diverse provisions from above, distinguished with numerous and heterogeneous skills, aptitude and talents crucial for the development of the country and blessed with the intellect that can't be compared with some notable countries in the world but have we not lost this as a result of our neglect?. I guess this is a question everyone is thinking about everyday.

Though we seem to boast of our divine providence from above calling ourselves "Giant of Africa", but are we really giants indeed? Are we really the greatest of all? Have we not lost it? From the top down to the bottom of the ladder in this country, it is clearly evident that a nation like ours is divinely blessed. Intellectually, we are academically sound. We have many students, infants breaking academic records everyday and not only breaking but creating new ones for upcoming ones to conquer. A country where almost everyday students, not even graduates gives topnotch advice as regards economic policies of the country though not fully implemented by the ones in authority. Aside intellect, Nigeria is blessed with virtues, skills and abilities that can remould this country for better. A country where aspiring youths are seen everyday boasting of themselves and having confidence that this country can change for better if they are given a chance. Not only that, we have youths challenging the leaders in authority about the ways they handle things and offering advices about how things can change for better.

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Few months ago, the "Not too Young to Run Bill" was signed by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari denoting our sense of academic prowess, skills, intellect and our abilities where no one see himself/herself as an inferior and believes he has a capability to run a nation regardless of their age, parental, economic or financial background. But have we not lost it?

I believe from a self point of view that we have actually lost our virtues due to our negligence and non-challant attitudes. Our parochial attitudes has made our divine virtues turn into negative fates for us. Indeed, it is evident we have lost it indeed.

Nigeria, a land flowing with milk and honey, blessed by God in his divine will has lost his virtues due to its lack of carefulness and 'I don't care attitude'. Our lack of interest in what goes on in our world today has made our virtues turn into vices for us .Our permission for vices, immoral behaviours all in the name of civilization has done greater harm to us than we can ever think of or imagine.

The leaders who the populace see as the authority that can ensure the effective protection of our naturally-endowed virtues has gone there to turn it into vices for us. They make corruption as their “lord” and enter into unreasonable competition all in the name of displaying their deceitfully-acquired wealth to the populace. Citizens are treated like public dogs, poverty and suffering written evidently on people’s face and yet our leaders are living in the best state of their lives. At this point, I guess it is not a matter of whether we have lost our virtues or not, we have lost it indeed.

The dignity of virginity which our forefathers and early parents are proud of is nothing of pride any longer. Youths, mostly teenagers, now engage in pre-marital sex all in the name of catching fun and feels nothing is wrong with it whereas it is not so. Many destinies have been wasted, glory smashed and purpose unachievable all in the name of premarital sex. Not only that, rapes and unprotected sex which has been the order of the day in Nigeria has been a means where so many virtues are lost and destinies are wasted. Of course, it is evident that it would result into unwanted pregnancy and this might bring a stoppage on the education life of the culprit resulting into not only destinies being wasted but also virtues being lost in their output for the country.

Nigeria is full of diverse atrocities like examination malpractices, bad leadership and the host of others mentioned above making concerned citizens to doubt sometimes if we are ripe for independence or not. Whether we are or not is an issue for another day. Indeed, Nigeria has lost his virtues of which we can get back if we change our orientation, the structure and the way we handle things. I have a strong believe that Nigeria can still be great again and to have a great country, it all lies in YOU and ME for the restoration of the lost virtues.

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