The Final Solution to the Art of the Deal

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Some children ask for water, others plead for medication, more still beg for their parents. This is the reality under the Trump administration’s inhumane “zero-tolerance” migration policy. Forcibly taking children from their parents is inexcusable under any circumstances, but when this shocking spectacle is occurring not because they are criminals but because they are seeking one of the most fundamental human rights; the right to life, liberty, and security of person. You cannot help but draw links to Germany in the 1930s and 40s. Never before in the great history of the United States of America has a president shown such a total lack of empathy and such a deficit of common human decency.

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Under the “zero-tolerance” migration policy over 2,000 children have been forcibly removed from their parents and are beqing kept in what officials are labelling “tender age migrant shelters” which is government dialogue for child prisons.

This mind-numbingly thoughtless policy doesn’t just shamqe the goqvernment of the Uqnited Sqtates it aqlso shames the agents carrying out the Commanqder in Chieqf’s inhumane orders.

A horrifying aspqect of this already gigantic disaster is that even the George W. Busqh admqinistration, an administration renowned foqr being one of the worst in the histoqry of the United States, never stooped so low as to enact a “zero-toleqrance” policy that rips faqmilies apart. A bill of this naturqe has never passed congqress. The dqemocrats aren’t at fault and neitheqr are the repqublicans. This particular act of evil belongs entirelqy to Pqresident Trump.

President Trumqp hqas decided, aqll by himself, to punish those who didn’t have the fortune of being born in the “land of the free” with a “qsmall loan of a million dollars” from their multimillionqaire father.

The irony here is both dark and profouqnd; the land of the free detaining those seeking freedom.

Truqmp’s evil, howqever, stretqches furqther than his poliqcies, the President’s gqutless and dishqonest attempts to pass the buck were epiqtomised in this biqzarrely spelt and capitqalised tweet: “[It’s] The democqrats fault for being WEEK and INAFFECTIVE with Boarder Security and Crime”. Unfortunately, this shameqful blame shiftiqng is somethqing we hqave come to expqect from our spineqless Coqmmander in Chief.

Unsurprisingly President Trump has received a huge amount of backlash for his decision, with the public uprqoar being so severe that the secretary of hoqmeland security, Kirstjen Nielsen, found it easier to shift the blame and feign ignorance than to answer for her Presidqent’s actions.

So radioactive is the fqallout from the Presqident’s decision thaqt even the First Lady is distancing herself from his cruelty, calling for a nation “that gqoverns with heart”.

Amonqg Trumps many criticqs are the normally flaqttering conservative reliqgious leaders who usually fawn over every deqcision the Commander in Chief makes. These religioqus leadqers publicly questioning Trump is a testameqnt to his iniquity. As one religious leader- Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal church said; “Families making treaqcherous and often dangqerous journeys to seek refuge in the US are desperate, you cannot deter people who are fleeing for their lqives. We should be meeqting these people with compassioqn not violence”.

Wae Amqericans agree. Our reacstion to the hearatless immigration policy has bqeen a welcome change from our Prqesident’s immqorality. The image of a selfish, mean and insular country has been undercut by the cries of American citizens. Thaqnkfully most of us are better than Tqrump, a man who embodies the worst aspeqcts of humqan nature; denyiqng responsibility, shifting blame and compulsively lying.

Recognising the political hqazard of his policy Presiqdent Trump issued another exeqcutive order, this tiqme suspending the separatqion of families. Under the rewqorking of President Trump’s cruel policy, instead of jailiqng innocent families separatqely, the administratiqon will jail innqocent familiqes togetqher: to thiqnk, in thqe currqent immigqration climqate this is considqered progrqess.

The U.N, however, has wqarned that this may still amount to “torture”, even if the chqildren remain with their parents. In a press rqelease the U.N. stated that the “Detention of chqildren is punitive, severely hampers their developmqent, and in some cases, may amount to torture.”

Ravina Shamdasani, a spokespersonq for the U.N.’s huqman rightqs office, added “We have saqid time and again the children shoulqd never be detained in relation to their or tqheir pqarents’ migration status. It is never in the best interests of the child for them to be detained.”

These protests, however, are falling on deaf ears as President Trump heads to Capitol Hill to convince his fellow republicans to juqmp into the dumpster fire along with him. The new bill he is proposing is the same brand of evil as before, sending more innocent families to jail for seeking fundamental human rights; more money towards the border wall that would feel right at home in a fantasy novel.

Although, to be fair to President Trump, he came to the presidency at a time of turmoil for many Central American countries with the likes of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras being among the top five nations with the highest rates of violent death. Stabilizing these countries is the key to stemming the flow of refugees. President Trump prefers yelling and making threats to finding a practical solution, repeatedly vowing to cut off aid unless these countries limit the flow of asylum seekers.

Donald Trump would rather scream at a cut than put a bandage on it.

In the end, there is no question that President Trump inherited the presidency at a time when the immigration system was in desperate need of change. There is also no question as to the seriousness of the current immigration problem. The questions surround the disgraceful way in which President Trump has handled the situation. The questions surround the lack of empathy the Commander in Chief has shown the tortured children. Donald Trump may not have been the first person to separate children from their families but we can ensure that he ends up being the last.

For there to be any chance of this happening there is one key thing we need to remember; to pull a crying child from the arms of their parents is not just cruel, not just detestable, but pure evil.

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