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The First Day On My New Job

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Often, some people are looking forward to their first day on the job. On the hand, inexperienced people like me, have so much to learn and a lot of money to be made. I just had my first interview ever. I had just been interviewed at a clothing store called Factory Connection. The next day I waited nervously beside the phone. When I was just about to get up and go out with my best friend, my phone had begun to ring and with so much joy I had answered, “Hello?” “Yes, I was wondering if you could come in tomorrow afternoon to start the job?”, my future boss asked. Excitedly I said yes and soon after that she told me, “Great, I will see you tomorrow afternoon.” I had said, “Yes ma’am I will see you tomorrow”, then I hung up the phone. The day of my first new job, I had to do many difficult tasks to make a good impression on my boss.

The next day came and I was ready, but very anxious to be working on my first job. At first, I did not like the job because the manager and the assistant manager were much more experience and so much older than I was. My position was a part-time associate, where I was trained to do shipping, which consisted of taking the clothes out of the boxes and censoring them.

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After that, the manger had showed me how to work the cash register properly. Struggling with that the most, the cash register ended up being short eighty-five dollars and fifteen cents. My Manager had to write it up. That same night, I went home crying to my mom and she told me, “You will just have to practice until you get it right.” Taking my mother’s words, I begin to practice on counting the right amount of change on an app she had found for me.

Soon after, showing improvement very much on my counting skills, my manager had given me a raise. She even told me that she had never seen anybody learn how to improve on their mistakes that fast. The good thing about that is, I had created a better relationship with my co-workers.

To conclude, I learned that everybody makes mistakes in this world, no matter who one is and what one does for a living, but one must still go on in life and manage to re-route those mistakes.


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