The Fog of War: Cyber Security in Current News Environment

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Clausewitz Fog of War in the Modern Enterprise Information Environment
  • The Fog of War
    The Modern Information Environment
    Network-Centric Warfare
    Decision-making for Cyber
    Critical Discussion
  • Cyber Manoeuvre in the Modern Information Environment
  • Deception and Manoeuvre Warfare Utilising Cloud Resources: Critics
  • Manoeuvre Operations Principles
  • Focusing on Critical Vulnerabilities
    Decentralizing Decision
    Joined Arms
  • Cyber Operations in the Modern Environment
  • Conclusion


The topic “fog of war” is basically an inborn of war. It can take in different forms like friction, uncertainty, confusion, ambiguity or combination of all of these. The idea “fog of war” initially expressed by Clausewitz and after that in the U.S. Military forces doctrine and each war colleges. Support for the idea network centric warfare (NCW) come out against the friction of war; however the fog of war can be eliminated by step-up entire information supremacy over the enemy in warfare. U.S. Military thought that, the way to transform entire fog of war theory through the technological advances. But that type of thinking is unsafe and wrong. It is not sufficient to learn and recognize the idea and implications of fog of war. Discussion about the future implementation of the concept fog of war should be happen.

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Military Strategists have been composing on the standards and qualities of fighting for additional than two thousand years. In spite of the fact that the particular standards contrast after some time and in connection to specific strategists, the standard of move has been an imperative idea and has been a deciding variable in fighting since probably the soonest recorded fights. As innovation has advanced and took into account the development of fighting into new spaces, so too has the idea of move changed. The investigation of the oceans made another one of a kind space and presented the idea of a worldwide hall, carrying with it new difficulties to survive. Air and Space included another measurement to the guideline of move and caused one more move in military methodology. Amid the most recent two decades, the presentation of figuring frameworks and the Internet shaped an interconnected, virtual condition that has prompted the assignment of a fifth war battling area known as Cyberspace. This new space has its very own arrangement of remarkable qualities and difficulties also, fundamentally covers tasks in every one of the four of the other war battling areas.

Clausewitz Fog of War in the Modern Enterprise Information Environment

The Fog of War

The expression ‘fog of war’ alludes to the blending of specific qualities of war, to be specific vulnerability, issue, possibility, grinding, disarray, and multifaceted nature, among others. In straightforward terms, not everything in war is comprehensible or predicted; some proportion of vagueness will dependably exist. Despite the fact that the grinding and the mist of war has been a reliable, repeating highlight since the wars in the Greek and Persian realms, the most punctual known utilization of the expression ‘erosion’ happened in a letter from Carl Von Clausewitz to his significant other in September of 1806 (Watts, 1996). By 1831, the possibility of contact and, by augmentation, the fog of war, had turned into a focal topic of his fundamental work on war. Friction was obviously among the reasonable devices Clausewitz utilized to comprehend the marvel of war and it inevitably developed into a hypothetical idea that lies at the core of his way to deal with the hypothesis and direct of war. For instance, regardless of the bounty of cutting edge weaponry in the Gulf War (1991), contact was available at each level of war. The equivalent is valid in today’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. About two decades expelled from the Gulf War, regardless of the bounty of PC, correspondence, data, and sensor innovations, the contentions are laden with haze and friction (Vego, 2009).

Taking what Clausewitz composed of grinding and wedding it with the attributes of consequent wars, Watts proposed the accompanying scientific categorization for Clausewitz’ bound together idea of general grating:

  1. Threat (Affect on the capacity to think obviously and act successfully in war)
  2. Physical effort (the impacts on thought and activity of combat’s requests)
  3. Vulnerabilities and blemishes in data
  4. Grinding inside one’s claim powers (cooperation between numerous men and machines)
  5. Chance occasions that can’t be anticipated
  6. Physical and political breaking points of military power
  7. Unconventionality originating from association with the foe
  8. Separates among closures and methods for war (Watts, 1996)

Subsequently, in spite of tremendous changes in the methods for war since Clausewitz‟ time, managing and understanding the imperatives and openings possibility, rubbing and vulnerability give is similarly as important to taking care of today’s military issues and can be connected specifically to light up current military dilemmas (Herbig, 1986).

The Modern Information Environment

It ought not to be a mystery that the world is solidly in the period of data. One just needs to see the evening news, check the daily papers, or get the most recent innovation books and exchange diaries to comprehend the size of corporate interests in data frameworks. Around the world, 324 organizations spend almost $1 trillion every year on IT rigging, programming, and administrations-more than $2 trillion if media communications administrations are included (Carr, 2004). The monstrosity of the spending by enterprises far and wide on better approaches to catch, store, and offer data inside and outside of associations keeps on expanding since the turn of the century. The Department of Defence is very much aware of the potential advantages of sharing data and learning to produce upper hand. There is a noteworthy assemblage of writing that tends to the advantage of sharing data on the combat zone to build up a typical working picture.

Network-Centric Warfare

Network Centric Warfare is the best term created to date to portray the manner in which will compose and battle in the data age. Military characterize NCW as a data prevalence empowered idea of activities that creates expanded battle control by systems administration sensors, leaders and shooters to accomplish shared mindfulness, expanded speed of order, higher beat of tasks, more prominent lethality, expanded survivability and a level of self-synchronization. Basically, NCW makes an interpretation of data predominance into battle control by viably connecting learned elements in the warship. At the same time, if military not implemented this idea into the modern information warfare that would become danger to the entire world (Alberts, Garstka and Stein, 1999).

NCW is about human and hierarchical conduct. NCW depends on receiving another state of mind-arrange driven reasoning and applying it to military tasks. NCW centres on the battle control that can be created from the compelling connecting or systems administration of the warfighting endeavour. It is described by the capacity of geologically scattered powers (comprising of substances) to make an abnormal state of shared battlespace mindfulness that can be misused by means of self-synchronization and other system driven activities to accomplish officers’ aim (Cebrowski and Garstka, 1998)

Decision-making for Cyber

The developing utilization of the internet has achieved the point where an extensive variety of social, political, educational, financial, and military exercises are reliant upon it and are helpless against the two interferences of its utilization and usurpation of its abilities (Kuehl, Kramer, Wentz and Starr, 2009). The physical stages, frameworks, and foundations that give worldwide availability to interface data frameworks, systems, and human clients with monstrous measures of data that can be carefully sent anyplace, whenever, to nearly anybody, have extraordinarily expanded access to data and have influenced human insight, drastically affecting human conduct and choice making (Kuehl, Kramer, Wentz and Starr, 2009).

In 2011, the United States (U.S.) Department of Defense (DOD) named the internet another operational area. As the internet is essentially not quite the same as the physical area in the measurements of time and space, it exhibits a significantly more powerful and complex operational condition for the U.S. military. However, the DOD is presently applying direction and control (C2) ideas created for tasks in physical space to activities led in the internet. The test confronting the DOD is that it doesn’t yet comprehend the elements identified with C2 dexterity for the internet area, nor does it have methodologies to actualize coordinated C2 notwithstanding the mind boggling elements displayed by this space. A study finished with 31 specialists in the internet tasks yielded an underlying organized rundown of 21 factors identified with the U.S. military’s dexterity in allotting basic leadership rights for the internet activities. The main five variables distinguished were: direction expectation, the internet situational mindfulness, order specialists and connections, legitimate experts and tenets of commitment, and training and skill. The aftereffects of this examination propose that the United States Department of Defense ought to inspect its current direction and control convention to decide the more coordinated basic leadership techniques for directing the internet tasks called for by the Commander of United States Cyber Command (Stone, 2016).

Critical Discussion

The instance of the fog of war acquaints a feeling of vulnerability with every one of the gatherings who are occupied with strife. Subsequently any choice amid the war is through thinking about the chances and being indeterminate about the capacities and techniques of the adversary powers and seeks after a superior result (Farwell and Rohozinski, 2011). This case is like confronting different digital assaults by both an organization and a country. Give it a chance to be an organization or a nation, the cybersecurity presented will be through expecting the kind of assault from the programmers.

The counteractive action part of maintaining a strategic distance from different assaults is the most indeterminate basic leadership process included viewpoint (Akande, 2010). Counteractive action of an assault must be done subsequent to understanding the sort of assault being presented. Since the systems or activities of the adversaries can’t be pursued without knowing their abilities or technique, comparable is the situation of programmers who assault the military parts of a nation. Another factor inside the instance of a war is the component of discouragement. The discouragement factor presented for warding off adversaries won’t be valuable if the prevention isn’t refreshed after some time either alongside either military knowledge or through the evaluation of certainties and dangers.

Cyber Manoeuvre in the Modern Information Environment

Deception and Manoeuvre Warfare Utilising Cloud Resources: Critics

Manoeuvre Warfare activities utilizing distributed computing assets, and this can be used as a major aspect of a 21st century data security display utilized by the cutting edge SME working at a national and worldwide dimension. Proactive activities for anchoring computerized resources and installing a double dealing technique inside Computer Networks Operations (CNO), can turn out to be productive furthermore, financially savvy security controls, particularly with the exponential increment in very trend setting innovation as far as preparing force, stockpiling and application, combined with the promptly accessible learning through the intensity of the Internet, open by every typical client and risk operators alike. Today, utilizing cloud space for modern war is a threat for all the countries, because most of the military and governance data storing in the cloud space. At the time of war, if the opponent country intrudes the data from their cloud space, which would makes major threat to that country. At the same time, cloud space is the only way to pass important and confidential data from one place to another while war is going on. So countries can depend only the cloud space, but it should be secure every time. If the intruder changes the data in between, that would misdirect the military force.

Manoeuvre Operations Principles

Focusing on Critical Vulnerabilities

The rule of ‘hitting the other individual where it harms the most’ – means to distinguish and misuse those crucial shortcomings that ‘will do the most noteworthy harm to the foe’s capacity to stand up to.’


It is the challenging to look for leap forward outcomes instead of incremental ones.


The standard of ‘hitting the other individual when he isn’t looking’ – alludes to the utilization of data to weaken an adversary’s basic leadership capacity and a resulting startling strike. It tends to be accomplished utilizing one of three methodologies: stealth, vagueness, or misdirection.


The guideline of ‘hitting the other individual as hard as possible’ – is the ‘age of unrivalled battle control at a specific time and place’ that empowers ‘a numerically sub-par power to accomplish conclusive nearby predominance,’ in this manner giving favourable position when and where it makes a difference most.

Decentralizing Decision

Making down through the positions gives those nearest to the activity the scope they have to exploit on-the-spot data inaccessible to their bosses and exercise activity without sitting tight for endorsement.


The standard of ‘hitting the other individual as brisk as possible’ – is relative speed in time: distinguishing openings, deciding, and acting quicker than one’s adversary, subsequently compelling him into a steady condition of response.

Joined Arms

The incorporation of reciprocal weapons and capacities, builds their aggregate adequacy and makes for the rival an ‘accursed on the off chance that you do, cursed in the event that you don’t’ circumstance in which ‘to shield against one assault, the foe must turn out to be more powerless against another”.

Cyber Operations in the Modern Environment

The requests on the present furtive resources require one of a kind preparing, instruction, and ranges of abilities that must be constantly revived with the end goal to remain in the know regarding the most recent tradecraft, particularly with regards to digital tasks. A typical misconception is that the range of abilities and operational area of the present covert agent lives in the physical world. Another misguided judgment is that the operational condition of the present digital covert agents is bound to an office work area situated before a PC. Nothing could be further from reality. The fact of the matter is the digital side and the customary operational condition of the covert operative meet. It is hard to think about a circumstance where tradecraft rehearses don’t associate with a digital part. The prerequisite is that spies must have digital abilities and keep up those aptitudes.

Today, most if not all handle resources working on the secret side routinely use computerized tradecraft. A portion of the people I have worked with throughout the years say it isn’t unprecedented for gatherings to pass knowledge to people attached to three-letter offices out in the open spots like McDonalds or Starbucks. One individual commented that even the best government operative spine chillers scarcely verged on depicting the advanced tradecraft that is as of now being drilled.

For instance, consider the FBI declaration about the Russian government operative ring that was brought down in 2010. The ring was depicted as ‘long haul, profound cover’ task, 10 spies in complete that worked for a considerable length of time. This secret gathering utilized current computerized tradecraft with unverified reports of an advanced brush-pass – a rendition of the physical exchange of messages ordinarily found in covert operative spine chillers. The Russian government agents traded data through a free remote system at the Times Square Starbucks and in addition different areas. Think about that whenever you are at Starbucks requesting you’re most loved grande latte! Along these lines, once more, plainly the developing significance of digital activities moves in parallel with present day tradecraft.


Inside this report, the idea of fog of war is portrayed along inside military viewpoint. This report portrays how obsolete cyber security measures sent by both a nation and an association can influence the prompt condition and itself. The data condition is depicted with regards to both an organization and a country. The depiction of a commonplace data condition helps in understanding the different defects inside the framework. This comprehension of the defects helps in the making of better security highlights to all the more likely suit the data condition. The various issues to emerge because of the usage of security highlights, for example, grinding issue is likewise referenced and depicted. 

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