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The Freedom Concept as Per People with Morals, Those for the Freedom of Choice and the Independent

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Freedom is the absence of coercion, necessity, or constraint in choices ( The First Amendment is freedom of religion, speech, and press. It is also stated that none of those rights should be impeded or abridged. “Give me liberty or give me death,” (Henry, Patrick) is altogether stating that Freedom consists of individuals having value, the freedom to choose and express independent opinions, the balance of power, and inalienable rights.

As John Locke, English professor and physician, once said, “The need to find true happiness is the foundation of our freedom”(philosophy & philosophers). But what does that mean exactly? To be free is to be happy. To have rights is to be free. To have the knowledge that anyone can have rights, freedom, and happiness altogether is what makes that exact quote seem right. Therefore, the “values” that individuals have from freedom is happiness. Their happiness is sprouted off of being able to do simple things like speak their mind, practice what they like, go where they desire, etc. Being free is a source of happiness for many citizens in America.

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The freedom to express is what makes up an individual. Without this as a right, most people would not be the unique person that they are today. They would not be able to choose what they wish, nor would they be able to express how they feel or speak their minds and validate their opinions. Being able to do those types of things is what gives individuals an attitude, mindset, and voice. If opinions were never spoken, almost everything could be left unjustified.

What would the America be without the balance of power? Would it be filled with less or more laws? Would it have a dictator? With one nation or even a group having more power over anyone and everything else would give America no reason to even have the first amendment. No to say that America wouldn’t have freedom, but if someone had more control over everyone else, they would call the shots. One word: Tyranny. “Oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.” America would not be America if it weren’t for the balance of power. There would not be the freedom that there is today. Therefore, the balance in power is needed for freedom.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal… certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” (Jefferson, Thomas). Unalienable rights or “natural laws” are rights that nobody else can take ownership of. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is something that each individual has that cannot be surrendered to anybody else. For example, a social security number. Nobody can have anyone else’s number reassigned to them nor can they reassign theirs to somebody else’s because the law prohibits it. Nobody can take away someone’s freedom. That is theirs. That is the law. The unalienable rights contribute to freedom simply because people are free to have it, but not free to take it.

In conclusion, individuals having value, the freedom to choose and express independent opinions, balance in power, and unalienable rights are all contributors to freedom. Having value is happiness; Happiness due freedom. The freedom to choose and express independent opinions allows individuals to be who they are and choose what they wish. Balance in power saves America from tyranny because with tyranny there would be no freedom and all power would go to only one individual (dictator) or group. And last but not least: unalienable rights. These keep anyone from taking possession over something belonging to someone else and it keeps anyone from handing something in their possession over to someone else. Individuals have the right to keep but to not give (unless it is legal and you wish to) and not to take. They have the right to live, have freedom, and be happy. All in all, freedom is what America was founded upon because without it, she would not stand as she does today.


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