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The Fuel Efficiency Of Airplane And Social Action Of Changing The Experience Of Traveling Across Globe

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Airplanes have always fascinated my interest towards its appearance of innovation from changing the way of travel across the globe within hours. Engineering played their role throughout the industrial era since 1903 when Wright Brothers flew the very first airplane in Virginia to advanced fuel-efficient aircraft and the vision of SpaceX to change the experience of human being travel to Mars within in upcoming years. Throughout my engineering projects experience, it has been pushing my limits beyond my comfort zone to develop further innovation to provide enough stability of aircraft to prevent crashes in future. Forbes news mentions that more than 1900 flights have been crashed since the 1960’s, which as results killed 29,646 aboard and 1,216 on the ground. As an engineer, our priority is to make a safer journey for people who are traveling across the globe every day. Throughout this paper, I will be discussing the safety factor of current and future airplanes to prevent from further crashes from my projects, and the effect of fuel-efficient aircraft to convey over global warming issues and the overspread of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Throughout my experience as an engineering student at SJSU have been supportive throughout academics and project skills. As an aerospace engineering, we are passionate about innovating a new way to make flying vehicles/project commercially for everyone. However, due to the regulations from Federal Aviation Authority, our ideas have been limited since the past airplanes crashes have a significant impact throughout the economy of the aviation industry and limiting the innovation of engineering ideas instead of making safer airplanes for passengers to fly has become industry’s priority. As a student, we are practicing our skills with our projects to come across with the possible solution of aircraft’s stability moment with its 60% of wingspan whereas the other 40% of its wing isn’t stable at higher altitude. During my aircraft control system lecture last semester, where we were able to learn about aerospace vehicle’s stability control over unstable environments. Our final project of Longitudinal Dynamics of UAV helps us contribute our knowledge of using or MATLAB and Simulink skills to improve the stability control of an aircraft which as results reduce the chances of airplane’s crash as the instability of wing increases by 40 percent. The purpose of this project from Aircraft stability helps us control the PID controller, which is responsible for responding pitch, roll and yaw moment of an aircraft at its instability situation to make the stable journey from point A to B.

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The purpose of stability control in aircraft to monitor the PID controller to minimize the turbulence on all moment in direction while it faces instability over higher altitude. According to some estimates by The New York Times, about 20,000 planes are in use around the world, serving three billion passengers annually. As a result, the amount of Carbon in our atmosphere is increasing by 40 million tons by in coming years, and this could lead to the causes of cancers and dangerous diseases. The Aviation industry is currently doing their research on building more sustainable aircraft to reduce the amount of CO2 while making jet engines more fuel efficient. Recently United Airlines at San Francisco Airport is currently working on their research with engineers from a different background including Aerospace Engineers to reduce the amount of emission which is being produced by airplanes up to 25 percent of its fuel compression just within Take Off/Landing and taxing to the terminal gate. According to the Mach article airlines industries are trying to reduce the fuel efficiency by 4 to 8 percent, turning APU engine of an aircraft into an electric powered mini generator to produce power through landing gears instead of using turbojet engines to taxing the aircraft to the runway.

Aerospace Engineering is just like an investigator from the Ecotopia novel, where we are observing how the regulations from the federal government and the society within the USA are responsible for global warming.

The story of Ecotopia took place in mid-1970’s, the journalist from Time-Post, William Weston who was responsible for investigating unique assignment of habitats in the Northern west coast of United States. The journalist begins to admire the love of nature for Ectopians, the efficiency of bringing the era of ecology to reduce the global warming. While I was reading over, I realized that the novel was giving us heads up caution to the humanity and stop the social actions which aim to destroy our planet.

Engineers aren’t a perfect soul to promise our nation to bring the best innovation to change the way we live our life, whether it’s new cellphone or building newly designed sustainable energy aircraft. As an ethical investigator from Ecotopia, we can improve the technology and its prevention from destroying our planet atmosphere.

Throughout the accomplished knowledge from projects, I always wondered about the safety of passengers who are going to fly in an airplane which is designed by my team. To gain something we always must sacrifice lives to bring the better way of innovation to make our future better, as an engineering student I still regret that what’s the point of designing an airplane which could benefit our community, but does it benefit our planet? Due to the fuel burns from turbojets, a considerable amount of carbon dioxide is killing our earth. However, on the other side plane crashes takes off the lives of a passenger whom we tend to make our priority as safety for peoples in an airplane. We already have warned us, and now it’s our choice as engineers to decide which pathway we should take to save the world of humanity and nature.


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