The Future of Safety on Public Roads

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The world we live in contains many luxuries and incredibly complex advances in technology that make humans life easier. Automobiles are one of the most major technological innovations the world has ever seen. One specific innovation in automobiles is autonomous cars, perhaps one of the most perplexing of all these innovations. Autonomous cars are the premier means to managing traffic, avoiding collisions on public roads, and stopping drunk drivers.

Traffic is a huge issue the United States deals with on roads all across the country. There are many scenarios that cause traffic, but the two main ones are there being too little roads and accidents that slow or even stop traffic. Roads are almost everywhere you go, but traffic is still a huge issue. Of course there are main roads and minor roads which are developed depending on the amount of traffic in that area, despite this traffic still gets congested. Oddly enough, more congestion occurs on larger roads than smaller roads. Driverless cars shoot to stop this congestion by keeping cars at the best speeds and taking the best routes. The second biggest issue causing traffic is normally human error. Humans always make mistakes and are not perfect. When these mistakes occur at bad times, they cause wrecks which can block roads and slow down traffic tremendously. Autonomous cars use computers to make decisions, which leave a minute margin for error. Driverless cars would cut down on these accidents almost completely.

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Something that is human decision which causes traffic is when someone decides to go slow on main highways, which can be just as dangerous as going fast.

Wrecks happened all the time, in fact it is likely to see one when you are driving. Of course there are many reasons for driverless cars, but the biggest reason in my opinion is stopping wrecks. The intended goal of driverless cars is to eliminate human error when driving and to mitigate heavy traffic. People began to see the risk of human error while driving, so the idea came up to take the human factor out of driving. Lots of people are wary of technology and feel as if driverless cars would give machines control over our lives. In some aspects this is true, but these are not transformers. Machines do what they are told and in this case they are told to take a person from point A to point B safely. Just like someone would guess, computers can do this job way safer than humans. Computers do not make mistakes, unlike humans, they never experience fatigue or distractions.

Humans mostly are competent when it comes to diving, but some decide to test their luck by driving under the influence. Alcohol is one of the worst things that can be mixed with driving. An excessive amount of alcohol can impair a driver’s response times and decision making abilities. If a person had been drinking and needed to get home from a friend’s house or a bar, they would be able to by letting their car drive for them. No matter how hard they try, the computer cannot get drunk and will always be at peak performance. Despite this still not being legal, it is way safer than those intoxicated people driving themselves. An issue that creates the same issue as drinking and driving is texting and driving. Texting and driving is more of an issue among teenagers, but it’s not exclusively teenagers. When someone is texting and driving they

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are forced to take their eyes off the road which is extremely dangerous. Autonomous cars can drive without the need of a driver’s attention, which renders this issue irrelevant.

Autonomous cars could be arguably one of the best inventions the modern world has seen. People of all ages could benefit from this innovation. The dangers of public road systems as we know them today, would be no more. One day, I hope to see the amazing idea of this technology be put to use around the whole world.

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