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Are you someone who absolutely loves games that reflect history, especially the Roman Empire? If so, you might have come across the fun-filled, adventure game named Kingdome Come. The game was developed by the Warhorse Studios and is available on platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Kingdome Come, which could also be termed as an epic tale featuring the harsh Roman times, has a huge fan base globally.

Issues in the Game

Hindrances like freezes, lags or stutters can easily spoil any gaming experience. Same is the case with Kingdome Come: Deliverance. Technical issues such as these do not allow the player to enjoy the game’s high-quality graphics and catchy storyline. The creators of this game have not launched a patch for users’ ease so far.

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People who are immensely passionate about a game always find one way or another to avoid issues such as lagging, freezing or stuttering. We have listed down a few tested methods that are likely to help you avoid running into such problems.

Limiting the Processor Cores

The program “Battle Encoder Shirase” will limit your system’s processor core, thus preventing excess load on them. Since this excess load is what may have been causing an issue, you will see that your game will perform better now. Given below are steps regarding how you could make this work:

Download the tool named “Battle Encoder Shirase” from the internet and run its installation set up.

Once you load your game, open BES.

Now, you will be to see the Kingdomecome.exe procedure. You have to hit the button saying “Target.”

Next, choose the option “Limit This.” You will see percentages on your screen. Set this percentage to about -2 percent. By doing so, you will make sure that you game does not use more than 98 % of your computer’s process.

Finally, you can enjoy your game after minimizing the BES tool!

Note that BES works efficiently for several other games too. You could try using it every time you come across a game that is stuttering. While using this method, you have to set limits by reopening BES each time you run your game. If you want to avoid this hassle, you could download batchfilemaker.exe from the internet. By following the instructions displayed on your screen, you will be able to use it easily. The only negative aspect of using BES to control a system’s resources is the fact that it reduces your gaming system’s Frame per Second (FPS) value.

Manually Setting the Affinity

  1. Go to the Task Manager.
  2. Choose the Kingdomcome.exe process.
  3. Hit the tab “Performance.” Navigate towards the process that has been freezing lately.
  4. After right-clicking on it, choose the option saying “Go to Details”
  5. A new tab will pop up now. Choose the same process again. After right-licking it, choose “Select Affinity.”
  6. Now, you need to the un-tick the box saying . You can select a minimum of 1 or a maximum of 2 processors at a time.

When comparing the previous method with this manual one, a few gamers observed that this one leads to a larger number of FPS lags. If this is your case as well, you should restart your computer and then use the BSE.exe method instead of the manual one.

Increasing your Console’s FPS and Reducing VSnyc

Pressing the key “~” will cause the console window to open up in your game. If you go to the installation directory, you could also make these settings personal. By default, this is at C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonKingdomComeDeliverance

Within the installation directory, create a new file named “user.cfg”

Open this new file through Notepad.

Type in the following text in that file:


sys_MaxFPS 75”

Alternatively, you could also enter a higher FPS value, which is actually preferred.

Save the change in the file and then run your game.

Altering Settings of Nvidia PhysX

Users having a Graphics card manufactured by Nvidia have the option to disable the PhysX configuration and then start their game. Here is how you could do so:

Navigate towards the Nvidia Control Panel.

Go to the “PhysX Configurations” or the “SLI and PhysX Configurations” options, whichever one your system shows.

Under this option, choose “GPU.”

This method helps big time! No major freezes but you might come across a few minor ones. Still, these will come after long intervals and won’t disrupt you game so you will barely notice them.

Changing to the Borderless Screen Mode

If you choose to play in the borderless screen mode instead of the full-screen one, it is likely that you will not face as many lags or freezes as before. However, unfortunately, the borderless screen mode reduces your system’s FPS value and brings it down to about 20 to 40.

Turning off Protection

Disabling your Windows Defender’s real-time protection also helps in providing a smooth gaming experience!

Upgrading your Windows

It has been observed that upgrading your Windows reduces lags and freezes in a game greatly. The upgrading process can be done easily via Microsoft’s website. However, note that you might need to re-install certain drivers after this upgrade.

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