The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln Analysis

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It was the spring of March, 1861, Abraham Lincoln had just been announced as the President of the United States. Previously losing the election for the U.S Senate in the year of 1858, this great victory was a huge accomplishment for him and his supporters. With many goals in mind, Lincoln used his time as president to try and change America’s views for the better. Slavery was still an issue that had not been resolved, along with the secession crisis, where seven states had already left the union prior to the announcment of Lincolns presidency. As humorous and playful as he was, he took his position very serious and let the citizens of America know his intentions towards the future. Constantly using his humor as a shield to hide his true emotions he would try to make himself better by telling others’ funny stories. He found himself paving the way towards prohibiting the extension of slavery, restoring the union, and explaining the importance that all men were created equal.

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Although, it was not Lincoln’s main priority as president, he promised to prohibit the expansion of slavery in newer states and do nothing about the states who already had slavery. Once the confederacy left the union, the Civil War erupted. Thus changing the way white men and slaves viewed each other throughout the war, fighting alongside each other representing the North. The main goal for this war was originally to restore the broken union, but along with that, the freedom of slaves became an ultimate goal to obtain as well. As a result of this, Abraham Lincoln created the Emancipation Proclamation. A document which gave order; that if the union won the civil war all slaves who resided in the confederate states shall be freed. This new order changed the lives of many African-Americans for the better. Now given the opportunity to be their own person without order and punishment, Abraham Lincoln was admired by many. Even though he was looked upon as a hero, others were not so happy. The southern slave owners would find a way to reclaim their freed slaves in the north. Southerners would go to the Northern states to find their victims and break the policy of what the Emancipation Proclamation stood for.

Now, we all know that Lincoln’s main purpose as president was to restore the union. Making that his initial promise as his presidential campaign, once 11 deep southern states had left the Union, the war had begun. Lincoln and everyone else knew that the North was fighting the confederacy to gain back the states for the union, but then he was pressured by colleagues to make this war end up resulting in freedom for the African-American slaves. Many were Union soldiers volunteered to fight for their freedom, resulting in numerous deaths. On November 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln issued the Gettysburg Address. An official dedication ceremony towards the fallen brave soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Created was also a Gettysburg cemetery where thousands of Union soldiers were laid to rest. It stood as a symbol of strength and courage, and Abraham Lincoln’s speech would be one of the most memorized speeches in American history.

Although, the president confirmed slavery to be unconstitutional, he did not view slaves equal to whites. He did however, believe all men were created equal, therefore slavery should be abolished. He had this plan, if he had to free every slave in order to restore the union, he would do it. If he had to keep slavery in order to achieve the same result, he would then keep slavery. This is a man who loved and respected everyone, he had his own way of doing things. Not many other people agreed or saw eye to eye with him due to the fact that he would always joke around. Lincoln used his humor to try and make himself feel better about certain situations. For example, if there was a difficult legal situation he would always tell his colleagues, “I have a story,” which resulted in them getting extremely angry towards him. His colleagues did not think he was fit to be president of the United States and would always bash him. When Lincoln freed all the slaves because he believed every man was created equal, he received a lot of hate. Lincoln would be referred to as a clown, buffoon, baboon, etc. Multiple degrading names, as a result of him believing all men are created equal, including slaves.

Thus, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, the man who abolished slavery and gave us the restoration of the union, committed many accomplishments that have shaped the United States of America into what it is today. President Lincoln passed in the year of 1865, receiving a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Admired by many, but hated by plenty. The six foot four jokester of a man would live on to be remembered as a hero, giving the American people plenty of reasons to respect him. Abraham Lincoln put his best foot forward and succeeded in releasing the documentation of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address analysis, and emphasizing the Declaration of Indepence; where all men are created equal.  

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