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The Gilded Age of The United States

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Its was a period of immense opportunity, possibility and hope for all people of the United States who were dreaming for a better life mainly for an immigrants while for wealthy class ,dreamt for getting popularity and establishing more frame. It was a time 30 years after the civil war, a time at which the United States became the great United States as transformed into an economic powerhouse but simultaneously created new division: the division of wealth, the division of opportunity and division for standing. People were given their stands according to their nationality and wealth rather than by rationality. Though it is said the gilded age but all in depth it was a period where some people acted selfishly while some act as a having one society while some seeks to huddle their own struggle while for some it never appeared a different period in their life.

An intensive industrialisation nation was the headlined recorded in many articles at that time before it the nation was called a farming farm , where a major economy consisted of farming activities like hunting, harvesting wheat, rice and growing fruits and vegetables but now the scenario was completely different, major movement across the nations for merchants, manufacturers and wealthy people were provided by railroad, and mainly pennsylvania railroad which shows the great extensions of railroad,which helped labourers,workers travel to different places for work while consuming less time. But apart from these, railroads majorly contributed in industralisms through transporting tons of industrial and consumer goods from different places all around the United States ,for instance:Harvesters from chicago, steel from pittsburg, oil from cleveland, factory made furniture fro, cincinnati, silver from nevada,colorado,copper from montana, coal from wyoming and timer from Oregon to different parts of nations for commercial purposes like retailing or consuming or for reforming structures. By this changing occuring gave hope to people for equality and first-class citizenship.

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While, on the other hand, these period resulted to be tempestuous year for farmers due to falling prices of crops resulted in creation of popularist party where farmers demanded for assistance from corrupted government to repay loans and debt and demanded for flow of money. The government became corruption as jobs were accomplished by taking competitive exams. Due to fear of loss of job, labour violence was a major factor for exploitation of labourers, paid less and not providing efficient working conditions. But, later on, there were different worker unions which were formed to fulfill demands.Even, racial were considered a major consideration for forming different groups according to nationality and militancy were mainly controlled by one or a group of leaders which resulted in exploitation of military and were raised against their values to do unwillingness acts.

The major contributor to the economy were the people who showed up rationality like Andrew Carnegie,having background of weavers family tends to have millions of value of business at that time held upon idea of philanthropy to help people to have access to daily basic things through charity and donations. He was an entrepreneur who moved to pittsburgh for the hope of a better life like others worked as a telegraph operator then became assistant manager to manager of railroads than he resigned to start his own business. By the suggestions of intellectual, he invested in sleeping cars,iron works, and coal mines and then decided to make his own steel factories at a time of worst economic crisis period when people thought he moved a wrong step but his thinking made him a millionaire in no time. Even people like Cornelius Vanderbuild, John D Rockfeller were also businessmen who spread their business in different fields like railroads and refining oil.

The means of communications changed to newspaper which was circulated in different languages which became a source for different people to get frame by accomplishing extraordinary acts like the hallball event where 40 rich people were invited for dinner.Nevertheless, it appeared effective for rich families as social inequalities never separated the different classes of wealth.Although monopolies of government resulted in rush life for all members of the family which included women who got an employment opportunity which created insecurity in the minds of men as exposure of women to public was their concern. Even different women groups were formed to represent their demands and sought for an equal rights to men as they seeked right to vote and representation which proved that the complete three decades of struggle are even not sought till today and seeking different rights for identity and recognition as an individual in a society and government are having less effective implementation issues that lacks the effects of different laws which altogether continues to show the efficiency till today from so called Gilded age.

Mark Twain and Charles Dudley who defined the period as gilded age which is an irony because it actually conveys a layer of gold but all inside consists of the acts of militancy, labour violence, natural exploitation, corruption and reflections of self worthy rich diggers but was all was deflected by the mass increase in economy and technology which is referred as thin layer of gold. Though it is said the gilded age but all in depth it was a period where some people acted selfishly while some act as a having one society while some seeks to huddle their own struggle while for some it never appeared a different period in their life.


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