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When you have to compose The Glass Castle essay, it is essential to take your time and explore the facts about Jeannette Walls and her life before you start with ... her famous memoir that has been penned in 2005. The memoir talks about growing up, dealing with an alcoholic father, and being homeless. The most challenging aspect of this book relates to certain racial remarks and adult content that some students may find hard to deal with. Therefore, we recommend taking your time to explore our samples on glass castle that will help you with essay writing. These already contain the most important facts that must be mentioned and will help you remember those essential elements that must be mentioned. Feel free to use them as you start writing!

Jeannette Walls


United States



Publication date

March 2005

Major Characters

Jeannette Walls, Dad (Rex Walls), Mom (Rose Mary Walls), Lori Walls, Brian Walls, Maureen Walls, Grandma Smith, Erma Walls

Based on

The Glass Castle is the memoir of Jeannette Walls' who graduated from Barnard College and was a journalist in New York.

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