"The Grapes of Wrath" Book Analysis


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The setting of the opening scene suggest that the novel will be depict life in the dust bowl. The scene also advocates that the family unit structure is based on gender roles and the man centric society.

The land turtle possesses determination, persistence, resilience and flexibility

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Casy’s suppositions about sin are he doesn’t believe in them and has come to the conclusion that that’s just the way humankind is. His assesment on bad words is that there is nothing bad about them and they are just words everyone use.

Tractors operate by moving across the land and cutting the Earth. The bank pays the tractor drivers to clear the land. The small farmers have no powers against the bank and the tractors

Muley is critical to the story because he exhibits the dehumanizing quality of the bank’s encroachment. The difference between the hunter and the hunted is the hunted are weak and the hunters are strong and have power. 6. The function of the other short chapters is to explain how life is for poor farmers. Chapter seven implies that used-car salesmen make a profit by selling old cars to poor farmers who want to move to California.

The things the Joad family face confront uncovers that they are caring and kind-hearted. The most essential characteristics of Pa are that he is dedicated, he never surrenders except if he needs to he has to and, he is never perplexed and he has faith in himself. Ma’s most imperative qualities are that she likes to donate to people in need. The grandparents’ most significant characteristics are that they don’t keep quiet about important things and they are indistinguishable yet different. 8. Each member of the family feels distinctive about moving to California. Pa and Al are ecstatic, Tom is concerned because of his parole, Grandpa is anxious, Grandma is compliant and Ma is skeptical because she feels that they are being misled. Tom’s philosophy is to live each day like it’s your last. Ma’s burning of the old stationary box delineates her needing to disregard the past and focus on the future.

The first unfortunate circumstance that occurs on the Joad’s journey is the death of the family dog. The event portends future losses the family might face.

The family solidifies when their jalopy breaks down and Grandpa Joad dies. The significance of Grandpa Joad’s death is that it helps the family keep fighting in order to honor him. Grandma takes Grandpa Joad’s death with dignity. Ma believes if the family sticks together that it is worth fighting for. The value of Casy’s prayer was how simple it was.

The function of chapter fifteen is to give a less sympathetic perspective to the Joad’s situation. The people who owned diners and small businesses are burdened by the migrant workers. The waitresses’ view the migrant workers with conflicting loathe and compassion.

The significance of Ma’s reaction is that it keeps the family together

The one-eyed man hates the owner of the junkyard and says he might kill him. Tom tells the one-eyed man to shower, get an eyepatch and live his life. 6. The ragged man tells Pa that there is no work in California and that his wife and children starved to death. This news makes Pa worried at first but he realized the Joad’s might have a different experience.

While camping the people become like one big family and they create their own rules of conduct and their own means of enforcement. This gives them strength and power because of the support and the way they connect 8. The Joad’s first view of California is that it is very desert like. The two men from the Panhandle tell the Joad’s they will feel unworthy and unwelcome. Noah leaves to find food and water. Ma gets upset because she fears the family is starting to fall apart.

The migrants were called “Okies” because they came from Oklahoma but then people changed the meaning of the word to scum or dirt. The two boys say that Okies aren’t human and they didn’t have any feelings

The desert symbolizes the hardships they will face as they travel deeper into California. After they crossed the desert it

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