The Great Annual Chili Festival in China

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The Great Annual Chili Festival in China

Traveling has always been exciting,and having the opportunity to get to know different cultures is an incredible pleasure; In my adventure of exploring the world I have been lucky to experience extraordinary thinqs, but without a doubt one of the most overwhelming has been the Great Annual Festival of Chili in China, what a fun thing! I have been fascinated with the energy aura, cheerful and competitive that surrounds this event, but, let’s start where it is due, the wonderful province of Hunan, the seat of this charismatic and intense festival Hunan, a place of charm

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This wonderful location is one of the twenty-two provinces that, together with the 5 autochthonous regions, four municipalities and two special administrative regions, make up the People’s Republic of China, sincerely, in my preparation for this trip, investigate about the place, its geography and culture, but, definitely, as experience has already shown me in all my adventures, there is nothing like being there and living it, its charismatic people, and strictly attached to their customs, in addition to the mountainous landscapes and the varied climate, can go from 3 to 27 degrees Celsius depending on the season, crazy! Definitely one of the greatest experiences I took was to meet their people, and this beautiful province.

The festival

Although when I travel somewhere I am driven by the desire to know the location, geographically speaking, what motivates me the most are the cultural features that make up the inhabitants of that place, I dig a lot about it, in order to be prepared and Of course, increasing my desire and desire to tread these lands, in the case of Hunan, I was certainly attracted to the idea of stepping into such a traditional region, but it was one thing in particular that really sparked my interest, what do I mean? Yes, you may have already guessed it, but while I was online, I found a very curious headline, “Today as every year, the Annual Chili Festival is held”, in many articles that I have to visit in my research mentioned the festival, so take the initiative to investigate more about it, basically it is an event, in which a pool houses approximately 3 tons of peppers, what is the goal?

If you take the challenge , you must be able to eat 50 of these intense friends, in the shortest possible time, it sounds simple, but believe me for nothing it is, however, what is truly a fact is that it is a real show. I must confess that before the trip I considered the idea of, besides venturing to the region, to try the challenge, and among many doubts and thoughts, I will not deny it, when they talk about eating 50 chillies almost immediately, you think twice Sometimes, but as one of the things that have always characterized me has been to improve myself, I finally decided to try, after all, what did I have to lose?, apart from my palate, of course.

The experience

Arriving in Hunan, as I mentioned several times here, and I’m sorry if it sounds a little tired, but it is really, the warmth of its people and their customs are a real bulwark, I toured many areas of the province, this to clear a little mind, relax and also investigate and find out much more about the Festival, in order, clearly, to prepare for what was coming, talking to many people I found out that the festival lasts a whole month, an authentic madness, since Every day he tests the brave ones who dare to take on the challenge, that is, we enjoy a whole month to enjoy the intensity of this challenge. In the same way, in my journey I got to know incredible places, in addition to the task of tasting many typical dishes of the region, among which I can highlight Stew meat in the style of Mao Tse-tung, Dong’an chicken and the grilled donkey meat, what can I tell you? An authentic delight !, and also all these dishes have a common feature, they all have a spicy touch, what a coincidence, do not you think?

Well, that is another interesting feature of this population, his love for Spicy food, and it is that when dealing with the venue of such a festival, it could not be otherwise. As you can imagine, tasting these dishes prepared my palate in a certain way and it helped me a lot to face the challenge that awaited me, all this tour took me two days, which I had planned so that I could know the area before facing the major test. Came the day! And he directs me to the site of the challenge with all the energy and courage, really that the people of Hunan take the spice, the seasoning, as a way of life and breathe in this festival, the decoration and the mood of the people without doubts motivates. I got into it, I threw myself into the pool of au along with my opponents, and when they gave the voice, we all started with an incredible desire. I must confess that despite facing the first 10 with a good rhythm, already in the 20 I could not stand and slow down, while suffering the effects of spicy, I saw how my competitors, advanced with a technique and an attitude of admiration, it cost me, but finally after 5 minutes and 40 seconds, I managed to complete the challenge, least, obviously I was not even the winner, this title was taken by a young man from the region who in an incredible time of 58 seconds, culminated the challenge, my applause for him, it was really impressive.


While what I like least about my travels is the time to leave, I can not give rise to any kind of negative feeling, since the experiences that I take from Hunan, and particularly the emotions and adrenaline experienced in this particular celebration are worth gold, I’m more than happy and I hope to return very soon, maybe next year, to try to overcome my brand, be sure that I will succeed. Finally. I thank the people of Hunan with all their heart for treating me so well, and of course, I invite you to visit them, enjoy their culture, their gastronomy without equal and, of course, cheer up and try their skills, in the incomparable Festival of Chili in China.

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