The Great Work that Princess Diana Did for the People

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 During the 20th century there were a lot of people that were influential in that period of time, but one of the more popular people would be Princess Diana. Princess Diana was the princess of Wales and influence people for things she did during her time. Some of the things that she did was she married Prince Charles, had two sons Prince Phillip and prince harry. She also broke the stereotype of people that had hiv because people were very against even going near someone who had it, she then became an activist for HIV.

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Diana was born on July 1, 1961 near Sandringham England. She went to school at Riddlesworth hall school but eventually went to West Heath School. Diana had interests in music and dancing especially in ballet. Diana had a special place in her heart for children, an example would be that after finishing school she moved to London to start working with children. (Biography, Princess Diana)

Some of princess dianas contributions during her time was that she was an advocate for HIV and aids. Back then there were a lot of stereotypes for people who suffered with aids and hiv. Some stereotypes were that if you were to touch or even lay a hand on someone with HIV or aids you were the next to get it, but Diana being the advocate for hiv and aids wanted to help break those stereotypes and show people that aids doesn’t change the way a person is. That stereotype heard by so many people because of the misinformation from the media at that time.

During princess Diana’s adulthood she had moved to London at age 17 and moved into her mothers house, so only after for her 18th birthday her dad had bought her an apartment. She had gotten a job as a nanny because she always loved working with kids, and she had also been a assistant teaching job for kindergartens at a school in Knightsbridge, London. During her time working there she met prince Charles who turned out to be her future husband. After some years of having a relationship with prince Charles they had gotten married in 1981. They had two children together, Prince Williams, and Prince Henry. (Adulthood of princess diana.

On August 31, 1997 Diana has been on her way to go to her drivers apartment but as soon as they had left the place she was staying at a swarm of paparazzi was outside waiting for her. Diana and get driver had been trying to get away from paparazzi, the driver ended up losing control and crashed into a pillar and both her and the driver passed away. (Wallis, Princess Diana dies in car crash)

In the end Princess Diana did a lot of great things during her lifetime. She had broken stereotypes for people with AIDS, helped out her community and became a British royal.    

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