The Growing Interest to Scuba Diving


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Land and water are the basic two components of the earth surface and the ratio of land and water is 1: 3 which is approximately 71% water (Ocean is covered by 96.5% of total water) and 29% earth. People can see about 29% surface of the earth by using different mode of travelling but scuba is the only one way to make an opportunity to see the rest of area. In simply, scuba is the way which makes possible that people can see the beauty of 71% of earth surface. Scuba means self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA), diving (beyond breath-hold diving). Scuba diving is simply diving or swimming of underwater and gets the thrilling feeling by watching the distinct underwater world with unknown plants and species. Scuba gears are used by scuba diver for swimming beneath the water. Sometimes it has been said that life can be changed by experiencing the thrilling of scuba diving. There’s just something so electrifying about breathing underwater and exploring the unknown!

Before invention of scuba diving it was very difficult to swim under the water and maintained the breathing or air force and it was dangerous as well. But time passes by discovering scuba it is easy to swim under water and make one’s life full of adventurous and worked as changing the thinking sense or give a new sense to see the world. The underwater environment is totally different from the surface environment where people used to live but people have little information about underwater environment how to breath, stay, control temperature and equipment. Accumulating everything underwater explored is a challenge with thrilling experience. To stay in underwater or understand the underwater environment, there is a list of basic equipment which must bring with diver. 60 to 75 pounds (27 to 34 kg) of equipment are carried by a diver into and out of the water. Divers are more armed and transformed exploration by the scuba technique of the oceans. Advanced technology in scuba diving have made easy and safe to use its equipment, technique and easy to afford the scuba dive because advanced technology reduces the cost of equipment. There are two types of scuba diving one is recreational scuba diving and other is technical scuba diving. Scuba is a scientific approach which divers always alerts to avoid the ocean and river animals and don’t take in any activity which may harmful for animals.

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So, people can enjoy the both types of scuba diving. Although in present time scuba is popular for its recreational appeals. Scuba tourists one who takes the scuba only for recreational purpose. And based on this concept scuba tourism is widely flourish. Scuba divers are necessary to train people and to give scuba experience to the tourists and for this process scuba makes skilled employment and generates revenue which circulate within the economy. Bangladesh is newly tourism flourish area which people are introducing with tourism by some specific criteria. They don’t get the chance of exploring sea and scuba may make that chance.

Scuba is totally a scientific approach where temperature and time are strictly followed by a scuba diver and for proper monitoring an alarm clock maintained by an instructor. It has been said that in tourism scuba is one and only non-competitive activity where scientific method are used for physical movement, fun, excitement and mental serene etc.

Scuba diving is activity that could be considered serious leisure. From this study it will be one of the major tourism area for our country as well as for our economy sector. Through this thesis tries to find the possibility of new form of adventurous tourism under the blue economy concept.

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