The Growing Wealth of the Rich and Increasing Poverty of the Poor


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As author Robert B. Reich said it in his essay called “Why is the Rich getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer.?’ He stated the three reasons that play crucial roles in the United State economy. These are routine producers, in-person servers, and symbolic analysts. Reich distinguishes the routine producers (rapidly sinking boat) are people who work in the big factory, or corporation and these people are getting poor, and poorer rapidly. The reason for routine producers rapidly getting, poorer lay on the availability of lower-cost paid workers in other nations, advanced technology, and the decreasing of union members. Because of the rapid growth of technology, many manpower workers are getting substituted with robots and smart machines. When the corporation layoff its employees, the younger and the newly hired people have the first impact since the older generation has the right to be protected by seniority. The growth of advanced technology has increased the hiring of lower-wage workers in many other nations. This technology has opened the report cost and barriers of nations to benefactor to increase lower wage’s employees in many foreign countries.

Following routine producer is in-person servers ( sinking more slowly). These are the people who work in personal serves industry such as people who are in telephone operators, car washers, restaurant servers and so on. These people are slowly getting poor. These are the reasons of routine producers joining it, less benefits, advanced technology and the continuous increases of immigrants. generally, one of the down fall is that in-person servers don’t require much of skills which makes it easy for anyone to join it. Similarly to the routine producers, technology is substituting this human manpower.

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In the final, we have the symbolic analysis which are engineers, consultants, marketing experts, publicists, executives, and entertainers. These people make the gap to skyrocket from the poor and the poorer. These people who are skilled, identify and who have the brain power to solve and come up with new ideas are in demand the most and paid the most highly priced.

“Why are the Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer” as Reich stated in his essay; there are many factors that played for their differences, form routine producer rapidly declining, to the in-person server slowly getting poorer and the symbolic analysis keeping getting richer, all these are affected as technology growth, as immigrants continue to come, as technology open all the barriers communication all over the nations allowing lower priced hiring for corporation; plus the demand of the highly skilled, who identifies and solves problems and come up with new ideas are what separated and create the biggest difference on the economy.

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