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The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Today's World

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Artificial Intelligence is a growing thing in today’s world that is commonly referred to as AI. Artificial Intelligence is summed up to be computers that are able to perform tasks that humans are capable of doing. Artificial Intelligence is also commonly referred to as robots by many people who are often misinformed on what it really means. Although it’s not exactly a robot, many robots in today’s day and age are powered by very advanced Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has been a debate over the past few years whether or not it will be beneficial or detrimental to our society in the coming years, but only time will be able to tell. Artificial Intelligence is thought to be able to eventually take over the world as it will replace all humans, but is that really possible?

Artificial Intelligence is able to be used in many different industries. It has not been out that long so nothing about it is 100%. There has not been enough time to really have any long-term results out of it. Artificial Intelligence is now being used to monitor employees and how efficient they are in the workplace. Artificial Intelligence is also beginning to interview people as they may be up for a job position. Although this takes time off of people hands and gives them time to do other takes that may help the company out, it is hard to really tell how personable a person will be when in reality they are interviewing with a computer. Companies are willing to take this risk because it is saving them so much time and money by not having to have an actual human sit down with someone during the interview process.

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Recently, it has commonly been used to help calculate and manage how much annual energy will be used in China over the years. It has been used to calculate potential water levels in Malaysia based on rain fall, evaporation, humidity, and much more predictions. The reason Artificial Intelligence is so beneficial here is that is uses Algorithms to calculate things much faster and more accurate than humans are able too. Recently Artificial Intelligence has been linked to potentially being able to read people minds but the science behind it all boils back down to the algorithms being used to figure this information out. A more accurate, though less catchy, description would be a reconstruction of visual field algorithm is what scientist Anjana Ahuja claimed it to be instead of telepathy in an interview with Financial Times.

The algorithms are very complex formulas that Artificial intelligence can plug numbers into like a big calculator and compute the answers rapidly. The best thing about being able to do this through Artificial Intelligence is that they can store the information forever. After the have the data they need, they also use something called the Neural Network which helps to collect the data and help organize data. The Neural Network is basically modeled on the human brain and also the human nervous system except that it is a computer system that is made to mimic a human body. It is considered to be just as, if not more complex than the actual human brain. It is smarter due to it being computer based just like many things. Artificial Intelligence is smarter in many aspects than the average human being which saves a lot of time.

Artificial intelligence is very new to the world as mentioned above, with that being said it is hard for it to be promoted when thousands upon thousands of people are still very wary about it. The two most common ways that Artificial Intelligence is through two methods; Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Extrinsic methods tend to try to persuade people into buying into or using Artificial Intelligence by potentially giving them something or bribing them to try it out. Extrinsic measures are often taken to help developers develop something more beneficial because they do not want to so most of the time they are bribed into doing something. Although this is a very common method, it can be commonly be manipulated just to get the promotional offer. Intrinsic methods use today’s problems to help promote Artificial Intelligence to others. Intrinsic method shows people that Artificial Intelligence can really help make things better in today’s society and show people that it could benefit them in their own everyday life. Some developers prefer Intrinsic methods just because they believe in helping others out and making their life easier and better rather than the extrinsic develops that need persuading because they may only be creating something for money or to get their name out there.

Artificial Intelligence does come with a lot of potential risks. The biggest risk being that it hasn’t been around long enough to know what it may hold down the road. It has been talked about for around 50 years and originally was first given the name Artificial Intelligence by a man named John McCarthy in 1956. The world is changing so fast and with that being said, so is Artificial Intelligence. It can be a great thing right now but as fast as it is changing, it could be very detrimental to the world in a very short period of time. “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race” said Stephen Hawking in an interview with CNBC and also warned of this again shortly before his passing.

Many people across the world fear that Artificial Intelligence could take over the world. It has the potential to virtually destroy the world by taking over people’s jobs, everyday tasks, and eventually lives. It is a scary thought but it is something that has to be taken very seriously when continuing to develop and alter Artificial Intelligence in many different ways. Artificial Intelligence is currently being used by many different countries in war or their own military. Many bombs, drones, planes are now being controlled by Artificial Intelligence that can be a blessing or a curse. These major things have a human override that can be cancelled by human being in the case that they were going to be used catastrophically. Although these weapons could be good to keep humans out of certain situations, its vital once again that we are careful who we let get their hands on certain things.

Artificial Intelligence is something that is still in the making and is going to be very interesting to see how it develops over the next ten years. Many people will continue to argue it is bad for society but if used correctly in the future, it could be the best thing that has ever happened to the world. The market for Artificial Intelligence is enormous and can make people billions of dollars in the near future, especially with how fast it’s growing. Many people across the world are hearing about the hype and really getting hooked on it and how it can benefit them. The older generation that is slowly dying out thinks that Artificial Intelligence is terrible for society and should be eliminated because they are not very up to date with technology but the millennials and kids being brought up now are the future of the world and many of them are really buying into the whole Artificial Intelligence thing. Artificial Intelligence will continue to grow at rapid speeds but needs to just be used properly and not let the major stuff get into the wrong hands of the wrong people. Artificial Intelligence has been a debate over the past few years whether or not it will be beneficial or detrimental to our society in the coming years, but only time will be able to tell.


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