The Growth of Wal-mart Corporation and It's Contribution to the Community Losing Part of It's Distinctive Character

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The Growth of Wal-Mart

Nowadays, Wal-Mart is one of the biggest store across the world. The stores creates thousands of job opportunities for the employees with flexible work shift hours, as the store offers 24*7 service. The company is growing day by day, talking about British Columbia, there are total 57 stores. However, according to my personal experiences, I can affirm that Wal-Mart is contributing to the community loosing parts of its distinctive character. Community is blaming Wal-Mart to harming the organizations, culture, business and interactions among other disntinctive parts.

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Wal-Mart has affected the daily activities of the community. This includes the time in which majority of the people wake up and initiate their daily activities. This is one promary character that used to define the people living nearby, Surrey Cental area. Before the establishment of the mall area, people were not used to wake up early in the morning by 5 am. Afterwards, most of the people living in townhouses and condos were hired by the stores such as Wal-Mart. To appear in the early morning meetings, and to show up in the store at their job time, employees daily routine has been disturbed as they have to wake up early in the morning. If a person wake up around 4 am in the morning, one can easily notice that he is an employee of Wal-Mart.

Moving further, Wal-Mart stores also changed the way most neighbourhoods used to shop. If we talk about previous fifteen-twenty years, there were lot of small vendors shops that sell products like vegetables, fruits, etcetera. Before the establishment of Wal-Mart stores, these local shops identified by specific goods that they dealt with were in good condition and customers move from one shop to another to purchase different variety of goods. With this, good relationship was also build between the neighbours. The characteristic of doing shopping by visiting local shops is diminshing, it is no longer identity of the Canadian community.

In addition, Wal-Mart has also changed the peopl’s lifestyle. Traditionally, most people spend their spare time in managing their business. There was less time to do entertainment for managers and employees. From this, it is noticed that the earlier lifestyle is being washed away. In meanwhile, Wal-Mart stores have a good modern technologies which have changed the way of managers to manage their business. The company opearte a large radio network where spaecial type of programs are featureed for the staff.

Over the flip side of coin, Wal-Mart stores have also made foundations that are helpful to the society. Income from these stores is used for the welfare of community. One aspect that identified the earlier community is the code of ethics, in return Wal-Mart has developed a good work culture where employees work to make their customers happy and fulfill their demand. One of my best friend, is a supervisor in Wal-Mart located in Guildford town centre, his manager tell him that he should do work according to code of ethics of Wal-Mart community, for instance, he is responsibl to give eqal work opportunities to all the employees without any discrimination. Along with this, the stores also encourages the employees to work hard and respect each other during the work. Such positive impacts of the Wal-Mart store show that the stores are strenghtening the character of people rather than making them to lose their distinctive character.

In conclusion, the impacts of the Wal-Mart on the community are extent. Due to which, the daily lifestyle, organization and the way people approach issues have been changed , and it is also vivid that most people are influenced by the Wal-Mart culture. However, though there are some positive vibes regarding the Wal-Mart store that are helpful for the society, but the losses are more enormous than the benefits.

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