The Happy Organization: What It Stands for and What It Hopes to Acquire

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Organization Background

HAPPY organization was founded in the year 2015,the mission of this organization is to promote healthy lifestyle among community members. The organization have carried out various projects collaboratively with other similar organization with main purpose of improving and building the healthy generation. Currently the agency is working hand in hand with other governments branches to promote health related projects in the community.

Project Abstract

The HAPPY organization is seeking, is a grant of $2.5 Million for Healthy Living lifestyle program with the main objective of helping community members and students adapt a heathy lifestyle. The aim is that by the 1 year and 8 months period the community members including the children will have at least improved their lifestyle through adoption of new life . Funding amounting to $2.5 M is requested to initiate four main projects in our program.

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Statement of Need

Around the world there is a high mortality rate due to lifestyle diseases such as cancer, and other chronic diseases these diseases can be controlled through changing individuals lifestyle HAPPY project is mainly focus on promotion Healthy lifestyle among the community members.

The “Healthy Adults Persevere and Prevail from preparing during their Youth Project” is centering on supporting mental, emotional and physical healthy lifestyle among the underserved youths to assist them and their communities in making healthy life and food choices by supporting the nutrition policies, building leadership skills, empowerment through workshops and internships, teaching coping mechanisms skills to help them adopt the changes in their lives, awareness creation, teaching pressure and stress management skills and growing opportunities for the nutrition education and concentrating on physical and emotional wellbeing improvements in the community. At this project’s conclusion, the youths’ overall mental, emotional and physical health will expand substantially, such that healthy lifestyle habits will be the normal trend. (Jn,Morris,2010)

Targeted environment(s) and population

The “ Healthy Adults Persevere and Prevail from preparing during their Youth Project” will focus on youths within the age range of 15 to 30 years old, from poor background. The community under study is made up of 20,649 people where median ages range is from 24 years to 47 years old. The region is diverse, with the Caucasian population of 44 percent, 29 percent African-American, 16 percent Asian American, 1 percent is made up of American Indian, 6 percent is Native Hawaiian, and 9 percent are multi-raced. The median household wages range from $11,057 to $46,431 and the portion living below the poverty line range from 15.5 percent to 49.6 percent. The majority of this population is youths which stands at 85%.The school population will primarily be reached through school-based intervention.


This project is estimated to run for 18 months, with total cost standing at $ 2.5 million. The money will be subdivided into various programs with the aim of enhancing youth’s life skills and habits. The main area of focus will be equipment acquisition, community members education, ,,promotion of healthy lifestyle programs and physical activities programs. The potential areas of focus of funding priority. This is not projected to be a comprehensive list of programs, and other suggested areas of focus may be deliberated

Overall Project Budget

Expenditure Category Time line Amounts Spend

On each project

Healthy Eating Program

3 Months $600,000

Physical Activity Program

3 Months $600,000

Mental Health program 1 Year $800,000

Drug Abuse Prevention program



2 Months


$ 400,000


Totals 18 Months 4 2.5 M

Agency Name

Type of Agency

Amount Requested

.United States department of Agriculture GOV $ 350,00

Nike Company COMAPANY $250,00

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation NGO $500,00

Wholesome Wave Organization NGO $250,000

W.K Kellog Foundation NGO $ 100,000

Aetna Foundation NGO $50,000

The Kresge Foundation NGO $150,000

Mary Black Foundation NGO $50,000

National Government GOV $500,00

BUILD Health Challenge organization NGO $150,000


Healthy Eating Program (three months)

This program will focus on Healthy eating atmospheres and food security - grow access to healthy food, reduce the accessibility and promotion of unhealthy food, and expand access to heathy and nutrition eating information.

Food literacy and food skills– expand skills and knowledge needed to cook nutritious meals (e.g., label reading, meal planning, food preparation, nutrition and food security and storage, label reading). (Jn,Morris,2010)

Physical Activity Program (three months)

This program will promote access to the physical activities, amenities and sporting gears with the main aim of helping the youths to transform their lifestyles and behaviors.

Active transportation – encourage, create, expand and maintain an active and nontoxic human-powered transport systems such as running, walking and cycling.

Mental Health Promotion Programs (one year)

This program will create empowerment and resiliency, develop the protective features that help youths practice control over their own lives and to be more resilient (e.g. the social support/ attachment, coping with adversity, stress, problem-solving, conflict management, self-esteem, prosocial behavior and positive parent-child relations). (Jn,Morris,2010)

Stigma and discrimination – tackle the factors that lead to negative views (prejudice), adverse behavior (discrimination), loneliness, bullying, and the violence against all persons, comprising of those suffering from addiction and mental health problems.

Substance/Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program(Two months)

Personal skills – progress skills to prevent/decrease binge drinking, the substance/alcohol abuse and create awareness. (Cheng,2015)

Proposed approaches to growing access to healthy lifestyle choices

The overall objective of the “ Healthy Adults Persevere and Prevail from preparing during their Youth Project” is to help community members, especially youths, make healthy activity and food choices by promoting emotional, physical and mental wellbeing strategies, nutrition education and the physical improvements in the community

Goal 1: Develop and retain an Effectual Partnership to support healthy eating among low-income community households through reversing negative health trends [preparation]

The main strategies are to make up a workgroup in the community, complete valuations, create an action plan for the community and schools in the area, and seek supplementary financial assistance. The Healthy Eating group will offer technical assistance and oversight to this project. Valuations will be finalized to evaluate food diet patterns, schools’ nutrition plan, and necessity for physical enhancements to the school's kitchen and restaurants. Local culinary specialists with knowledge in improvement of restaurant and kitchen environments will help. School workforce will give direction to the staffing program undertakings. The workforce will work as healthy eating ambassadors and will strive to spread healthy eating habits through seminars across the community. Additional financial assistance will be pursued, to support a healthy eating habits in the community (Olivia,2016)

Goal 2: Increase community awareness of the health and other benefits of healthy eating for low-income children and their families and adopting coping mechanisms while working through the transition changes of their childhood [promotion]

The key tactics of the Goal 2 are to grow a health advancement campaign, support healthy foods from different cultures, and create a video underlining project accomplishments. The project will collaborate with the local culinary professionals, nutritionists, and different media agencies as well as schoolchildren, workforce, and families to create healthy eating habits and develop fun, appealing, and culturally appropriate health promotion resources to be posted all over the community and schools. As an instance, Healthy Eating Chart that highlights low-cost healthy foods and body awareness will be industrialized and distributed throughout the community. The project workforce will organize quarterly Community and Family Nights to support healthy food habits and body awareness (Jn,Morris,2010)

Goal 3: Raise access to and obtainability of different healthy eating programs for the low-income families [programs]

The main strategies of Goal 3 are to make known the nutrition knowledge, promotions and healthy eating habits program into the community and school. The community and the school will collaborate with agencies to grow nutrition knowledge. The increased cooperation of school staff and the agency on encouraging nutrition in the community will allow helpful nutritional messages to be reinforced in a range of backgrounds throughout the community.

Goal 4: Improve policy and organizational backup for healthy eating for the low-income families [policy]

The agency will establish new eating map, and school will be requested to concentrate on a small number of rules. Partnering agencies will back up the school in enhancing modern and new nutrition strategies through training, incentives and technical support. The group will similarly work with the local nutritionists and culinary professionals to measure the current eating habits and school cafeteria setting to see how the school can pinpoint the opportunities for improvement. The adoption of these rules will help make a community and school custom supportive of the healthy nutrition atmosphere(Erick,2013)

Goal 5: Stress and peer pressure Management

The key issue here will be helping the young ones who are undergoing stress to find positive ways of coping with stress. Stress comes from different sourcing however the major source among the children usually emerge from family related issues especially, domestic violence. The agency major concern will be to give the children a better platform for managing stress and peer pressure through counseling. This will also help them to stay away from bad influence and hence promote healthy habits.(Plunm,2011)

Goal 6: Summer workshops and internship

The agency will promote youths education and talents through the summer workshops and internship to help promote the talents and keep them from bad influence.

Goal 7: Enhancing leadership skills

The agency will promote leadership skills among youths through teaching to give them a platform that will facilitate them to take care of their future.

Goal 8: Empowerment workshops

The agency will create different empowerment programs to help the youths use their talents and skills to promote their living standards.


United states Department of Agriculture

How this project may be sustained past the grant period?

The sustainability of every goal addressed earlier will be measured individually.

Developing and keeping effective partnerships to encourage healthy eating will be sustained by shared goals and increasing demand to change nutritional customs. Furthermore, state and the local grant opportunities will sustain the emphasize on and purpose of collaboration. (Erick,2013)

Increasing community awareness of the importance of healthy eating will endure through the work the community facilitators and schools staff who have been enlightened on benefits of heathy eating. Media and the community awareness around the healthy eating habits and obesity is an emphasis on current school programs and various community programs.

Nutrition teaching materials that will be established can be utilized as a core constituent of the nutrition curriculum for the foreseeable future.

The drug and alcohol abuse counselling programs and the clients we were dealing with will be transferred to the local NGOs which handles the same issues.

Providing the necessary sporting and entertainment equipment’s will be led by existing community agencies we are collaborating with, the purchase of equipment will be captivated by the general total budget.(Mark,2013)

How healthy eating program might be replicated or extended

As stated previously, the schools nationally are facing the problems of adapting nation-wide nutrition strategies. Concerning the implementation of strategies at the community and school level, we anticipate enhancing a set of apparatuses and programs learned that would be exchangeable to other between the community members and other schools to increase the probability of a policy compliance (Erick,2013)

Measuring the success of the project at the end of 18 months.

The project will be evaluated using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The first evaluation of success will be the successful conclusion of the project’s work plan. Transformation in person’s behavior will be evaluated through pre and post food intake survey. Transformations in policy and nutrition setting will be evaluated through the USDA’s approach called“Changing the Scene” valuation. The effects of the policy alterations will also be documented. Success stories, lessons learned will be gathered quarterly by main informant interviews of project’s main staff.

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