The Hard to Reach Loch Ness Monster’s Myth

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Informative Essay: Loch Ness Monster

Envision yourself, on the peaceful sea, but then you see an odd creatures’ tail. Many people claim the Loch Ness monster is real, and many have actually claimed to have actually seen it. Although some claim it is a waste of time, people continue searching or the Loch Ness monster because of human curiosity, recognition and proven myths.

Initially, people like to explore mythical creatures because their imaginations are fired up by the tiny possibility that they might find something out there. The thought of something like that may lead to new discoveries. In the article Why We Believe by Kristin Lewis, Lewis states “And that shred of possibility- however remote- fires up our imaginations.” The author is explaining how the tiny thought that we may find something looking for a monster kick starts our brain and tempts us to look for the mythical monster. Undoubtedly the possibility of finding a creature is slight, but the chance still exists. Given these points, the curiosity of humans tempts us to look for mythical creatures that have the slimmest chance of even existing.

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Additionally, a person might ask themselves, “What if I found the monster?” . If someone were to find the Loch Ness monster, they would be known very well, potentially even internationally. In the narrative nonfiction, The Beast of Loch Ness by Lauren Tarshis, the author states “Years later, in 1912, a group of pearl fisherman landed on a small island in what is now Indonesia. The men were relaxing on the rocky shores when one of them heard something approach from behind.” It turns out the creature was a Komodo dragon. Initially, people didn’t believe the fishermen, but later scientists researched the island and found a whole group of Komodo dragons. The fishermen got recognized for finding a new species. All in all, recognition is influential in why people look for mythical creatures.

Furthermore, many myths about mythical creatures have been said but proven wrong. An example of this is again, the Komodo dragon. From The Beast of Loch Ness, “Sure enough, he found a population of ferocious, meat-eating lizards exactly where the fishermen said he would, on the island of Komodo.” Many people thought of the lizards as a fib or a prank, but scientists later found Komodo dragons. Now, these lizards are a species that are well known. Analyzing these points, animals said to be mythical creatures have been found to be true, and raise the temptation to go searching for one of these creatures.

After reviewing these points, the temptation to go searching for these so said mythical creatures is almost unbearable. The benefits of finding the animals is great, and the recognition, curiosity and chance is more than ever before. Finding the Loch Ness monster would be great, wouldn’t it?

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