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The Hard Work Of Recovering a Wounded Deer

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Nothing is like playing a deer at the end of a blood donation. You know how it is. You see blood for a few minutes and suddenly you see it. There is no more blood to call, there is no succession, and one wonders if one can find one more gazelle.

However, we know that there may be another side of the story. At the end of the trip, the blood stops without turning and the monitoring becomes more complicated.I am very worried when the blood reaches a critical stop. Suddenly, an alarm occurs. When I feel safe, I feel insecure.

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However, the lack of blood does not necessarily mean you can not get rid of the injured deer. In fact, the best time to believe is, “It’s not over yet.” It may be more difficult, but you can still find deer. Having a clear idea of why the blood stops increases that possibility.

Why is the blood going?

Although there are many reasons for the bloodshed, we first think of the worst news. Superficial muscle injuries, which can often cause short-term blood loss, first 200 meters or coagulation. Coagulation reduces the amount of blood that reaches the site. This can happen when the lungs get rid of a leg, a neck or even a gazelle injury.Then there are, for example, high back injuries. Such a wound always causes very little blood to enter the floor and therefore does not become something.

I advise you not to look for moose, because the blood stops, I think it’s a muscle injury or a high kick. The search should continue until you have done everything possible to restore blood after bleeding.

If the blood trail suddenly stops, some injuries lead to stolen gutters. Look at the bowels of the fire. Usually, the wound starts in the stomach or intestine and then you can follow it, but this blood is reduced. A drop of blood every 20 meters can stop or fall completely. It prevents external bleeding and is often clogged with tissue and removed. It is also true that the abdomen in the abdominal cavity is not aligned with the wound of the muscles.

Also consider the high-grade injury that affects the liver. Bleeding can be mainly internal. The same theory applies if the arrow or extruder does not fully penetrate. If there is no permission to leave, sometimes less blood comes. The idea is that when the blood stops, the deer can fall again. But be careful with this result, before thinking that the car is dead and you are still looking for deformed deer.

Undo and verify

The effects of blood are different. Some of you can see and see quickly. Others find it difficult to follow and allow you to move slowly. If you stop a track that can be easily traced, first think that the blood does not stop. Maybe the deer came back suddenly or came back when they arrived. Always follow the path from which you came to see if your god is retreating. A wounded gazelle usually does this, especially if they know they are under surveillance. They will look for more, look for more and continue searching.

The difficulties may indicate that a cold can suddenly stop the circulation of blood. Any effect of a constriction of blood or a drop of blood of only a few meters is often due to an interruption. Four-stroke time. You will be surprised how much blood you will find in your area. Drops the size of a stain are rarely seen in the vertical position.

Sometimes, following the scanning position will give you some additional meters. If you do not pay and have confirmed that the blood has stopped, it is time to look for blood or a gazelle of fire elsewhere.

4 tips to save trees without blood

Go back to the scene.

The first thing you should do is go back to the place where you took your picture. Repeat the moment in your head. Did you take a strong hit? Did you shoot too far? How does the deer react? Was your stomach just an injection or just an injection? If you put that image in your head, look at the place where you can break the place you are pressing. It must be a clear influence of gays torn and wounded. If you think you threw it, but there are no signs of blood, do not wait. You want to hit this booty for a second or last shot. In this case, time is deer.

Remember that your glove will move in a circle.

To show that expression, your daughters will probably have a new start, probably a hurry of 40-60 yards and all the things that bite. If you miss or miss a track, you start walking the last 40 meters you see. When the snow falls, look for white or brown. Move slowly and keep your eyes open to see deer, scars or blood.

Approach to family habitat.

If a deer enters the water, that is not always the case. The deer will go where they sleep at night, where they feel safe. If there is accommodation on your site, check this area.

Call dogs and friends.

Legal matters, ask the dogs. This is not a guarantee, but the sense of smell is much better than the sense of smell and can bring it closer or lead it beyond a gazelle. If you can not see dogs, ask your friends to replace them with their sniffer dogs. Just do not tell them you’re playing a dog. More eye and experience in the forest is always a good idea.

How to see deer without leaving a trace of blood

It made me lose the first deer that had inclined me, and I realized that without the bloody traces of knowing how to look at the deer.

The cold front settled in southern Louisiana, and the afternoon was still burning, and the sun began to fall behind the trees. When I realized that they were working behind the scenes, I knew exactly where they were going. I walked on the road from right to left and then in front of the stand 25 meters away.

Instead of going ahead and confronting me with a wide-screen view, the woman I wanted to change started. But I decided not to get lost, so I kicked the ball and established the grammar. I knew I joined when I closed the tail, but the firing angle was not perfect. I waited half an hour, then I checked the blood and the arrow. After all, there was no blood at the point I noticed, but the leaves were blurred. I spent a few meters reading with a rope with dark, bloody and brown shadows, which I dare to discourage.

After a few hours, my friend and I called. We found a place here for 50 meters, there is a drop, then nothing. We were young and at the beginning we did not have much talent. Despite the four main masses of the night, we looked for signs of deer, I did not try the holes in the sieve, the bushes, or we followed the path to be able to follow the path properly.

This search has changed me, because I am sure that this experience will be done with others. I felt that I had a bad injection and that it was worse because it did not revolt my stomach. If something positive comes from the situation, do not forget to come and look for them, clean more injections, give more desire for exercise and more stomach blood.

It is easier to find a deer that is bleeding badly or badly. Normally, passing shots do not penetrate both sides of the deer, while blood is administered immediately, which causes internal bleeding and leaves a minimal footprint on the arrow. In addition, poor images, if present, can cause too much blood.

Try to determine the severity of the injuries if you find some blood near the effect of the starting point, but not in a specific way to determine if you started the test or if you wait longer.

Is it full of blood vessels and full of bubbles? It is possible for rich blood and red tones to release vital substances such as the lungs or the heart. In this case, the deer will soon be animated.

The dark red blood is probably due to large kidney or liver spots. Although this blow can be fatal, you must retreat for at least three hours to reach the deer and die without resorting to a very common mistake. Of course, all the fans want to see the arrows, which are covered in yellow or green plant material, suggesting a shot in the intestine. In this case, enter the deer, the day before the beginning of the walk or the rest of the night.

If you have trouble finding blood, look at Shoka for the arrow. Look at the hair or the blood on a big shoulder or a girl. Usually, white hair means you shoot low. Dark and rough hair means light hair taken from moose.

Do not look any further

You know that your stomach is infected, but you can not find signs or something worse, 100 meters later a strange blood path disappears. If you wait a reasonable time, you can start looking at the direction in which you are practicing. Where there is no blood, look in the mud for worn leaves or fingerprints and point out the symptoms of the disease. This will give you a good address. Mark the hanging signs of toilet paper washed in the rain.

There’s a good chance you’ll sleep to your guts, so watch how you get along. The infected aquarium usually looks for thick coats that are far from the eyes and gives an idea of the predatory animals that approach it. If you jump on a gazelle, mark the area and come back, so do not click again. In a few hours, count the area covered in blood and continue searching. Also check the water wells. Drought or fever, inflammation of the intestinal injection or the infected Gazelle often suffer from water. And if you find the path of the game, the deer can use it and find the path less resistant.

Give up

If you can not find traces of blood or search for a few hours, return to the place where you see the deer or blood and begin to squeeze in the direction you fled. If possible, as close as possible to the four, so as not to lose any blood points or details on the ground if necessary. If you have not yet found the galaxy, but know that it is successful, try to find a friend who is a friend of a dog, if the laws of your state permit it. As a last resort, look at the sky in search of an abomination or listen to the wolves crying at night.

The hard work of recovering a wounded deer is not only a moral obligation, but also a valuable educational experience. If you are like me, if you are in the next bank, you will remember this event and will do everything possible to not accept future opportunities.


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