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Angie Thomas




Urban Fiction

Major Characters

The main characters in the movie The Hate U Give are Starr Carter, Khalil Harris, Maverick Carter, Lisa Carter, Seven, and Kenya. Starr Carter is the protagonist. She witnessed the shooting of her friend.

Based on

The Hate U Give film is based on a novel under the same name. The novel was written by Angie Thomas. The story is about a young African American who was shot by police officers in Oakland, California.


The main symbols in the film The Hate U Give are Khalil’s hairbrush which symbolizes the distrust between police officers and minorities. The Black Jesus symbolizes the strength of the black community whenever they face oppression. Thug Life is a common phrase used by the black American community. It symbolizes their struggles, progress, and victories.


The Hate U Give focuses on negative social issues like racism. Based on the novel under the same name, the movie brings to life the Black Lives Matter Movement. It promotes activism, racial justice, and equal treatment of the public by police officers.


Starr Carter lives in a poor, black neighborhood. She attends school in a wealthy, white-dominated neighborhood. In the center of these porous two worlds, Carter witnesses police officers fatally shooting her best friend. The victim is black which causes huge tension between the two communities and the police. Carter takes her firm stand to defend what is right.

Why is this topic important

The Hate U Give gives focuses on sensitive issues like racism, discrimination, and higher privileges enjoyed by the white community? It helps spread awareness about the racial/social vices. The writer intended to encourage the young generation not to be quiet but to speak boldly.

Main Ideas

The Hate U Give the main idea is about the widespread stereotyping of the black community. The stereotypes are used as a justification for the harassment of the black. The minority faces racism while the majority community faces protection.

Key Quotes
  • Maverick Carter: “Know your rights, know your worth.”
  • Starr: “I want to be a better friend to Khalil.”
  • April: “They win through division; they will crumble because of unity.”
Interesting facts
  • Angie Thomas began to write the novel which the movie is based on in 2010 following the shooting of her friend by the police.
  • It was Tupac Shakur who inspired the title “The Hate U Give.”
  • The film was received positively by both sides including the critic’s side.
  • The movie The Hate U Give has a different ending from the novel it’s based on.
Why should this topic be used

The Hate U Give is a context of police brutalities against innocent people. It is more traumatizing when a close friend is killed before your eyes. The movie enlightens people to check their privileges and to stand up to what they believe.

Arguments for
  • Stereotyping of the black community is used to justify acts of violence against them.
  • Thug Life is the result of the racialization of poverty
Arguments against
  • Blackness is defined by where the individual is located. Starr would change her behavior and character to fit the community she was in at the moment (black or white).
  • Weaponizing and stereotyping is not universal. Blacks should not take advantage and engage in violence.
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