The Health Benefits of Upward Lotus Pose (Urdhva Padmasana)

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Yoga asana is one of the major aspects of the practice of this ancient art, and every yoga asana is designed to provide profoud benefits to its practitioner. There is variety of yoga styles, forms, poses- and even these poses are divided as per the poition – sitting, standing, lying, inversion, etc.Inverted yoga poses are the advanced level poses – and one such poses is Upward Lotus pose.

Urdhva Uttanasana or Upward Lotus pose is the variant of Sirasana. A combination of Lotus and Sirsasana pose, Urdhva Uttanasana comes with greater benefits.

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Health benefits of Urdhva Uttanasana

Strengthen the Torso

Regular practice of the asana strengthens the neck, shoulders, arms and trunk muscles. A strong upper body means healthy bone, imporve posture, reduces the risk of injuy, and is good for the heart health. Strong torso is requird for the overall fitness, and also helps enhancing the yoga practice.

Improve Body Balanace and Posture

A great body contributes a lot in enahncing your looks and building confidence. With this pose you become able to balance the body that helps in preventing the risk of injury, enable to practice more, make you breath in a right way, strengthen the overall body, increase flexibilityu, calm the mond, and imporve joint mobility.

Enhnace Body Awareness

Yoga ignites body awarness that is required to know your body better and start with the self-healing process. This inversion pose is an advanced level pose that contributes towards imporving the body awarness. Awareness of the body comes with a lot of benefits it make you feel good and comfortable in your own skin. It build confidence, enhance helath, improve heart health, calms the mind, balances the emotions, good for nervous system, and also help improving your relationship with self and othet around you.

Imporve Concentration and Memory

As mentioned prcatcing the pose calms the mind, and is good for the overall well being of your mind. With the regular practice one can easily improve their memory and focus, and enhance concentration. This help in increased mental performace, problem solving abilities, and one become able to take fast decisions, and become more creative, productive and innovate.

Great for Abdominal Organs

The asana is an amazing yoga pose that is benefical for the adominal organs. A healthy addomen means better digestion, improved metabolim, and heathy liver and gallbladder. All these thinsg help reducing weight, eleimating toxins, and enhance nuteirnt absorption ability of the body.

Improve Blood Supply to the Brain

Practicing Upward Lotus Pose increases the blood supply to the brean, and an improved blood circulation means improved of oxygen supply to the brain. This imporve focus, concentration, improve congnitive functioning, keep metal conditional at bay, enhance mood, build positivity, reduces stress, etc.

Spritual Benefits

In the ancinet time, it is beleived that saints and sages perform thi spose for Austerity, and is a great pose for celibacy. All this helps them to attain englighnment, and yoga too aims at forming connection with the universal conciousness. The pose is best to avail the spirtual benefits and make practitioners compassionate, kind, creates inner-harmony, provides tranquility, and gives the more positive outlook.

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