A Hideout from a Predator Thirsty for My Blood

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I am a strand of wheat, standing among my duplicates, feeling the same as everyone else around me. My colors blend me in, hiding me in plain sight. I feel as if I am one with my surroundings, and that even if someone looks as hard as they can, at no time will they be capable to see me. The lantern hanging from the heavens stimulates everything below it into a desert. The dryness of the atmosphere drapes the air, taking over any sign of moisture it can detect. An effectful breeze stings my eyes, piercing them into surrender. The result: a single tear, blazing the armor that surrounds my face. The torch in the sky boils me, making me feel as if smoke begins to rise from the oven that is my body.

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The bitterness of my sweat introduces itself to my mouth, and it crawls around, intertwining with my saliva, then worming down my throat, breeding a roaring cough. The produced cough rings in the ears of my enemy. I can perceive the predator’s eyes on me, urging to find my location. My body tenses up, and the slightest movement is critical to my survival. There is a weakness in me when the predator comes close. The feeling of my life closing shut like a door, shivers through my undamaged body. I can smell the predator’s desperate urgency for blood, my blood. My heart throbs in my fingertips as I cling as closely to my life as I can. It’s almost as so I can hear it, like a timebomb ringing repeatedly in my eardrums. Steps are being taken towards me, each one closing any chance I have left of living. When it is almost as if I can smell the odor of my consumers breath, and feel their forceful teeth clenching and shearing the flesh straight off of my bones, the Gods above feel a pity for me, and they swiftly send a distraction, taking over the appetite from the beast of prey that has been actively hunting through most of its days. I feel invincible, and knowing that my predator would never have the satisfaction of running away with me as their prey makes me feel even more so.

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