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The Highest Cliffs You Can Safely Jump From

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As it is true that cliff diving is not for all, people who have tried this actually enjoy and even got addicted to the thrill and adrenaline it gives. Contrary to people’s beliefs that cliff diving is just about jumping, it is no easy feat at all. Cliff diving is an extreme sport and is considered dangerous without proper guidance and knowledge on how to properly execute a jump.

If you are here reading this because you wanted to face your fear, challenge yourself, or you’re just simply a starting cliff jumper looking for more trails you can try, then read on!

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Porto Venere, Italy

A lot people go to Italy because of the good food and architecture but there’s a hidden gem here for people who wanted to dive a cliff. Porto Venere is a perfect place for that because it has a lot of options on where to dive. The famous spot that has been featured is the one behind the church where you can choose on different height locations starting from 15 meters. The gulf is calm and perfect for beginners.

Santorini, Greece

Greece is very famous in all over the world because of its tourist attractions and the weather is always perfect. You got cheap bars, unlimited sun, and vast ocean. But it is also home to the many easy cliff diving spots that is perfect for beginners. You can start with 10m cliff and build your momentum from there. If you are getting better with this skill, you can head down to more challenging cliffs located at Zakynthos.

Wolfgangsee, Austria

The lake water is serene and calm in Wolfgangsee, Austria that it is a perfect and famous diving spot. You can choose from lower and higher cliffs. You can start from as low as 3 meters and as high as 27 meters. You need to be wary of the weather though as it can get really cold. You need to go during summer season to appreciate it more.

Poco do Diablo, Brazil

As we are hunting down safe cliff to jump on, sometimes the trek or inland trip to get there is a hard one. Remember, we need an elevated place to dive and deep waters to get a perfect cliff diving spot. This is what Poco do Diablo in Brazil will give you. Cliff divers really spend time in flying to Salvador and endure a 4-hour drive to get this perfect spot. You will be attacked by Mother Nature’s beauty as it has natural pool and falls in there. Stones are carved beautifully and the water is calm. At the end of the day, the trip is worth it.

Paradise Valley, Morocco

Depending on your bravery level, you can start from easy cliffs to the highest and hardest ones. It is an easy combination of drive-out and hike with an estimated time duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes in total. You will be greeted with deep blue waters and amazing scenery that will definitely take your breath away. If you don’t know where to dive, join where the others are. We are sure you can meet one or two with the same hobby as you.


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