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Recent scholarships on the origins of soccer are marked by its ‘class’ nature. the standard story – of a game created by ‘gentlemen’ however haunted, and ultimately dominated, by ‘ruffians’ – has been challenged by a commie account that presents soccer as an ancient ‘people’s’ or ‘plebeian’ game, in brief hijacked by upper-middle category men within the mid-Victorian amount, before returning to its ‘popular’ roots from the Eighteen Eighties. This article prescribes that, starting at now drove, the discourse is both hypothetically perplexed and troubled by shortage of sources. The determined issues aren’t completely from an endemic irregularity in the recorded use of the term 'football', and most of the way from a tireless affinity to conflate football play with standards of play. The absence of sources is exceptional in the examination of football as a medieval and early present day society preoccupation. Nevertheless, it is moreover an issue in analyzing early kinds of club football. This article uses an up to this time underused source – the match reports of the soonest learner football clubs in Britain – as a noteworthy part of an undertaking to address the hypothetical perplexity and besides to demonstrate an actually new record of the impact of standard 'individuals' football on the front line entertainment. It is prescribed that the impact was both certifiable and especially passing.

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Thesis statement: Recent scholarship on the origins of football game has been marked by an extremely philosophical dialogue on its ‘class’ nature. the normal story – of a game created by ‘gentlemen’ however obsessed, and ultimately dominated, by ‘ruffians’ – has been challenged by a communist account that presents soccer as an ancient ‘people’s’ or ‘plebeian’ game, shortly hijacked by upper-middle category men within the mid-Victorian amount, before returning to its ‘popular’ roots from the Eighties

Football is easily one of the cheapest games to play. The football game was first played in the 17th century. It all started off with a small ball which is very easy to get, Well the most simple thing to do is to get a plastic sheet then inflate it to give it a spherical shape and then fill it with a hard inner surface. It’s a very cheap way to make a ball even cheaper than 1 dollar. Well, now that we are in the 21st century nothing is the same anymore, it’s completely different. People moved from playing in any empty field, to humongous stadiums with thousands of seats to welcome fans. The heavy boots or even barefoot players have been replaced with football cleats that give your body extra grip on the football pitch, so your foot can kick the small ball with the maximum ‘tricky-precision’. Tricky, to fool the goal keeper; Precision, to make it go inside the goal and set off the score.

Furthermore, an organization started to be built around the game, with full competency administrative structure. This governing body is called the Football Federation. At a national level, every country has its own Football Federation, the same concept exists on a wide scale to cover an entire continent (UEFA for Europe, CONMEBOL for South America…) and off course the highest level is the FIFA. It’s called Governing body, because it really governs all the aspects of the game.

Shortly after that, other activities started to have a closer look at this small ball and the game that surrounds it; this ‘closer look’, and very quickly, became a grasp on all of its structure. That’s the Media and the Business, the first one was paid by the second to make their advertisement reach the maximum of fans, while the second found in these fans potential customers. So the small ball attracted television broadcast who, in order to honor their lucrative contracts with business, found in football, one of the easiest and the quickest way to reach a huge number of people and deliver them advertisements for all kind of products(“transfer market”). It was, and still, an excellent alliance.

That’s how, commercial activities gained the upper hand even within the smallest details. The stadium itself has its share with mechanical, and now electronic, advertisement screens rapping from corner to corner. Each team has its own sponsor and supplier. But the huge value comes from the TV rights, where the broadcasters bid against each other, so the one who offers the highest price will gain the exclusive rights to broadcast the matches on its channel (“Johan cruyff inatitute”). This phenomenon made the prices sharply increase. The contracts are evaluated, at more than 1 million dollars every year for each championship (England-France-Germany-Italy-Spain), with additional payments for continental competitions (Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Europa League…), and off course, the World Cup. Every competition payment goes to its respective federation (“S.Devocgliu”).

Money is fluidly injected and the amplification of prices contaminated players’ financial value. Each year brings us a special recruitment contract with a new Guinness record over the value of the check paid to finalize the transfer from one team to another. Teams are now prompt to spend more money to sign the best players hoping to win one or more of the national/continental/international competitions. No need to name any team or any player, a small online research provides us with ‘exact’ amount of the contract. Very soon, the local championship will end, and the transfer window (approximately from July to August, teams can buy or sell players), and off course we’ll witness the arrival of new astonishing transfers.

There should be credit given to the men and women who shaped the new galactic format of the football game out of this small size. But we should not forget that the football game is played by 11 players on the pitch. It’s a team sport, the 11 may win and also may lose. This same principle applies to the global structure of the football. We should keep in mind that all of the participants have the right to reach a minimum part of these huge benefits. Male and female players should, humanly and professionally, feel the joy of the game without the bitter feeling of being undervalued(“Georges dwailibi”). The big teams should keep in mind that some of the super star players started to kick the ball in the muddy backyard and through small training clubs who has a tiny budget. it’s amazing how our imagination did hugely maximize and expand the activity of a small ball with 22 cm in diameter for a cost of less than 1 dollar. People in villages and remote regions who watch the match with most of the neighbourhood also participate in adding a value to the game. It’s not about being poor against the rich, but rather protecting the roots of the football game and its inclusiveness.

Football has had many great players throughout its history including Maradona, Pele, Beckenbauer and many more iconic players. Pele born October 23, 1940 started his football career playing in the Brazilian streets and then afterwards started playing for Santos Fc in his home town and finally retired on October 1, 1977. Maradona, on the other hand was a Argentinan player born on October 30, 1960 who played for the club Argentinos and retired on October 30, 1997. He now currently manages a Mexican team that plays in the second division. These players have had a great impact on the sport itself making it more and more famous filling it with many iconic moments. As you can see this game originally created by “gentlemen” in the 1880s has gone through a lot of changes from many different classes of people making it the game it is today.


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