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The history of Hacking

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Hacking has been around as long as computers as the way to reconfigure or reprogram a system to give access to someone who otherwise shouldn’t have that access. In the media any electronics manipulation is often referred to as hacking, through “cracking” may often be more appropriate. Thanks to hacking, computer geeks can be cool and dangerous.

  1. The term Hacker was coined by John Nash, the famous Mathematician. It was an insult, meant to describe someone who used a quick, elaborate solution to sidestep a problem.
  2. One of the first technology hacks was discovered in 1972 A whistle from a Cap n’ Church box was used to make free long distance phone calls The whistle’s frequency allowed access to the phone company’s internal authorization system.
  3. Ian Murphy was the first hacker to be convicted on Felony charges He hacked AT&T in 1981 and changed the clocks, allowing people to get late night discounts during midday and higher rates when they called at night.
  4. Kevin Mitnick was at one time the most wanted hacker in the US Hacked into: DEC, BM, PACIFIC BELL Prosecutors believed he could launch a nuclear weapon by whistling into a payphone.
  5. Gary Mckinnon performed the largest military hack of all time. In 2001 and 2002, he hacked: NASA, US Army, Navy, Airforce, Dept. of Defense(Total damages $800,000)
  6. Albert Gonzalez received the largest jail sentence for hacking in US History He stole 200 million credit and debit card numbers. $200 million in damages
  7. The US has the most hacked computers that spread spam 13.1% of the world’s spam originates here. India is second with 7.3%. Brazil is 3rd with 6.8%.
  8. Virtual hacking schools in China generate $40Million each year in revenue. Students pay less than $100 to learn. The schools have been linked to attacks against Google and the US government.
  9. Worldwide hackers have stolen an estimated $1 Trillion in intellectual property Hacking costs the US $4 billion a year in damages. It costs China $1 billion a year.
  10. In 2009, 43% of 2100 businesses surveyed by Symantec had lost proprietary info to hackers
  11. A survey of IT professionals revealed 1/3 of companies deal with hacking on a daily basis. 81% of professionals admit their systems are vulnerable 17% of those hacks are successful
  12. The average power plants receive thousands of hack attempts a year Hackers attempt to commit acts of terrorism and extort money Millions are extorted every year.
  13. The department of defense Hires 250 hackers per year to help defend the US from cyber threats
  14. In 2009, the Pentagon spent $6 Billion in computer security. It will be $15- $3 billion per year within the next 5 years.
  15. Social networking sites like Facebook are some of the most commonly hacked in the world Hackers target personal information, like phone numbers, from profiles.

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