The History of Prosthetic Limbs

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It was the starting point, when the scientists trying to close the gap between human disability and human ability. Since ancient times, pharaonic civilization use kind of techniques that helps people who lose any part of the body between 710-950 B.C.E and this what the science history call it prosthetic limbs ,and the interesting fact hear that the first prosthesis that discovered was not a leg or arm it was a toe belong to noblewomen in Egypt. They are some reasons that people can lose all or any part of leg or arm common ones include accident and disease like diabetes or cancer. These kinds of reasons take the victims to new different life. Prosthetic limbs are devices help the amputees to perform daily activities such as eating, walking or dressing. Prosthetic limbs are very important to amputees however, they are some impact can affect the amputees in positive or negative way and that’s way prosthetic limps are always in development process, but it’s not easy to make it like real limbs in another word it’s impassible so, the question hear what is the future of prosthetic limbs? Or should scientists and doctors make the prosthetic limps more effective for amputees? To start this kind of development the scientists and doctors must found the impact of prosthetic limps on amputees which can be divided into four aspect mental impact, physical impact, social impact and what is the effect of future development.

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To start with mental impact, there is no doubt that having electronic leg or arm can affect amputee’s mental status. After the surgery, amputees are always suffer emotionally, depression and worry are the first emotion can amputees feel it for example, in India 14%-92% amputees are suffer from phantom limb phenomenon including depression. All human in the world need support from anyone in this life and this exactly what the amputees need specially after being as person with disabilities and losing the confident so, support the amputees is a mission for the family and psychologist. Adapting with the sudden change and using the prosthetic limps allowed them to believe and accept themselves again but they have to be patient and strong in this stage of their life .many amputees around the world feel grateful for the prosthetic limbs and consider it as device that return their life but this attitude can change in future or after using prosthetic limbs for long time.

Second impact is the physical impact which can be seen in long term from using prosthetic limbs .this device in some amputees effect there body .In fact, increase skin temperature of the residual limbs and blisters will make terribly dangerous condition like infection if not addressed .Also the warm atmosphere within the liners is a perfect apparatus for bacteria (LaRaia,2010). Back pain, hip pain and leg pain is common to prosthetic users in addition the majority of amputees become fat and have uncontrolled diabetes .Some Technical problems can fees prosthetic users. For instance, prosthetic limbs can stop anywhere on any time furthermore they have to use a lot of energy to move the prosthetic limbs and this is hard for the muscles specially for children who use prosthetic limbs .For the amputees physical therapy is not a choice its essential to have balanced life for them for example a regular exercise program is extremely important for the muscle, joint and avoid connective tissue issues. Also this exercises are good for regulate heart beat and blood pressure.

In present society, how the people and scientist will look to amputee’s. They consider the prosthetic limbs as piece of art and hope, for the scientist is challenge to overcome their disabilities and prove that the science and do a lot of thing to help those people. On the other hand people see them as disability people even if they use prosthetic limbs, they look at them with pity and mercy but they don’t need this kind of feeling, they need support and treat them like a normal person .However many amputees prove themselves in the society and world for example, sports player Andy Lewis who lose his leg when he was 16 years old but he never give up in his dream to participate in marathons . Even though prosthetic limbs cost a lot of many so, sometimes it’s difficult for some families to buy the devices, and this also social problem can fees them. But at least scientists think of this problem and they make solutions for the future.

Should prosthetic limbs be more advanced by now? Or how the change of prosthetic limbs can affect the future? This two question make the scientist crazy about new development for the prosthetic limbs. Actually there is reason for that because most upper limb prosthetic devices don’t have advanced function in fact , prosthetic hand need more energy to take something or hold cup in other word hard daily activity for amputees, this is one reason of thinking that prosthetic limbs still haven’t no improvement and development .But scientists believe that prosthetic limbs can be change in future by using Bioelectronics which is new technology makes the prosthetic limbs more effective also this new technology containing sensors and electrodes allowed amputees to feel (Micera,2014).This will be really incredible change in science and technology in future .In addition investment in prosthetic technology maybe the key for development ,actually scientists need a lot of money for the experiment so, they have to use investment in this field also the governments and organizations must help them to take one step to the new technology and this can represent in public event that involving amputees to show the ability of new prosthetic limbs.

In conclusion, it’s the beginning of creation new world where people can prove themselves even if they are disabilities or amputees .from this point medical and science from the past until now in development process of prosthetic limbs .To make it effective they have to study all aspect in this field including the impact of prosthetic limbs on amputees which can affect the mental status during the first weeks from using prosthetic limbs .Also the physical impact appear after long time from using this device sometimes it can affect them badly in their health .Society and scientists have different opinion in this ,scientists consider it as hope for this people but for society they have mercy for them and see them as disabilities people .For this reason the future of prosthetic limbs can change because it is challenge for amputees and disabilities people to see them as human and just say listen to this words “he/she is a person with something special “. In future people thoughts can be change depending on the process of investment in prosthetic limbs and Bioelectronics technology .

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