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The History Of The Company Nisbet Plantation

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In any business entity, effective marketing is important to its success. Marketing is the process of getting customers to buy a firm’s products. It involves making arrangements for distribution and advertising current products and satisfying the consumers’ demands. However, there are many businesses which do not engage in effective marketing and experience problems in getting customers to support their establishment. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is one such business.

This hotel industry is faced with the problem of attracting guests; more so local than international, to its establishment even though they state that their target market is local and international guests traveling for business or pleasure. This problem exists because not much marketing is done to attract local guests. Its marketing personnel focuses more on getting international guests to come and stay at the hotel even though they portray the hotel as one for all, both local and international guests. Also, with not enough being done to attract local guests, the price package that they offer to locals during their marketing is not feasible and as a result it deters the locals. The package is expensive and in comparison with that for international guests, it is not much of a difference. As a result of this, during the off season, the hotel is forced to close its doors and workers are let off during this season.

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History of the Company (how did it start? Concept etc)

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is the Caribbean’s only historic plantation inn located directly on the beach in Nevis. Nevis personifies the fantasy palm-fringed tropical isle, yet is still unspoiled by overdevelopment. On his voyage in 1493, Columbus imagined the clouds above Nevis Peak to be snow. Thus naming the island “Nustra Senora de las Nieves” (Our Lady of the Snows). Over the years, it was shortened to Nevis. In the late 1700s, British Navy Captain Horatio Nelson visited our plantation resort (then a plantation) and met Frances “Fanny” Nisbet. Fanny was the niece of the President of Nevis and widow of Dr. Nisbet, owner of Nisbet Plantation. Nelson and Fanny quickly fell in love and were married on March 11, 1787 at Fig Tree Church on Nevis. A key stone found in the ruined windmill bears the family initials and the date 1778. At that time, Nisbet Plantation covered numerous acres – from the existing resort to Newcastle village. It was first a sugar plantation and later a coconut plantation.

More than a century and a half later, another strong and resourceful woman was at the helm – Mary Pomeroy. After WWII while studying in England, Mary was seriously injured in a car accident. Upon leaving the hospital in 1950, Mary looked for a retreat. With her compensation (the highest awarded in England at the time), she purchased Nisbet Plantation. She arrived in Nevis with Mr. Pomeroy, a Commander in the Royal Navy. The two went as husband and wife, although they were never married. They tried and were unsuccessful at running Nisbet as a coconut plantation, livestock or copra farm. So Mary decided to lure the new jet-set to the island and open a plantation resort called Nisbet Plantation in 1967. It became Nisbet Plantation Beach Club in 1993 when it changed ownership.

Nisbet Plantation blends old-world charm with modern-day conveniences for an unforgettable experience. Not ultra-fancy and opulent. Just private, romantic and personal. An idyllic beach setting, attentive personal service and gourmet dining have made Nisbet Plantation one of the world’s best resorts. Relax in casual elegance in one of the 36 cottage style accommodations. Taste exceptional cuisine in three dining venues. Pursue endless island activities, encounter nature or just relax in a beach front hammock. Expect nothing less than amazing cuisine with Authentic Nevis flavours brought to life with innovative fusion cuisine prepared by Nisbet’s talented chefs.

The cuisine and service at the three Caribbean restaurants are unmatched throughout the island. With menus and specials changed daily and the weekly barbeque enjoyed by guests and visitors alike, an elegant fine dining experience in the Great House 5 nights per week, to the more casual Nevision night enjoyed overlooking the beach, guests enjoy exceptional dining and great atmospheres each evening. Indulge in island pampering at Nisbet Plantation’s full-service Palms Spa, with three treatment rooms offering a wide range of treatments, including a couple’s treatment room.

Relax on the beach with cooling sea breezes, or enjoy great snorkeling at the beach with complimentary gear. Watersports can be arranged at your request, including PADI instruction. Snorkeling excursions and much more are available. Whether you need assistance in arranging car or scooter hire to explore the island independently, fancy trekking up Mount Nevis, exploring off road, fancy horse riding, or a round of golf, the Nisbet team help guests truly experience Nevis, where the cultural experience helps guests understand the personal and genuine service offered by staff. Exceptional service is paramount at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, and the hotel is rated among the best for service on St. Kitts and Nevis and in the Caribbean. The ladies and gentlemen of Nisbet Plantation treat you like family, learn your name and will do everything they can to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay.

An analysis of the micro environment at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club was done and the following information was revealed. At Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, there is a General Manager who supervises the whole operation of the hotel. However, there are several other managers/supervisors responsible for the different departments at the hotel. These personnel along with other employees are educated and skilled in their field of work as training is done when one is employed. The staffing at this hotel is less than 300 employees throughout departments such as room service, kitchen staff, grounds men, accounting, reservations, etc. At Nisbet Plantation they try to make their employees satisfied by putting in place incentive programs such as employee of the month (recognition) and offer to move up the ladder in terms of position based on their level of work (compensation). Medical insurance and transportation for late night workers are also offered.

The hotel is held in high regard for its interest and support in community development. Nisbet Plantation has adopted the Violet O. Jeffers-Nicholls Primary School; a school located in close proximity of the hotel as well as where most of the parents of children at that school works. They provide them with financial support during the sports’ term as well as put in place a book drive where hotel guests contribute books for the school’s library. Nisbet Plantation also sponsor events that take place throughout the year in the island on a whole. Some of the events that the hotel contributes to are the Pink Lily Breast Awareness Walk, Culturama and schools’ graduation ceremonies.

Most of the resources needed for preparing of food by the chefs at this prestige hotel are bought from local suppliers. There resources include fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat and bread, just to name a few. This helps the hotel to establish a health relationship with its trade partners even though they have to compete with other hotels for the resources. Hotels such as the Four Seasons Resort, Mount Nevis Hotel and hotels from the sister island of St. Kitts such as Park Hyatt and Marriott’s, have forced the marketing department at Nisbet to seek ways in which to attract guests during the tourism season more so. This is done by offering better packages which include the best and cheaper prices, better amenities, etc. Information needed to improve on the quality of service which would attract more guests is gathered from communicating with guests as well as putting in place a guest box where they can express their views on the service they received and how they could improve and make their stay more enjoyable.

An analysis of the hotel’s macro environment was also conducted. It was founded that at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club that as a result of the off tourism season, the hotel has to be closed. This creates a problem for guests who are looking for a place to stay, especially regular guests. They would have to find somewhere else on the island to stay or change their mind of coming to Nevis for vacation. What this does for the hotel financially is that it cause a huge drop in its revenue collection. This is why workers have to be sent home and have to seek temporary employment elsewhere until the hotel reopens. The hotel is located in an area that crime and gangs are popular. The crime rate of the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis on a whole has been increasing drastically with the amount of murders and robbery. This has put the federation in a bad light which could or already have a negative impact. International tourists would soon seek other destinations to vacation which would affect the tourist industry; Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. The hotel will see a decline in the number of guests and as such may be forced to close down if it is not operating at a profit.

The trend in the global market shows that more and more persons are being unemployed. This is because businesses feel that the economy in their country are not at its best and therefore have to lay off workers or make positions redundant. This would affect Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. One may wonder how this is possible. If persons are being unemployed, they would not have money like before to travel for vacations. So this mean a decline in the number of guests for the hotel. Something that the hotel does not want. All hotels, just like Nisbet Plantation Beach Club would like to have all their rooms booked to full capacity. More and more hotels are being built in St. Kitts and Nevis which creates more competition for Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. Just recently, Park Hyatt opened its doors. This competition would be a challenge for the hotel, because it now shows that guests have more options as to where to stay. Nisbet Plantation would now have to do several things to attract its guest. Some of which maybe, offering better and unique packages, do more in the marketing of the hotel via as many avenues as possible. In a nutshell, the hotel has to be sold to customers as the only choice of accommodation to stay in Nevis.

To attract more local guests to the hotel, the marketing team at Nisbet Beach Plantation, needs to put a better package in place to attract them. This package should include cheaper and more affordable prices which is the most important factor for locals. If locals find that the price to stay at the hotel even for one night is affordable, they would do so on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc. The package should also offer unique activities that are different to what is offered by other hotels. Such activities could be karaoke, a couple’s night where they are treated to dinner and photo shoot. People like things that are unique and different. Also, the marketing team needs to reach locals through means such as visiting different organizations such as the schools, the banks, etc. and talk in an open forum to the staff about the packages that they have to offer to locals, as well as use it as a way to gather feedback as to what locals feel in terms of the hotel, etc. This they can use to cater packages in the best interest of locals which would attract them all year round.


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