The History of the USA: Westward Expansion

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Migration has been a highly significant force in the development of America, without migration America wouldn't be what it is today. The westward expansion helped stimulate the American economy in an abundant amount of ways. One of the main reasons people migrated west was because of cheap dangerous labor they were enduring in their every day lives and wanted to seek out new opportunities. Not only were adults being exposed to dangerous work conditions in factories but children were at great risk as well. An addition to the cheap labor, working conditions were harsh and the immigrants were exploited. This was not sitting well with the American people therefore as soon as an opportunity came to light, many people decided to pack their bags and migrate to the west. Immigrants started to look out west in the search to accomplish their dream to obtain land.

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Some of the main causes for westward expansion was land, war, power and the most important was freedom. During the 1840's west of the Unites States had an abundance of scarcely inhabited land. The thought of cheap land, room for families to grow, and business opportunity lead to heading west. Freedom was a huge driving force in the westward expansion. American immigrants not only came looking for land but they also wanted, individual freedom of universal enfranchisement, along with freedom of conscience, freedom of person, freedom of trade, and business pursuits, universality of freedom, and equality. Power was another driving force, when the American's eventually take over the western part it then opens up the expansion of the United Sates.

A historical opportunity had struck the American people. This historical opportunity can be identified as the Gold Rush. Gold was discovered in 1848 in California therefore creating the famous Gold Rush of 1849. Unfortunaetly no railroads of paved roads reached that area of the country because it was still fairly new. One of the only travel methods there was for migrators were several wagon trails. It is safe to say an abundant amount of people migrated to America because of personal desire and hope to achieve the American dream. After arriving to America they worked hard to try and have enough money to move west in search of land to be a part of gold mining or agriculture. After all, there was more freedom to pursue an independent business.

After moving west and settling in the area after having enough money to achieve it, they promoted agricultural progress. Agriculture was common within immigrants and it was their method of survival in the west. After getting their land and achieving their goals, they looked towards the future and start imply technological advancements. The process of manufacturing all the natural resources that were brought by the railroads from the west was to be done by immigrants that would accept cheap labor, this process was called industrialization.

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