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Dwelling in the magical and rather dangerous world of Middle-earth lives a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. He is not your typical hero to grab some one’s attention. Bilbo keeps to himself most of the time. He rarely travels further than his own kitchen or cellar. He lives this way for a while and in contentment. He is disturbed by a wizard named Gandalf, who arrives at his doorstep accompanied by dwarves asking Bilbo to go on an adventure. When he accepts the invitation he is set on an adventure to Lonely Mountain, lair to the evil dragon Smaug. Along this journey Bilbo faces a thin, pale looking figure named Gollum who has a magic ring.

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Before accepting the invitation of Gandalf and the dwarves Bilbo hesitates and declines the offer to Gandalf. Gandalf then tells Bilbo that he told the dwarves that he was an advertised burglar. After Bilbo heard this he had too much pride to turn down the offer. Moving forward him, Gandalf, and the thirteen dwarves set off on their journey to capture the treasure and defeat Smaug. On their first encounter Bilbo discovers three trolls. As he tries to pick pocket one of the trolls they find him and argue amongst themselves to figure out what they should do with Bilbo. As this goes on the dwarves try and save Bilbo but end up captured. After both failed attempts Gandalf tricked the trolls to stay out past dawn and they turned to stone. After releasing the dwarves, the group finds the trolls cave and load up the horses with food and water. Moving forward along the journey and approaching Misty Mountain, Gandalf suggests that they stay with Elrond. An old wise hospitable elf who allowed them to stay at his house. During their stay at Elrond’s they feasted along with singing and telling great stories or legends. When they left Elrond’s house they took his advice, and Gandalf’s direction on their path to Lonely Moutain. As they are on their way they get caught in a thunder storm and are captured by Goblins after resting in a cave from taking shelter throughout the storm. They are then taken to the Cavern of the Great Goblin. While being captured the Great Goblin saw his sword Orcrist. This was an elvish sword that was known for killing many goblins. Once the Great Goblin had seen this he sentenced the dwarves to death when suddenly the lights went off and the sword Glamdring appeared and went through the chest of the Great Goblin striking the killing blow. Gandalf then leads Bilbo and the dwarves out of the cavern and are chased by goblins. Then Gandalf and the dwarves leader Thorin fought and killed multiple goblins. As they go deeper into the goblin tunnels they sneak up on one of the dwarves Dori who was carrying Bilbo. Dori fell and Bilbo hits a rock causing him to be left unconsciousness. When he awaken’s he attempts to crawl through the tunnel and while doing this finds a ring and stows it in his pocket. He then continues out of the cavern and finds a lake which he cannot cross but a stranger named Gollum confronted him and took him to the island that he lives on the lake. When they arrive Bilbo and Gollum play a game of riddles. After doing so Gollum goes to get the magic ring but cannot seem to find it. He blames Bilbo and asks him what’s in his pocket. Bilbo says nothing and before Gollum reaches him Bilbo puts on the ring and turns invisible. He then leaves and returns to Gandalf and the dwarves. As they keep treading they run into several more encounters or obstacles they had to face. Once they made it to Lake-Town they took a boat and finally arrived at Lonely Mountain.

The Group then travels through all of the rubble and chaos caused by Smaug. Treading along they made it to mountain to find the secret entrance. Once they find the door they find no keyhole and attempt to pry the door open with the tools or weapons they had available. Once they realized that they could not open the door they lost hope. They doubted the map and slept off the journey they thought was wasted. Reluctantly Bilbo was woken up and remembered what Elrond had said about the keyhole being shown on Durin’s day. Once he tells everyone Thorin opens the door with the key Gandalf had given him. Bilbo is then sent to find Smaug and find his weak spot. He puts on the ring and discovers a wound above his left breast. Once Bilbo went to report back he warned the dwarves and was afraid for Lake-Towns safety. When they close the secret passage Smaug is furious and heads for Lake-Town. He makes attack after attack on the town and eventually sets it on fire. It was utter destruction at Lake-Town, but an archer defending the town named Bard, descendant of Girion, fights Smaug and was told by a thrush where his weakness is, landing the striking blow that takes down the beast.

Bard is declared king and the Elven King arrives to aid the people of Lake-Town and eleven days later goes on to the mountain. While the Elven King travels to the Lonely Mountain the dwarves begin fortifying it and preparing for battle. Bard then comes to parley with them but Thorin told Bard the only way he could side with him if his men didn’t side with the elves. Bard’s men refused and demanded a part of the treasure inside the mountain to aid the dwarves. In a rage Thorin refused and considered them under attack. Ravens sent word that Dain would be arriving with five hundred dwarves. Thorin then begins to look for the most valuable item in the mountain which is the Arkenstone. Bilbo then goes to the Elves having the Arkenstone and gives it to them to negotiate peace with the dwarves. Bard then approaches Thorin with the Arkenstone and sacrifices a portion of the treasure from the mountain so they may have peace. When Dain arrives with the five hundred dwarves

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