The Holocaust: Tragedy of the Jewish People

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The Holocaust between 1933 to 1945 was led by a man by the name of Adolf Hitler. The Nazis formed a committee to combat homosexuality and abortion. The Holocaust also included mass murders of millions of Jews, Gypsies, intellectually disabled, dissidents and homosexuals. The Nazis thought of the disabled as parasites and the Jews weren’t worthy of their own life.

Hitler ordered Jews to be removed from Germany and transported by the S.S. St.Louis’s voyage also know as the “voyage of the damned”. They were brought to different concentration camps. For example, Auschwitz-Birkenau which was started in 1940 and was the largest Nazi concentration camp and death camp. The camp Auschwitz was located in southern Auschwitz, Poland. The innocent people brought to these camps were getting killed constantly in every way imaginable. My eighth grade reading teacher Mrs. Rodriguez read to us that the German soldiers also known as S.S officers would gather groups of people at these camps once they arrived off the long bus ride. Once the officers gathered them together they would trick everyone, they tricked them by telling them that they were being brought to take a shower, but in reality they were being brought into a gas chamber. A gas chamber is used for killing humans and or animals with gas. Auschwitz had one of the biggest gas chambers that could hold up to 2,000 people max at one time. This was probably the easiest and fastest way of killing such a large amount of people, in such a little amount of time also with such little efforts and without tons of blood to clean up afterwards. The chambers consisted of Zyklon B tablets. Zyklon B tablets are extremely poisonous, if you came in contact with this substance you would die in minutes due to lack of oxygen. The S.S officers would where oxygen mask while they watched everyone brutally die.

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At these camps the prisoners would also experience the impractical. For Example, If you were capable of working you would be employed as a slave labor. The type of work a slave labor would participate in consisted of working in Coal mines and rock quarrels, also on construction projects, digging tunnels and canals. This was a brutal experience for the prisoners who. were living off of very little amounts of sleep, food and most importantly water. If you decided to slack off on the job, sleep or just not participate at all you would be killed right then and there no questions asked. Many prisoners tried to run away and escape because of the predicament they were in but the facilities were to well secured. There were officers that could view the whole camp from the highest point, and they were on watch 24/7 which made the chances of escape very slim.

Jews were the subservient race, for years Nazi rule was Going on in Germany and Hitler was just having millions of people killed. The modern day term of this massacre is now referred to as the Holocaust. So basically, world war ll came up which basically was used to disguise hitlers plan to continue to kill millions of people. So basically if you were German you would live but if you were any other race you would be executed.

During The holocaust there was a resistance, also known as the underground. The resistance/underground was a type of secret group that sprang up throughout Germany, Europe during world war ll to oppose the Nazi ruling. No one knows how much people were involved in theses groups, But yet they contributed in all types of activities, for example; publishing, clandestine newspaper and ambushing German patrols and conveying intelligence information to the allies. What I still wonder today is how Adolf Hitler got away with such cruel actions.             

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