The Horrible Problem of Child Abuse


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I’ve been reading about child abuse frequently, not once has an article about child abuse that does not come my way. I’ve read a lot on Facebook and news articles that children are secretly being abuse behind closed doors and many of us are completely blind to even notice it. Parents, caregivers, employment companies and relatives have been getting their way with children to where by the time anybody realize what is going on it’ll be too late, the child is no longer here on this earth. Its not the child’s fault that they happened to fall into the wrong hands at birth, no child deserves to live through the pain, heartache, abandonment, hunger for love, hunger for food and fear.

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I’ll give you one popular case that will never be forgotten: “Sweet Baby Brianna”, now let that sink in for a moment. Everyone in her family knew exactly what was going on in that household except the outside world. Her family failed to save her by not reporting it or yet alone do anything about it. We were five months late to save Brianna because this was kept from the world. Five months of all kinds of child abuse that this baby had to go through and throughout it all she stays strong as much as she could. Justice was not served correctly, instead of giving her family the death penalty, her mother has recently been released. The system has failed to send and keep the message strong when it comes to strong crimes like this. Her mother caged her grave for society to stay away, now Brianna is no longer free resting in peace in her own grave.

I’ve also read another article as to how children are abused at work. Children are put to work in other outside countries all around the world. Companies do not seem to care whether the child is sick or not. These kids are working in hazardous environment risking their lives for their employer. Children are beaten if they are caught resting during work hours. If spoken out some countries would handle the children in ways we couldn’t imagine. Some live through it all while other die from sickness or abuse.

I don’t think anyone realizes how horrible this lifestyle affects the children that are growing up in child abuse or how it affects our world. Children would grow up in fear, full of anger, unable to trust anyone, poor social skills and poor performance in school. Children are the future, we wouldn’t want them to make the world a terrible place to live in due to what they grew up on. A child deserves to live in a safe happy place with their family not in a world full of darkness. A social worker name Jane Addams would have agreed with this, she believes in safety for anyone in need especially children. She would take matters in to her own hands in to getting that child out of that house hold and into a better home with angels who would give the child the life he/she deserve. She would make sure the child is safe, full of love, full off homecooked meals, access to education and a place to sleep without having to worry about someone coming to hurt them.

Jane Addams would not leave anyone behind with what she has to offer for society who need help.

Emile Durkheim is another founder who sparks interest of our children in our society. He stresses how important children are in this world. Anything that interrupts life with children that shall come into the light will affect the whole community. Emile also feels the need for society to become one instead of divided by working, helping, training and learning how to grow a strong community for our children. The future is important, what happens now determines our destiny. His focus is holding society together for this reason he is the creator of the functionalist perspective.

I would have to say that functionalism fits this subject as child abuse can create agencies such as Child Protective Service, Law enforcement and plenty of organizations. These are the positives that can help children out weight the pain and suffering that are caused in this society today. Government would need to put more effort in helping these helpless children who are being abuses behind closed doors. If our society was to function properly I believe there would be fewer cases of abuse children let alone a death of a child due to child abuse.

The Government should also make a change as to how children are abused in the work place. We are all human beings trying to make ends meet work to make ends meet, why abuse the ones who does the main work of it all. Our founding fathers of sociology would put an end to all society sufferings with their belief.

Lets make America great again by finding peace and begin to work as a team in order for society to survive in this tragedy world that we live in. Help save our children from harms way. Children are the future, let’s save as many as we can as they deserve the best in life.

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