The Imaginative Piece on Texan History: Dust Bowl, WWI

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  • Texas and the Spanish and American War
  • Texas and WWI
  • Texas and the Dust Bowl

Texas and the Spanish and American War

Boom! The Dreadnought had exploded! It’s an important battleship for the Americans! I push through to see what happened. A rumor spread like crazy that it was a threat by Spain and they started a big war! I think that it was just something about the gunpowder or like the engine malfunction or something like that, but it doesn't matter. It’s 1989 and the U.S. had already launched into a huge war with Spain! My state played a role in the war, too! My state “gave” men to fight in the war and it also had a spot to train them and others! Today, December, 10, 1898 my country stopped the war by signing the Treaty Of Paris. My country took back Guam, Puerto Rico and Cuba. It also bought Philippines for $20 million from Spain.

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Texas and WWI

My dad, mom and 200,000 Texans joined the war! My mom joined as a nurse with 450 other nurses! My parents are dreaming of earning the Medal Of Honor! My state has military bases in it to help in WWI. My state was used as a military training site because it is a big open state. This was my state's role in the war. It’s November 11, 1918 and 5,170 Texans died. Both of my parents luckily lived but my dad got shot in the leg.

I am 18 and I helped in the war but I was not injured, thank God! Culture and society in Texas I was standing at the street intersection and a lady was standing next to me and I smiled at her. A lady walked by and I tipped my hat towards her as ‘respect’. As I walked into the store I noticed a lady was standing behind me so I held the door open for her. These are the cultures that we Texans do! It’s the great migration and my state is being used as a passageway for travelers! This is what makes my state the second most popular state after California! Me and my state love the jazz age! I am so happy we were impacted by it! Same thing with the Roaring 20s!

Texas and the Dust Bowl

I was at my sink trying to wash dust out of my eyes. I HATE the dust bowl. I hate the fact that I live in Northern Texas and I also happen to hate the fact that the dust bowl happening in the northern part of Texas which happens to be the exact spot that I live in! There is such a small amount of food and I am STARVING!

I wish I could just move out of Texas and move somewhere like New York because it is really far away from where the dust bowl is happening. I hate that because of the Homestead act farmers that didn’t even know how to farm came and ruined it for EVERYBODY! Your probably thinking, How is that, farmers help, they plant food and stuff, well the farmers that came had NO idea what they were doing so when they came to mow the grass they mowed it to close to the ground which made the soil become loose and it went flying EVERYWHERE! That is one reason but it is one of the main reasons. Texas government response to: It’s 1929 and the stock market just crashed. My family and most Texans think that Texas and where it is! The states that touch Texas are: New Mexico, Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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