The Immigration Control Reforms and Policies in Us

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The U.S has had many problems very recently, but one which is reoccurring is always Immigration. In the recent election, it was one of the hottest topics of the campaign and had people talking about it ultimately. Although a major problem is what are some ways the U.S can make it easier for immigrants to become legal citizens. From that increasing legal migration quotas and fixing effective regulation to make it easier for immigrants to become citizens is positive for any country’s economic health.

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The U.S originally started from the pilgrims landing in Plymouth Rock and later become the subject of Colonization in the 1600s. We were a colony from Britain and later fought back to get our independence. After that, other people came over to have a new start and have a better life than the one they had before. Also, people started getting imported to do jobs in the U.S that others wouldn’t. The first form of it was bringing slaves over, and they later started having families of their own and populated the U.S. Then more and more immigrants came over and established that the U.S was mainly made by immigrants. Immigration here in the states started in the 1600s as said before and let more and more people in to help the country grow. When people were coming in the economy was thriving and people were getting more jobs. Also, it helped advance the diversity of the nation. Although recently Immigration has gotten stricter and made it harder for immigrants to get in. Also people that are trying to get in are treated poorly and told they can’t come in. Sadly families get split and in some cases children have died because of not having their parents and not being taken care of. Overall, Immigration needs to change and made easier for immigrants to come in legally.

With a change in the system to help immigrants come in here legally, there are some pros that could come along with it. If the U.S expands the diversity in the nation, then the culture will be even greater. Also the culture would be widespread and the U.S would have more to offer and show how diverse the country is compared to others. With immigrants also coming into the country, more jobs and workers coming in causing more things to get done and the economy could go upas well. Also with the more job openings the people could make money to help support themselves and their family in the U.S. The United States accepted many immigrants in the beginning and as said before the country was built on immigrants, although some other nations don’t like to accept immigrants in their country. The U.S is a good example especially from the recent election but if more are let in now it shows that the country is immigrant friendly and also show that the country wants to grow. If the U.S grows in population and diversity then the economy will go up and the U.S will be able to advance. If we let other immigrants in they can give us intel about the nations that they came from that can also prevent us from getting attacked or doing something that will harm another country. Also they could give us ideas to help fix our infrastructure or agriculture and fix the economy in the U.S to help grow. Overall, it could give the U.S leverage and an advantage over all the other countries in the world. If the U.S lets more people in, the reputation of the U.S will become even better. Also the U.S will gain even more respect from the fact it shows that they are accepting of others and strive to become better and grow.

Although, while the U.S is busying finding the legal way for immigrants to get in they could get too occupied with that and move focus from the illegals coming in the wrong ways and could wreak havoc in the U.S. and then some. Some of the people who are illegal will find ways to get in that aren’t legal and not abide by the rules and come through anyways no matter the risk and consequences. There have been many cases wear that has happened and needs to be fixed. Even though it is good to let more people have a chance to get in, it could cause population problems where there won’t be enough space for them in the country. If there are too many people the population will go over and make it harder for people coming in and others who were there first. For example there wont be enough job openings and housing for all the extra immigrants coming into the U.S trying to make a living here. This problem is already known, but even today the drug problem in the U.S is still high and has not really dropped that much in this country. From that even more drugs such as weed and cocaine are still being smuggled through the country and no matter what if there is a will there’s a way. They will always find a way to get through but hopefully with this new plan it will be harder for them to smuggle. It could also compromise the system of immigration and cause even more illegals or smuggled goods to come through in the U.S. making it harder to fix this problem. The wall president Trump brought up to attention during his election stated that it will keep the illegals out and will be a full proof plan. Although the plan has many flaws and will not work he still pushes for it to go through. The wall will not work because they will find loop holes to still go over the well. For example they can still smuggle things and themselves on planes

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