The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: the Development and Life of Lacks

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a non-fiction book that was written by Rebecca Skloot. She is one of the key writers who wrote extensively on the connection between medicine, ethics, and faith. The work of Henrietta Lacks became a key component that recreated various factors that are important in developing the relevance and the relationship that binds the medical framework and specifically the connection between medicine and life of the human beings. It is a great book, whose contents, style of writing, and the historical connections that it draws have become the major component that attracts its usefulness.

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The book which was written in 2010 became the New York Best Seller. It is a book that helped identify the major ethical concerns and matters of faith, ethics, and infringement of personal rights and its connection with the medical world in human development. The development of the book provides the most identical factor in recreating the story of Henrietta Lacks and the overall growth of HeLa cells, that are now the major faces of healthy development. The HeLa cells that were the major elements that are being used even in the modern world.

In 2011, due to the nature of the book, and the in-depth information that it carries was the winner of the National Academies Communication Award for best creative work that helps the public understanding of topics in science, engineering or medicine. This recreated how the book is very important in informing and developing knowledge growth that binds human development and human growth. It provides knowledge of various medical concerns and phenomena through sharing on various contemporary issues that touch on human development and the human factor.

The book tells the story of a young women Henrietta Lacks whose life can be traced back to1951. The woman was a black tobacco farmer who lived some rather poor life. The book shows how the cells of the young woman were taken without her knowledge after her death and how the same cells become the prime element of modern medicine. The development of this factor provides how the infringement of the basic rights of the people in the society. The book, therefore, touches on the unethical concerns that are created in the society, and how the same ethical infringement creates a lot of issues in the societal development and on the basic rights of the people.

The book, also, develops how the society used the medical compositions and the medical information of a person without their consent and the subsequent effect that the same had on Henrietta Lacks. This is a major ethical factor that the book aims to develop, and which highlights how society was prejudicing on the people based on their races and racial preferences. The specimen on the cells of the black woman was taken without her concern, and this shows how society is treating various diseases on society.

The book develops how the cells that were taken from Henrietta Lacks became the major element that was used in the cure and in the creation of various vaccines that became the breakthrough and the cure of various diseases in the society. The book highlights how the same vaccines that were developed in the from the cells of Henrietta helped in the management of polio vaccine that had become a major killer and a major challenge in society.

The author also establishes how the same cells that were used were all developed from the cells trigger had been taken without the informed consent or within the knowledge of the subject. The family was not also included, and this was unethical and also unlawful as created by the book. HeLa cells that were extracted from the body of this woman changed the entire medical world, and she is regarded as the mother of biomedicine.

The author has also examined how the same cells taken from the women was also used in the development of cloning, that becomes a major development factor in human history. It also highlights how the same cells were used on the development of intro fertilization, and also the development of gene mapping that formed the most developed system of checking and managing the cell composition developed from the cell development of the young woman. The development of the cells that were developed and which was taken out of her provided the ideal factor and application that was largely used in the management and the recreation of the woman’s needs and developments.

The sad part of the book is how the young woman who is 1952 her cell was extracted from her without her permission have continued to mince millions of dollars in the health world or the world of medicine. The same cells that were extracted from the Henrietta Lance became a major part of the health industry, and it was one of the most applied cells that developed a lot of vaccines and other scientific methods that were fostered and prompted with the use of her cells.

The book also recreates how the same woman and her entire lineage since 1952 are still wallowing in abject poverty, despite the body samples of their kin fetching millions of dollars across the globe. Despite the body cells of this woman taken and her samples used in the medical world without necessarily following and meeting her consent, the family lineage has continued to suffer from and compensation hereof die to the great development and the great usage of their kin sample in changing and revolutionizing the medical world.

Generally, the book creates various key information and tries to piece out key information on the development and the life of Henrietta Lacks. The author pieces together key evidence that is the major part of the analysis and historical origin of this mysterious woman that has continued to develop and create massive support and analysis of facts in the study. The book is written with a clear mastery of language, clear historical information, and also with clear facts that attempts to develop the ethicality and the legality of various practices in health.

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