The Impact of a Well-designed Open Space on Campus Construction


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Open space is usually defined as space which Locates between buildings and connects the surrounding environment. In the definition of campus open space, open space must have various types of squares, green spaces, special sports venues and other environmental elements. With the rapid development of society, the education system of school has changed to fit the times. School no longer focus on simply imparting knowledge and experience to students,instead of paying more attention to the mental health and all-round development of students and teachers. Because of this, the construction of school environment is largely invisible. Meanwhile, whether a well-designed open space impacts on healthy campus has played an important role. This article will focus on the impact of open space ,have on the construction of campus such as, a more attractive image,increasing social skill and repair of students’ mental health

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Main Body

An excellent open space not only enhances the impression of the school but also makes the school more attractive. Creating and maintaining a university environment, which is favorable for activity and serenity, can yield more benefits. (Griffith,1994). A well-planned campus which has plenty of open space will help to recruit top students and teachers. Students’ perceptions of the look and feel of the campus play a key role in the selection of higher education institutions. The quality of the campus environment is undoubtedly also conducive to raising funds. That is because that a donor is more likely to invest in an institution whose environment produces scenic pleasure and offers visual reassurance that the campus will have a longevity well beyond the donor’s lifetime. (Griffith,1994). Generally speaking, it is easier for teachers and students to remember the open space than the campus building. This is because that some of the memorable experiences and memories of the students are related to the open space. For most campus user, open space is one of the most important factors in measuring the image of the school. (Hanan,2013). Therefore, if the open space on campus is well constructed, it will leave a good impression on other, which can attract more investors, students and teachers.

In the open space of the school, students have more opportunities to communicate, which will improve their social skills and learning efficiency. Research demonstrating the life of campus is full of vitality in the open space. The function of the open space for students is no less than the classroom. Students can walk out of the classroom and observe other students. Although they may be of different ages and races, this experience can help them to build a sense of community and tolerance. This will also help the campus better adapted to the increasingly divers world. (Hanan,2013). The open space not only provides a place for communication between students, but also enables pleasant communication between teachers and students. the relationship between teachers and students in an open-space environment is more close and stable. (Allen,1972, Ellison, Gilbert, and Ratsoy ,1969, Hersom ,1971,, Ingallas,1969 cited in Beeken & L. Janzen,2018)This is to say open space is an important component of the campus environment, which not only provides a place for teachers and classmates to communicate, but also promotes the overall quality of the learning. A study conducted by Silas M. Oliveira (2016) addressed this point by asking student why they are willing to study in open space than library. some respondents believe that the longer they stay in the library, the more intense their fatigue will be. While staying outdoors, they can breathe fresh air. Others have considered having more social opportunities in the open space and they can meet up with friends. In a word, Open spaces have key values for serving a better learning environment. (Strange, 2001, Chapman, 2006, Kenney, Daniel R, 2005 cited in Hanan,2013).

A graceful and changeable environment is favorable for relieving stress and adjusting the mood. Open space is an important natural landscape on campus. It provides a sense of direction to the campus by integrating and organizing different venues and elements; they can also provide aesthetics by attracting the surrounding environment and creating visual surprises. Many creative and innovative ideas come out in an outdoor environment away from formal courses and discussions. The natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere of open spaces encourage student to think and provide fresh air to release pressure. (Payne, 2009 cited in Stephen Siu Yu Laua,b, Zhonghua Gouc,n, Yajing Liub ). on the other hand, environmental psychology has found that architecture can affect human health by stimulation. (Evans and McCoy, 1998).In theory, open spaces can take advantage of various garden features, especially natural elements, such as green plants, flowers and water, to help promote stress recovery and have a positive impact on humans. The survey also showed that most college students choose to have an open space with a natural environment to improve their emotions during stress, depression, frustration, anger or confusion (Lau and Yang, 2009). An excellent open space can skillfully combine the natural environment with the architectural space to achieve the effect of healing people’s psychological trauma.


To conclude, it seems that open space of campus is inextricably linked to the physical and mental health of the students., which has a good influence on them. This is because it is very beneficial to enhances the image of the school, but also makes the school more attractive. Also, open space can improve the social skill and learning efficiency of student. on the other hand, the mental stress and the bad mood can be adjusted. Finally, campus architecture and environment have a special and important role in cultivating and shaping talents. As an important part of the campus space environment, open space has a significant impact on campus construction.

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