The Impact of Design on Human’s Behavior

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The researcher performed the following analysis at the researcher’s nearest schools in the district, Sekolah Kebangsaan Setiawangsa and SMK Seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju being that the participants of this research is the students. Self-administered questionnaires were the main method of data collection. The question set solicited information from public regarding their acceptance towards designs and moral values.


Interviews were conducted based on public acceptance towards design and moral value to determine the appropriate questions that can be used to formulate the questionnaires in order to collect the data needed in executing this research.

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Interview Questions

  1. Do you like to look at bright color?
  2. Does bright colors draw more attention?
  3. Do you give attention towards the PSA (Public Service Announcement) poster around public places such as train stations, malls, etc?
  4. When was the last time that you remember seeing a poster about bullying?
  5. What do you think about the posters?
  6. If the posters were to be changed to a more cartoonish style would you like it?
  7. Do you often help people who are in distress?
  8. Would you help a stranger in needed?
  9. Does good design affect your behavior?
  10. Do you think emotion of visual in advertisements play an important role to attract people?

The interview questions were used towards the development of a form consisting of questionnaires. The data obtained from these questionnaires will then be use further validate the objective of the project and the significance of it. These questionnaires are used as a data collection tool.


Observation were done by the researcher during the period of studying and in public places through the researcher’s very own eyes. The information that were received through observation then being summed up into data that was used to help this research.


The data collected in the research has been used to help bring this issue to success. These data were collected through questionnaire to firm and steady the result of this research. It was given to as many as 50 respondents.

Preference on bright colours

The data for this question shown that most of the respondents prefer the use of bright and cheerful colors on the visual that their eyes are seeing. It is because the visual will not look boring and dull, thus attracting their attention towards it.

Preference on whether bright colours draw more attention

With the amount shown from this data, it is safe to say that almost all of the respondents agree that colors do help them to draw more attention compared to grayscale or black and white. Colors do stimulate the brain to strengthen the memory it keeps.

Preference on cartoonish style

From the respondents’ feedback, they prefer to have cartoonish and youthful design compared to strict and serious design. Because the cartoonish designs give more and energy and fresh look and also much fit in with their heart content as several of them said.

Preference on helping out a stranger

From the data collected, it is shown that more than a half of the respondents said that they would help strangers or people that they are not familiar with. Some of them even said that they do not have business with strangers so it is not a part of their responsible to help strangers.

Preference on good design affects behaviour

From the data, most of the respondents agree that a good design can affect their behaviors in execute what being suggest in the design. A good layout, suitable textual content and interesting visual makes it easier for the viewers to achieve the message that the design planning to tell thus affecting their behavior.



The human psychology for their behavior can be complex, especially regarding doing a certain action. In terms of doing what is right, it is depends on how the individual experienced their life as it molded them into becoming what kind of people they are now. The society prefer less to help someone in distress due the discrimination that led by in-group favoritism. The teaching they received and the environment that they are living in also affect their behavior.

Through research and data obtained for this issue, it can be seen that in Malaysia we took this matter lightly given that the sign posts and symbols have become too bland and blend with the background of our daily life that we fail to noticed them moreover, as being resulted in the research, does not even remember the last time we saw these signs and symbols. In order to bring out the sign and symbol from the background to the front layer of environment, a good design is an absolute solution to overcome this issue. A good design that is capable of attracting viewer’s attention and something that is memorable can be utilize with the right direction and ideas to make it effectively works. A good design affects the human behavior because of their attractiveness that doesn’t put pressure on the viewers for them to make a decision and take action.

This research concludes that good designs can affect human’s behavior because through the view that they receive from their eyes going right through their brain, stimulating the next step that the viewer going to make. It works as a first impression before they decide on should they let the message stick to their mind or should they not. Once the message that the design trying to tell goes through the viewer’s mind there is a very high possibility that they will consciously or subconsciously do as being told. This issue should be handled in making Malaysia a developing country with high moral value people lived in it. As being pointed out in this research, a good design can overcome this matter if being correctly executed. This later on impacts the idea of the importance of having high moral values and doing the right things in Malaysia thus making this country one-up ahead in term of designs and moral value.


Data collected from this research has been used to help the researcher in order to come with a solution towards the issues that being researched on. All the data has been carefully studied and investigated to create an effective product by the end of the research. As suggested from the research, human behavior can be affected with design. It is the design that become an important medium for transmitting and spreading message throughout the country. By this, the designers in Malaysia is recommended to take action and exploit fresh ways in term of design because it is part of their responsibility to send messages to their viewer. Designers should feel responsible of teaching the community positive behaviors, which they can achieve through their design.

For the government and social association side, they should make more campaign that promote moral values and good behaviors. They have the power to massively launch a movement that the whole nation can see without having financial problem. The government should make more campaign that teach the society morality and good behaviors to make Malaysia a better country with high moral society in it. To overcome the issue, the researcher has come out with the idea of a campaign named STANDUP. It is a campaign to promote moral values, teaching people to do good deeds whenever they can and to not be a bystander when in a bullying conflict. The name was chosen to show that everyone can standup against a bully and to be a hero in their daily life.

STANDUP’s tone and manner is about using bright colors and attractive visuals to catch the attention of the viewers. As being proved in the collected data, colorful visuals can be efficiently helpful in being stick and remember in our head because they stimulate our brain to strengthen our memory. By using cartoonish style in launching this campaign, it can also grab the interest of children in learning to have moral values in them and the importance of it. This can be a strong point in trying to educate and apply because early education is one of the ways if something were to be taught and planted in someone’s self.

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