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The Impact of Ipod Touch on Technology

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As many people may know technology has grown so much over the years, and many people today are still coming up with new ideas to improve. With all this technology growing in medicine, television, cameras, cell phones, music, and many more it continued to get better and better. It all started with the very first iPod touch that changed the way people view and use technology for better and worse. The iPod touch changed the movement of technology because people can communicate easier, people are not as active as they should be, and people now have a hard time communicating face to face.

The very first iPod was a rectangular device small enough to fit into an individual’s front pocket and could hold approximately 1000 songs. The introduction of the iPod came at the time when the world was entering a new digital era. In this digital age, individuals had the capacity to plug various devices into their computer including digital cameras, camcorders, as well as Mp3 players, thus making the computer a digital hub. At the time, Steve Jobs tasked Apple’s programmers with software development that can manage the digital music and edit movies as well as photos. While undertaking the mammoth task the programmers they realized that the MP3 players were horrible. Thus, Jobs task highly talent hardware technician, Job Rubinstein, to develop a better MP3 player. A few weeks on the project, Rubinstein discovered that the technology was not yet available. However, when visiting Toshiba for a routine visit, the executive showed him a prototype hard drive that as approximately 1.8-inches in size providing Rubinstein with the Key technology for the original iPod (Menzel 37).

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The launch of the iPod created an entire industry with the launch of iTunes as well as the App Store revolutionizing the way the masses obtain music videos. With time, the iPod was a household gadget. The introduction of the iPod touch change the entire view of the technological industry, it had Wi-Fi wireless networking that allowed a user to search the web as they would the in the computer (Peng and Sanderson 31). Numerous individuals understand that technology has had tremendous growth over the past decades; however, recently the innovations of numerous people have played a pivotal role in greatly enhancing technology consequently resulting in rapid growth. The technological advancement is mainly in medicine, media, cell phones, music, cameras, as well as television. The iPod touch initiated the rapid technological advancement that allowed ease of communication, although; it has also been responsible to for the decline in face-to-face communication. This historical event is going to discuss the how iPod touch influenced the global modern day technology (Gershon 43).

The iPod touch allowed users to view over 10 million YouTube videos for free and the new iTunes Wi-Fi music store allowed its users browse wirelessly enabling them to preview as well as buys songs as well as albums from favorite online music stores. The iPod touch introduced the new generation of features with its multi-touch interface, in-built wireless networking while being very slim as the iPod touch was only 8 mm thin. Although the iPod touch was fragile, it had exemplary performance than its predecessors (Peng and Sanderson 38).

Ipods immensely revolutionized the music industry through iTunes. Individuals could access their favorite songs over the internet through iTunes and store them in their iPods the two products developed a natural synergy, consequently, making iTunes the largest music retailer in America while iPod was the most popular digital player. The improved iTunes, as well as the iPod touch, has had a significant impact on the music industry by allowing consumers convenient access to their favorite music, thus making the venture highly profitable. The iPod has played a central role in creating new ways of creating, distributing, and listening to digital music (Dai and Yu 64).

The iPod touch greatly advanced the society providing a lasting impact on technology, gaming, as well as entertainment. The iPod touch developed an incredibly successful gaming platform using the iOS software. The designs of the digital games in the new era employ touch functionalities, digital functionalities, and hardware features. The technology advancement played a crucial role in the film industry reanimation that led to the development of three-dimension animation. The progress in technology has advanced the way in the children learning to provide an extremely lucrative platform for e-learning. The advancement in technology has allowed people to connect with each other in various parts of the world. The touch technology initiated by the iPod touch has enhanced its availability in every digital gadget on the planet in smart phones, laptops, and televisions. However, the advancement of the new technology has led to the deterioration of face-to-face communication. Social media has allowed individuals to connect with numerous individuals in various parts of the world in a virtual world, but limit connection with persons in reality (Garner 25).

Viewing exclusive movies and photos as well as listening to personal music has substantially eroded the sense of listening to music in a communal manner. Therefore, children in the modern world are continually growing in isolation, with the modern gadgets as technology continually advance. Also, the iPod has made music to become ordinary, since individuals listen to numerous songs, consequently making music a incidental background thing (Garner 29).

The introduction of the iPod revolutionized the digital era. Numerous individuals understand that technology has had tremendous growth over the past decades. Recent innovations such as the iPod touch playing a pivotal role in greatly enhancing the technology. The advancement in technology has allowed people to connect with each other in various parts of the world. However, the technological advancement deteriorated face-to-face communication where they connect with numerous individuals in different regions of the world in a virtually, thus limit connection with persons in reality.


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